Deutschlandspiegel 21/1956 28.06.1956


1 Truman Heuss Bonn, Villa Hammerschmidt. Right of way a motorcade. Harry S. Truman gets out, is welcomed. US stands tall. Truman and Theodor Heuss shake the hand. Konrad Adenauer, Truman and Heuss.
(21 m, 10: 10:00 10:00:55) 02 Adenauer in United States Washington, the White House. Aircraft fuselage with inscription "Chancellor Konrad Adenauer special". Greeting from Adenauer to the airfield by John Foster Dulles. Lisbeth Wehrhahn is welcomed. Panel "The Blair House". Vice President Richard Nixon's reception. Nixon and Adenauer shake the hand. People on the side of the road waving, Adenauer waving from an open car. Milwaukee: Marquette University gives Adenauer honorary doctor would. On the outskirts of Milwaukee: Indian dance. Adenauer was appointed an honorary member of North American Indian tribes. Feather headdress used him up. Adenauer smoking a peace pipe. Washington: Cameramen. Adenauer and Dulles enter military hospital to visit Eisenhower (conversation due to German) Reunification).
(40 m, 10:00:50 10:02:25) 03. return of Adenauer's Cologne obsession: propeller aircraft rolls out. Cameramen. Grandchildren with flowers at the airport. Adenauer comes out of the plane with Lisbeth Wehrhan. Reception with flowers. Members of the Cabinet at the airfield, including Heinrich Lübcke. Adenauer speaking O tone: "I come back after a flight of 13 hours and 22 minutes from Milwaukee non-stop and am pleased to say that I am very very happy with the success of my trip my German fellow citizens." Adenauer depicts American Indian feather headdress.
(20 m, 10:02:20 10:03:05) 04 Sukarno in Bonn Bonn: propeller machine rolls out. Achmed Sukarno is welcomed by Heuss. Ministers will be presented, including Heinrich von Brentano. Sukarno waving at onlookers.
(24 m, 10:03:00 10:03:55) 05 Dresden 750 years Dresden: statue of August the strong. Town Hall with inscription: "750 years of Dresden". City view from above. Pan across a destroyed road trains on the restored kennel. Elbe ship.
(21 m, 10:03:50 10:04:35) 06 17 June West Berlin: Berlin flag. Tombstone for Gerhard Santura. Wreaths are laid down at Memorial, loop with inscription "The President". Jakob Kaiser among those present. Detail shots of the monument. Bonn: ceremony in the flower-filled Chamber. Gerstenmaier speaks O tone: "the 17th of June 1953 as a victory of freedom and yet he is not a black day in the history of Germany, but he is one of the events that our hopes are based on the. The today's feast day is a memorial day nor a victory celebration." Among the listeners such as Adenauer, Blücher, by Brentano, Schröder, Erhard and German President Heuss.
(29 m, 10:04:30 10:05:35) 07. moving churches King stone/Taunus, Germany: as chapels-equipped trucks on a place, procession of clerics. TRUCK with inscription "propelled Church of aid to Eastern Europe priest, altar is placed in the side door. The fair will be read on the car. Bishop blesses the missionaries. Exit the truck column.
(32 m, 10:05:30 10:06:40) 08 Constance to Meersburg on Lake Constance: houses on the water, streets with half-timbered houses, monument of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff 1797-1848 painter with sunglasses on easel. Sailboat on Lake Constance. Sightseeing boats on the island of Mainau. Tourists in front of the castle of the German knights and parks with flowers, Palm trees and lemon trees. The monastery of Birnau. Stilt houses on the Lake, evening mood.
(77 m, 10:06:35 10:09:25) 09 animals in the Zoo, the Zoological Gardens: Stork, goats, Kangaroo with young, dogs with Lion Cubs. Lion Cubs with small goats. Monkey, bear babies play with trash basket and water jet.
(43 m, 10:09:20 10:10:55) 10 fashion "Golden scissors" Baden Baden: dresses by fashion students present mannequins. With screen and Parrot. Beach and summer fashion. (30 m, 10:10:50 10:11:55) 11.
Racecourse Hamburg/Horn: Man looking through binoculars with melon. Racing display. The official gallery of Seebohm. Start. As a favorite, runs "Lovesong" in the top flight, but falls back into the final. The tip assumes "Kilometers" under Hein Bollow and WINS with 2 1/2 meters in length. Interior Minister Schröder sees through binoculars, beside his wife. Winning horse between white police horses.
(43 m, 10:11:50 10:12:15)
(End of 10:12:25)


Persons in the Film

Heuss, Theodor ; Eisenhower, Dwight David ; Nixon, Richard Milhous ; Brentano, Heinrich von ; Truman, Harry Spencer ; Dulles, John Foster ; Adenauer, Konrad


Fashion ; Kirche ; Washington D.C. ; Weißes Haus ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Zoo ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; Dresden ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 21/1956

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Federal Republic of Germany

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