Deutschlandspiegel 26/1956 29.11.1956


01 Hubertus hunting autumn: last great off-road ride of the year, hunting dogs, riding on horses, equestrian riding through the Lüneburg Heath, rider with the slogan goes on the line, crowd follows him, riding their horses jump over obstacles/fences, rider knock big horse neck, two horse heads, riders stand beside their horses after the hunt, resting dogs, ceremony of the characters of equestrian probation by the Lord of the hunt, Rider character on Jacket spreads, several dogs tear at the skin.
(44 m) 02. Etiquette in the school table manners in Erlangen: students carry trays and baskets in the classroom, plate filled with loaves of bread and butter are distributed on tables, teacher demonstrates how the fork is held, corrects students while keeping the cutlery, student licking knife tip with tongue, sausage with fork on bread is placed, teacher Erwin Schmidt shows the correct pouring of wine, students makes it, Total: classroom with eating students, students drink full glass and it leans over the table, mouth, students wipes off with paper towel.
(34 m) 03 Boogie in Kassel dance pairs at the Boogie Woogie dancing of the red-white clubs in Kassel, viewers sitting at tables, high-heeled shoes and swinging dresses, clapping spectators.
(35 m) 04. Hansaviertel in Berlin Berlin: high-rise building: façade with balconies in the construction phase, construction workers at roofing with wooden frame, full of construction sites, construction workers in the foreground steeple in the background victory column, Interior (altar) a church interior during renovation work, Gropius Bau as a rough draft with scaffolding and Berlin flag and various state flags, standing spectators, Prof. Gropius (large) on the topping-out ceremony of the Gropius Bau, two construction workers move Richtkranz high polishing flush glass and shatters it.
(29 m) 5th Raab in Bonn Bonn station, sign (large): Bonn, a train, State visit: Chancellor Raab of Austria, soldiers with guns, welcome address by Dr. Adenauer, and Foreign Minister Dr. Heinrich by Brentano, O sound r: "gentlemen Very much honoured, I am Very much, I could make this visit to the German capital. I look forward to be able to welcome particularly the Lord Chancellor here, which has done so A lot for Germany in the most difficult situation in the worst years of the new structure of the German State and done." Shaking hands: Raab and Adenauer.
(25 m) 06 General Gruenther Bonn: German Eagle flag on roof, arrival of US General reverses Gruenther, car armed forces Supreme Commander of NATO, Gruenther enters buildings, two officer caps lying upside down on table, rental: Grand Cross of merit of the Federal Republic of Germany by German President Heuss, Gruenther standing between Defense Minister Strauss and Heuss. Office of the Federal Chancellor (large), Gruenther climbs out of the car, soldier stands guard, Farewell by Gruenther by Adenauer and Strauss, aircraft of flags, farewell at the airport, Gruenther boards plane, loses this officer CAP, aircraft rolls.
(47 m) 07. Hungarian refugees station Piding (border between Austria and Bavaria): a train, beckoning viewers, meeting the first refugees from Hungary, refugees get off train, bags are out of doors and Windows removed and stored, smoking refugees, refugee with a pack on his back, waiting child, woman with a headscarf, waiting refugees, refugees Board bus, wife distributed in carton packs and kid chocolate.
(26 m) 08 Advent bright Christmas star in the hallway of a children's day centre in Hamburg, children run through the door into the hallway, put coats and bags off, Game Watch, child's face (big), boy writes on the Blackboard: we make for MOM, several children sit scattered on tables and making Christmas gifts, Christmas pyramid with candles, mobile about advent wreath, children sing, nativity play.
(41 m) 09. Christmas market Christmas market in the evening from bird's eye view, visitors of the Christmas market, glass balls, dolls, Santa Claus fabric, wooden toys, Angels.
(19 m) 10 landscapes, tales singer snowy landscape: FIR, mountain landscape, House, luminous Christmas tree behind Windows, Office, telephone work, mixer with computer system is served by man, a steam locomotive, plate heater: F. T. station, radio operator before mortar, with tinsel decorated fir-tree on the ship's rail, entrance to the Church, concert of Schaumburg fairytale Garcia, trumpeting wooden angels, fairy singer from bird's eye view sing "Silent night, Holy Night", various wooden Angels, Fairy tale singer are organ, end.
(100 m)


Persons in the Film

Raab, Julius ; Heuss, Theodor ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Gropius, Walter ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Gruenther, Alfred Maximilian


Kassel ; Refugees ; Boogie-Woogie ; NATO ; Hansaviertel (Berlin) ; Jagdreiten ; Christkindlmarkt ; Advent ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; Hamburg, BRD ; Berlin, BRD (Bundesland) ; Ungarn ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 26/1956

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Federal Republic of Germany

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