Deutschlandspiegel 30/1957 28.03.1957


01 festive reception for Heuss, Heuss walks off guard Heuss Germany flag with Saarland coat of arms in the wind, Ney and many clapping spectators, children welcome Heuss, Golden Book of the city police with guns, welcome by Prime Minister, Heuss is registered at the Town Hall in the Golden Book of the city, signature: Theodor Heuss (large) city scenes from bird's eye view of Saarbrücken, traffic COP controls road, passing tram.
(36 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:05) 02. Saar cyclist passes bridge, river course from bird's eye view, forest in the sunlight, roe deer feeding, tree falls down, Fawn jumps away, woodworking, tree trunks on conveyor belt, earthenware industry: plate on the rotating wheel, factory: workers and workers at the stacking of crockery, table with fine tableware, coal industry plant with smoking chimneys, coal is carried away in the cars, miners on coal industry, gas field, smoking chimneys, steel industry: Blast furnaces, fire, sparks, running machine, steel is processed, smoking chimneys.
(51 m, 10:01:00 10:03:15) 03. Jet pilots a, b, c, d flag, wooden panel: explains United in young German jet fighter pilot training, training, training for peace, officer model listen seated jet fighter pilots, lessons on the retractable chassis, Jet engine in original size (drive of Jet), link trainer (?), pilot put on headphones, operated mixer, cockpit, pilots enter the vacuum chamber, door is locked, pilot mask sits up, vacuum chamber inside with seated pilot, Men watching from the outside and manufacture vacuum pilot shows normal reaction of arms without mask, meter, pilot through glass, Kondensnebel, pilot without mask meter, rested pilot oxygen mask and helmet is incapable of reaction, pilots get out of vacuum chamber, review of the breathing device, flight instructor's last instructions, pilot sitting in a fighter jet, jet fighter from behind, glass cover joins, pilot flips down screening from the helmet, Jet fighter apart,. Jet fighter through cloud cover, cockpit with Outlook, contrails.
(94 m, 10:03:10 10:06:35) 4th Bremen old town hall of Bremen Bremen Roland, tram, pedestrian, Bremen town musicians, passing a House at the German Brotherhood (care for poor visitors from the Soviet zone), celebration: handing over a symbolic key, Tower through the window, visitors dress fitting, woman receives food and money, old town hall, metal figures. Exhibition of the Nordd. Lloyd (shipping company celebrates their 100th born), ship model in the showcase, behind two sailors marvel at Bell, two sailors, Cup is held up by two sailors, man knocking a sailor on the shoulder, sailor looks different paintings, newspaper clipping on painting: Supplement to the Leipziger Tageblatt, Norddeutscher Lloyd (in old German script), 52 000 t pushes quick steamer Bremen, people waving, sailors from ship model.
(46 m, 10:06:30 10:08:10) 05. Anne Frank Theatre scenery: theatrical performance of Anne Frank, actuality d. actress, cross is reflected in the puddle, large wooden cross, visitors / 2000 young people at d. graves d. Memorial in Bergen-Belsen, Pastor speaks into the microphone, keep different people, affected young people, some with umbrella, flower (cockerel) is in hand speeches, Memorial, memorial plaque with flower garlands, visitors lay flowers, commemorative plaque: here 2000 dead rest 22.4.45, Visitors go, big cross.
(51 m, 10:08:05 10:09:55) 06 Europe College College in Hamburg from the outside, Europe flag blowing in the wind on the roof, students sitting around table, lecturer: Swiss Prof. Dr. Guggenheim judge most internally. Court of arbitration in the Hague, Guggenheim speaks to the students interview: "we are today about einigeaktuelle Europe issues talk. By the Suez crisis the idea of Europe had experienced a strange effect not only by the Suez crisis alone, but also of the invasion by the Soviets in Hungary has helped to promote the integration of Europe." Sitting reading and writing with students in the library, chess end students, student lies on the bed in her room and read book and Zeitungslesender Turkish student reading French student in her room, Americ. Student playing piano, students watch, smoking student, crowded Lecture Hall, Prof. Pretokoni pipe honors poet Heinrich Heine, listeners, stone figure.
(66 m, 10:09:50 10:12:15) 07 Berlin week Highway, truck, men make stone tablet on the side of the road: Berlin 272 km, Berliner Bär with Hamburg coat of arms, Jungfernstieg, Hamburg with many pedestrians and cars in the background St. Petri Church, Berlin flag in front of City Hall, Hotel Berlin building with scaffolding, shield is held up: Potsdamer Platz, various Berlin street signs: at the radio tower, under Unter den Linden, Tiergarten, poster: are you buying what - think of Berlin, Karstadt building containing: Berlin week in Hamburg, buyers look on mannequins, hats in the shop window, Foyer, Economics Minister Erhard enters exhibition Berlin cartoonists, big different drawings, Erhard, visitors look at drawings, laughing spectators, old photos of Berlin, Berlin double-decker bus, crowded entrance from the bus, Town Hall and City Hall Square from bird's eye view, Otto Kaliyan conducts Hamburg police Chapel, policemen with wind instruments, clapping spectators, Town Hall top Berlin flag.
(73 m, 10:12:10 10:14:45)

Persons in the Film

Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Heuss, Theodor ; Ney, Hubert


Piloten ; Stadtansichten ; Europa College ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hamburg, BRD ; Saarland, BRD ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 30/1957

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Federal Republic of Germany

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