Deutschlandspiegel 34/1957 18.07.1957


1st Munich City to Marienplatz Munich: swivel about Church of our Lady and Town Hall from bird's eye view, woman feeds pigeons, road transport, fruit stand from bird perspective, many pedestrians, pedestrians climb tram.
(24 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:05) 02. Munich: glockenspiel of Munich: Marienplatz: town hall tower with Carillon, many viewers watch chimes.
(11 m, 10:01:00 10:01:30) 03 Munich: from Justizpalast Munich: people at the fountain, Landtag (large), new church at Sendlinger Tor.
(14 m, 10:01:25 10:01:55) 04 Deutsches Museum a, b Munich: German Museum with large propeller, lettering: Deutsches Museum with coat of arms, visitors in the Hall of Fame with paintings and busts of scientists, three boys look at a bust of Wilhelm Conrad X-ray, stone plaque and bust: Johannes Gutenberg from 1400-1468; He gave the art of book printing, the powerful Verbreiterin of spiritual goods by the invention of the movable type of the cast. Bust of Max Planck, stone tablet James Watt: born on 19 January 1736 in Greenock on the Clyde. 19 August 1819 in Heathfield near Birmingham. He created the useful steam engine that fundamentally transformed the work process and initiated the era of industrialization. Steam engine in operation by James Watts, various running steam -, water - and wind machines, boy uses wind turbine, the first automobile showroom, stone tablet: Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach, Hall of electronics technology with visitors, electrical experiments: artificial lightning strikes, a not safe house, a House starts to smoke, stone tablet: Otto Hahn discovered the fission of uranium in 1938 with F. Strassmann by neutrons and thus created the basis for the technical exploitation of nuclear energy. Work table by Otto Hahn, showcase with molecules.
(62 m, 10:01:50 10:04:05) 05. Art Gallery Alte Pinakothek outside, outsourced painting is carried up a staircase, exhibition preparations of outsourced paintings, works by Dürer, crane; Rembrandt, Rubens, images are installed on the walls and restored breakfast break of employees, various paintings.
(69 m, 10:04:00 10:06:30) 06. Synod Hamburg Hamburg: Michel Tower from low-angle shot, opening of the General Synod of the Evangelical-Lutheran parishes of in Germany by bishops and pastors, entering the St. Michael's Church, various settings of the St. Michael's Church, welcome address by Bishop Dr. Lilje in the new parish hall, interview Dr. Lilje: "and so we welcome out of town of St. Ansgar, the messengers of Christ in the North, and the city, which us Arabs of Bremen", recalls the great Patriachen of the North. Those who believe the nonsense, are connected in the readiness in our presence today to align, which is applied to us."
(12 m, 10:06:25 10:07:20) 07. Loccum Loccum Abbey from the outside and opposite Evangelical Academy (shield), room with participants, preparations for the preacher Office meeting, Lake monastery.
(29 m, 10:07:15 10:07:55) 08 election rally Dortmund Westfalenhalle: full spectator stands, banners: in peace our daily bread, no experiments. Konrad Adenauer proclaimed on the lectern before CDU flag big manifesto, seated Erhardt, spectators clap, Adenauer beckons. SPD: Freedom for all poster, Erich Ollenhauer goes to the lectern and speaks about electoral program of the Social Democrats (without sound), spectators clap, equivalent ranks, banners: down with the prices, German unit.
(22 m, 10:07:50 10:08:40) 9th Berlinale: a. Einleit., b. Federal price, c. Ku'damm until Fireworks Berlin: Memorial Church, police crowd pushing back on Kurfürstendamm, 7th International Film Festival, awarding of the Europe Prize by Ms. Andersen, President of the European Community, Dr. Jacobo and Alfred Braun for the Stresemann film, Minister of the Interior Dr. Schröder Lilli Palmer Awards Prize for best actress, Heinz Rae Award for best actor by Schröder, spectators clap, Helmut Keutner receives award for screenplay and Director for his film "Captain of Köpenick", spectators clap, police shielded fanbase. Film actresses give bouquets to traffic police officers out of gratitude for the safety. Winnie Markus's autograph. Closing event at the Waldbühne, evening: actors enter the forest stage, Fireworks and match light.
(43 m, 10:08:35 10:10:05) 10. Aircraft carrier, Dito: shore leave Dito: count by Luckner embark on shore visit of the British aircraft carrier Ocean in Hamburg, sailors in uniform, sailor Alan visited Hagenbeck, Lama, flamingos, elephants; Sailor Joe in the Maritime Museum, paintings; Sailor Andie urges girls to dance, dance, visit the Ocean by Felix Graf von Luckner (enthusiastic sailor and author of "Monkfish") Welcome by Captain Smalhut (?), writings on wall: Uslant 1781, Mesopotamia 1914, Suez Canal 1915, Dardanelles 1915, Korea 1952 - 53. count by Luckner tearing hamburger phone book, clap sailors and waving, girl at Quay back waving handkerchief.
(61 m, 10:10:00 10:12:15) 11 Derby of Hamburg a, b 88. Derby in Hamburg-Horn: several spectators with hats, review the Jockey weight of 58 kg on the scales, differences by lead plates compensate, draw the start number, sitting on the jockeys on horses, favorite is windscreen from Stud Ravensberg, Jockey horses run in the circle, Orsini advancing various settings of audience, start of the race, spectators with melon and binoculars, in HomeStretch followed by windscreen, Orsini is acclaimed winner, audience, English Jockey Lester Piggott.
(34 m, 10:12:10 10:14:25)


Persons in the Film

Käutner, Helmut ; Rühmann, Heinz ; Luckner, Felix, Graf von ; Erhardt, Ludwig ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Palmer, Lilli ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Ollenhauer, Erich


Michaeliskirche (Michel) ; Flugzeugträger ; Berlinale ; München ; Marienplatz (München) ; Justizpalast ; Deutsches Museum ; Pinakothek ; Synode (Hamburg) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Berlin, BRD (Bundesland) ; Pferdesport ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 34/1957

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