Deutschlandspiegel 35/1957 29.08.1957


01 Holy atelier of the sculptor Bernhard Heiliger sculptor. Sculptures and drawings. A cat jumps from the table. Holy works on a sculpture. Swivel on Greek victory goddess "Stephen". "Daphne" and "A boatman" (design of to large bronze figure). Portrait of Ernst Reuter. Plaster cast of actor Ernst Schröder. Bust of the painter Karl Hofer. Saint in making a drawing. Drawings are scrolled. Sculpture "Seraph 1951". Holy signed drawing.
(99 m, 10:00:00 10:03:45) 02 Interbau + Brentano Berlin: lettering "The city of tomorrow", swivel on Hansa district. Passing the chairlift at victory column and high-rise buildings. Heuss entering a building, holding opening speech for the construction exhibition. International audience. Heuss drives in the exhibition through Hansa district. Pavilion "Venezuela". Audience in front of the building by Walter Gropius. Cablecar cage. V-shaped support on the House of Brazilian architect Niemayer. Swedish House of Fritz Jaenecke and Sten Samuelson. Interior: A couple sitting in front of modern fireplace. Giant ring slab for 17 floors of the building of the Berlin architects Müller / Rehm / Siegann. Berlin: Arrival of Ambassador of the 3 Western powers before the Schöneberg Town Hall. Policemen salute. Arrival of Heinrich of Brentano. Brentano speaks o-ton: "twelve years have passed since the end of the war. The hopes of the peoples of the world for a fair and lasting peace have not been fulfilled but. One of the main reasons that it came to any understanding, is the continued division of Germany, the German people to a serious injustice and at the same time is the main source of international tension in Europe." Flags of England, United States, France and Germany. As a listener of Felix von Eckart. Brentano and the ambassadors of the Western powers signed a proclamation to the reunification of Germany 12 points.
(79 m, 10:03:40 10:06:30) 03. NATO Marburg a, b, c, d acquisition of 3 divisions of German armed forces in NATO. Cityscape Marburg, the Castle, old streets. Reverses convoy with motorcycles, soldiers incurred to. General Lauris Norstad and General Adolf Heusinger Ernst move off the front. Face of a great Marines. Norstad holds speech. Soldier faces big. Navy soldier hoist flag of NATO. Trumpeter plays.
(44 m, 10:06:25 10:08:00) 04 Kampen/Sylt + pony Hotel Sylt: thatched-roof houses, two women populated beach. (Story sketchy and incomplete). Pony hotel in the black forest. Ponies are saddled and putting the cart before. Child brush the fur. Ride through the countryside.
(68 m, 10:07:55 10:08:50) 05. cable car Alps: an Alpine terrace. Tourists at a fountain. Cableway of view from the gondola. Souvenir shops: tablecloths and cuckoo clock. Mother daughter sets up straw hat.
(20 m, 10:08:45 10:09:35) 6 hats and dogs fall fashion: mannequin with Hat and umbrella, behind flowers. Various models of hat from Paris. Poodles and dachshunds before "dog specialist shop". Dog is duped by woman and scrubbed. Dogs are combed, shorn - and perfumed.
(53 m, 10:09:30 10:11:25) 07 horse show Aachen University: Auditorium. On the course: Francesco Goyaga on "King of the flag", Raimondo D ' Inzeo on "Posillipo", Fritz Thiedemann on "Meteor", Alwin Schockemöhle on "Baccus", Hans Günther Winkler on "Halla". Thiedemann retires in the second playoff. Goyaga will fail in the third playoff. Schockemöhle on "Baccua" makes mistakes in the fourth playoff. Flawless ride by Hans Günther Winkler on "Halla". Spectators clap and stand up. Award ceremony with Winkler, Schockemöhle, Goyaga and Thiedemann. Spectators waving white handkerchiefs. Riding on the lap of honour.
(47 m, 10:11:20 10:12:55)
(End of 10:13:00)



1957 ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; BRD/Bundesrepublik Deutschland ; 1949-1989 (Gesamtzeitraum; von deutschen Staatengründungen bis Wiedervereinigung) ; Nachrichtenübermittlung, -verkehr (Fax; Fernmeldewesen; Funk; Post; vgl. 3.11 Internet) ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 35/1957

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Federal Republic of Germany

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