Deutschlandspiegel 38/1957 28.11.1957


01 shrimpers Watt Fischer does at low tide with dog sled to the crab fishing. Crabs are distributed into pots. Dogs pulling sled home.
(36 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:30) 02 research ship the fisheries research vessel Anton Dohrn on the open sea. Icebergs. Mesh size of fishing nets are measured. Networks are obtained. Fish are sorted and measured, determined her age.
(37 m, 10:01:25 10:02:45) 03 combatants Vincent Aureol occurs at the lectern and speaks. Listeners applaud. Theodor Heuss, delegates from many different countries. Heuss visited exhibition "The designated workplace" in the East Prussia Hall at the radio tower. War invalids demonstrate works of art. Sculptures, paintings. Control of machines without hands. Blind work, sort of screws.
(33 m, 10:02:40 10:03:55) 04. swearing in of the new Cabinet Government bank with Fritz Schäfer, Ludwig Erhard, Gerhard Schröder, Heinrich Lübke Bundestag member from among others. The Bundestag President Eugen Gerstenmaier sworn Attorney Fritz Schäfer, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, Finance Minister Franz Etzel, labor Minister Theodor blank, Postmaster Richard Stücklen, Housing Minister Paul gap, Treasury Minister Hermann Lindrath, Minister for all-German Affairs Ernst Lemmer. Government Declaration Adenauer actuality: "the next four years, ladies and gentlemen, are expected to be political, particularly foreign policy, and economic areas difficult situation bring. "I don't want in black paint and especially stress that I believe in the preservation of peace."
(25 m, 10:03:50 10:04:55) 05 Church inauguration + stained total and partial view of the hammer Church. Crowd. Pastor is key in lock and open the doors. Interior of the Church. Pastors move. Opening worship. Stained-glass Windows. In the workshop of Martin Domke in Hepsisau in Württemberg. The design of stained glass lead following. The Bible. Domke put together shards of glass to motif.
(47 m, 10:04:50 10:06:30) 06. Martin Lantern train in the dark. Children with lanterns. St. Martin on a white horse shares his cloak with a beggar. Candy and apples be distributed to the children.
(23 m, 10:06:25 10:07:20) 7 Toy Fair + bakery moving dolls and toys. Electric Railway. Stuttgart: Children Christmas cookies bake in the premises of the technical works.
(34 m, 10:07:15 10:08:30) 08 Christkindlmarkt smoked fish and sausages on Christmas market. Tinsel angels, plum and Walnut males. Children's faces.
(21 m, 10:08:25 10:09:00) 9th exhibition of Christmas cribs crib figures of different ages and in different constellations. 131 m Zugspitze (25 m, 10:08:55 10:10:05) 10 Zugspitze ride with the Zugspitze railway, views of the Eibsee. Entrance to the tunnel. The Schneefernerhaus. The aerial tramway to the Zugspitze Summit. The Münchner Haus, the Metereologische station. Weather station controlled instruments. Telegraph. Opening door on the train pointed leaf. It win Marianne strange and Benni o Doherty. Cableway to the Schneefernerhaus. Mountain jackdaws. Guests on the glass veranda, in the background the mountain panorama.
(10:10:00 10:14:35)
(End of 10:14:40)


Persons in the Film

Heuss, Theodor ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen ; Auriol, Vincent


Christmas ; Kirche ; Zugspitze (Berg) ; Weltfrontkämpferverband ; Berlin ; Bundeskabinett ; Nordseeküste ; Krabben ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; Hamburg, BRD ; Funkturm (Berlin) ; Forschungsschiff ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 38/1957

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Federal Republic of Germany

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