Deutschlandspiegel 39/1958 09.01.1958


01 monastery of Münster - Schwarzach total: Benedictine monastery of Münster-Schwarzach River in the foreground, the tower with the clock of the monastery, entrance of the monastery, altar, God service, monks emerge from pews and kneel before the altar, then monks walking together on camera, treatise on door: plus Qvam Amari Timeri, Abbot in his study at the desk, staff working at the typewriter, architect designs new plans on the drawing board for extensions, Monk in the control room of the own plant, feeding in the cowshed, cow head large, monk in the pigsty: several piglets to a sow, bakery: breads are taken out of the oven, printing, artwork: sculptor at work, Goldsmith workshop: production Edelsteinverzierter works of art, jewellery on hand-written book, it is lifted crook of the Abbot, cross, monks in scientific studies in the library. Presentation of the order of rule by Abbot the novices, crypt with flowers, St. Benedict founder of the order in the form of a stone figure, two monks before map of Mozambique, monk playing the organ, monks walk together Church along, monks from the altar to the common choir prayer and the celebration of the Holy Meßopfers, organ gambling monk, hands on keyboard, total: altar.
(127 m, 10: 10:00 10:04:40) 02 Adenauer born a, b, c Rhöndorf: Adenauer House Konrad Adenauer at the breakfast table on his 82nd birthday with his son Paul Adenauer, candles burn, grandfather clock, Adenauer leaves House and climb car, Rhine ferry of Königswinter in Bonn ride. Bonn/seat: welcome by music choir of the Bundeswehr, Adenauer surrounded by press and guests watch, family, congratulates, Adenauer Kiss grandchild, Bonn orphans present flower bouquet, congratulations present foreign diplomats, Federal Cabinet congratulates, Erhard handed two precious candlesticks, photographers and cameramen at work, Adenauer toast with sparkling wine.
(53 m, 10:04:35 10:06:30) 03 is loaded ferry Heuss railway on ferry, inauguration of the ferry by Heuss, ship departs, Heuss Heuss on bridge, ferry guest of honour on the maiden voyage, great.
(17 m, 10:06:25 10:07:05) 04. NATO Lübeck exhibition opening: "The sea unites the peoples", model boats in the water basin, steeples, street scene Lübeck, Lübeck gate different settings of Gothic buildings, opening of the exhibition by Dr., Richard Jäger (President of the Atlantic Association) and Vice-President of the Bundestag, then at the lectern General Heusinger, shield: German Atlantic society, exhibition: the sea connects the people open from 10 am until 9 pm. Entrance of the exhibition, visitors prior to exhibition walls, Dr. Richard Jäger and General Heusinger large side by side, wall with photos and text: youth and Lake from a sailor school; German ships all over the world. Showcase with ship models, different nodes, visitors press buttons on the wall.
(57 m, 10:07:00 10:09:05) 05. Ami bar bear on a chain plays with Boxer dogs, 6th U.S. infantry regiment on parade and bear chain as a mascot of the troop, soldier photographed bears, bear sitting next to a soldier. Bear mounts Jeep, soldiers waving him goodbye, bear will be removed.
(18 m, 10:09:00 10:09:40) 06. Persians bridge Iranian students at the Technical University in Hanover: feast is served to deepen the human relations, tea, Iranian student with headgear stands next to German students who drink wine, playing musicians, male dance group dancing, dancing feet tall, Iranian student smokes Hookah, mixed dance group, students clap to the beat of the music, dance group bows.
(35 m, 10:09:40 10:10:55) 07. The 1000,000. Munich different settings Munich/street scenes with many pedestrians, street railway in the background City Hall, nurse opens the door man, four newborn babies lie side by side, sister hood on the phone, piece of paper with data: mother home Munich, shield: Bureau of the city of Munich, desk with two men, floor: waiting man, smoking picture reporter with camera, numbers are typed waiting journalist who goes up and down on floor, typewriter,: confirm last message 999997 millionth citizens expect within an hour, Watch revolves in time lapse, Mayor is notified by phone Wang millionths residents, nurse brings citizens millionths to the mother, mother holding the infant in his arms and kisses him. Face of the nurse is combed, infant, mother passes her baby nurse, doctor examines infant, father enters the examination room, Stork's nest on the roof with Workwear (chimney sweep). (46 m, 10:10:50 10:12:30) 08 dance tournament Kassel: dance contest of the German amateur Championships, many viewers around the dance floor, dance pairs with numbers at the dancing Viennese Waltz danced by couple Dr. Wolf with the No. 18 on the back (later wins this pair), applaud spectators, couple Wolf Dance a Rumba, all couples dance classic Foxtrot, spectators clap.
(56 m, 10:12:25 10:14:25)


Persons in the Film

Heuss, Theodor


Hannover ; Studenten ; Lübeck ; Fähre ; Mascot ; München (Bayern) ; Kanzler-Geburtstag ; Benediktiner - Mönche ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Tanzturnier ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 39/1958

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