Deutschlandspiegel 46/1958 31.07.1958


1 Frankfurt 1 a, b machine lands, and rolls out on the airfield, passengers get off, total: airfield of Frankfurt am Main, turbine size, wife goes alone stairs down and through the glass door on VW bus with Lufthansa font to rolling car tyres (large), VW-bus drives off. Total: Frankfurt am Main, woman goes for a walk to waterfront and sit on sunglasses, two men sitting on a park bench (from behind) and see on a passing ship and bridge, several children Park on site and watch River on the passing locomotive, children playing in a sandbox, in the background. Street scene: tram, cars and cyclists, modern space from a bird's eye view, modern buildings, buildings of Deutsche Bank and Dresdner Bank with lettering on the front of the House, woman looks in the window display of a hat business, woman asks for directions, Tower of the Cathedral from Froschperspektive newspaper street vendors, men distributed tickets, sign in the background: stairway to the Tower, women's legs go up the narrow stone staircase, low-angle shot: DOM, woman from the vantage point of the Cathedral looks down on the city, Bird's eye view: Frankfurt am Main, St. Paul's Church, square of the Cathedral to the Romans, visitors go through the Emperor's Hall, old paintings, woman undresses slippers and goes on in pumps.
(80 m, 10: 10:00 10:03:05) 02. Frankfurt 2 a, b Schauspielhaus, monument of the German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe, birthplace of Goethe, woman draws on the Bell of the birth House and goes in, door closes, woman walks up, poet room Secretary with two chairs, stairs bust of Goethe, University: Johann Wolfgang Goethe, wife goes to University buildings, road sign: Kleine Rittergasse, with old street light at the corner of the House, old houses, Market stall: Hessian peasant woman sold Handkäse, old sign on the home front: the grey goat, jugs of cider are on glass Cabinet behind the counter, woman pouring cider, well attended catering. Woman goes through Palm Garden, fish in the water, various plants, women entering beauty salon and paints her lips with lipstick, woman boards the plane, follow other passengers, running turbines, wheels roll, aircraft starts big with current turbines.
(68 m, 10:03:00 10:05:20) 03. Peace - pour le Eric Bonn: order big, German President Heuss presented the highest award for Economics and arts the Hungarian physicist Hevesy, Nobel Laureates Heisenberg and the American surgeons Huggins, shield: freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, honors Dr. Konrad Adenauer, to the eminent and beloved Dr. Konrad Adenauer for his firminess of wants his unalterable belief in the dignity.1 resistance to atheistic unequivocable of man and his communisim. Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, U.S.A., with intense pride, presents its highest freedom Leadership Award from the American people. His bold leadership, invincible courage and uncompromising integrity have brougt hope to all people who cherish freedom.
(10 m, 10:05:15 10:05:50) 04 Washington badge Dr. Konrad Adenauer receives the "George Washington Medal" by Dr. Don Belding for his contribution to the promotion of peace and freedom.
(8 m, 10:05:45 10:06:05) 05. Bayern a, b community meeting in Oberau at Berchtesgaden, several men sitting at the table partly in costume and smoke, square with fountain and old houses, bird's eye view: mountain scenery, two boys with rucksacks on back beyond Meadow School, hay harvest, tourists and visitors to Kamble: Kettenkarusell, ox head jewelry licks out beer mug, oxen race, spectators clap, driver gets a wreath.
(41 m, 10:06:00 10:07:30) 06. Berlin Funkturm, uni + retirement home Berlin: visitors on the observation deck of the radio tower, bird's eye view: split Berlin, label on model construction of Berlin: Berlin's city centre, the area of the international urban planning idea competition, capital of Berlin. Swivel of model construction.
University with lettering: Free University Berlin Henry Ford Bau, well-attended Lecture Hall, different faces of students, staircase. New construction of a nursing home in the Berlin working-class district of Berlin-wedding, three old men sitting on bench in the garden, two women sitting on bench: one with stock, the other with knitting, large dining room.
(42 m, 10:07:25 10:08:55) 07 Berlinale Berlin. Poster: Window to the world on Berlinale, flags and coat of arms of the Berlin bear, woman with umbrella, holding themselves on the lamppost, autograph hunters on the Kurfürstendamm, evening: dense traffic, stars go along, enthusiastic spectators clapping and waving, Curd Jürgens, female companion, beckons, and looking at the camera, Heinz Erhard tweaks girls in the nose with a female companion, Federal Interior Minister Dr. Schröder gives the Federal film award to the Director Robert Siodmak and ILSA Kubaschewski producer for the film "night", if the Devil came", Jean Marias, Elsa Maxwell, Gina Lollobrigida, ball: dancing couples, Elsa Maxwell, and Gina Lollobrigida, Horst Buchholz in the dancing, Gina Lollobrigida at the dance. (38 m, 10:08:50 10:10:15) 08 Riverboat shuffle young people playing Jazz on the ship: Schulau, young people dance to the music on deck, helmsman, various settings of adolescents, musical band, machinist with the engine running, parallel montage: dancing legs and running machines, various settings of the tape, two men hang on the outer wall of the ship at the window.
(44 m, 10:10:10 10:11:45) 09 whitewater Bunting in the Saulgau: German championship of the rider to whitewater kayakers go through strong currents, different settings of the kayakers, kayakers makes twice in succession to Eskimo roll, winners will be congratulated: Max Reutmeyer (?) from Freising.
(21 m, 10:11:40 10:12:30) 10 horse show "Grand Prix" of Aachen: various settings of the tournament while jumping 16 obstacles, spectator looks through binoculars, rider tears down with horse, two obstacles François hiking Hagen (?)from Belgium occupies the 3. Place, second in the overall standings is the English Pat Smythe. With four errors, Magnus von Buchwald takes the victory, spectators clap, all riders sitting on their horses and stand side by side, 50000 spectators celebrate the event enthusiastically and waving white handkerchiefs.
(53 m, 10:12:35 10:14:25)


Persons in the Film

Heuss, Theodor


Jazz ; Wassersport ; Filmfestspiele ; Reitsport ; Großer Preis ; Ordensverleihung ; Architekturwettbewerb ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Frankfurt/Main ; Policy ; Städtebau ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 46/1958

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