Deutschlandspiegel 55/1959 23.04.1959


01. riding stables: preparations for the "Grand Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Dortmund Westfalenhalle, saddle is taken off the shelf, groomed horse head, tail, tall, horse legs brushed horse head and hooves cleaned, bandaged woman leg of a horse, horse boxes from bird's eye view, Riders climb horse, Dortmund Westfalenhalle 12000 spectators, Hans Günter Winkler and Fritz Thiedemann riding shortest time (seats 4-6)", Englishwoman dawn Wafford goes without errors on the course and second, Piero D ' Inzeo from Italy ride correctly and a second faster (= most successful rider of the tournament), winners: Piero d ' Inzeo big.
(45 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:50) 02 NATO Mainz am Rhein: participate in parade to the tenth anniversary of the North Atlantic defence community, General Norstad and Valluy and Minister von Merkatz as representatives of the Federal Government, nine units of 19 States brought together in the NATO. (39 m, 10:01:45 10:03:10) 03 spring Berlin + water sports capital of Berlin: Soviet honour monuments, Reichstag building, construction work Ku'damm: Memorial Church and Café Kranzler, dense traffic, three women stroll in clothes, various settings of the exhibition "Water sports and weekend", visitors, sailing boats, men in rubber boats in the pool, model boat in the water, remote control.
(25 m, 10:03:05 10:04:05) 04 organ builder man plays organ with the inscription Richard Töpfer Berlin N 20 builds a barrel organ builders, roller is pushed into the barrel organ, roller rotates, organ builders operated organ, organ player on the road with cigar.
(21 m, 10:03:55 10:04:45) 05. Hahn - Meitner Institut Berlin: nuclear research centre from the outside with cars on parking, sign: Hahn-Meitner Institute for nuclear research in Berlin, staff sits down front control panel, monitor, security measures, Geiger counter, visitors look through window. (17 m, 10:04:40 10:05:20) 06. houses a. Assembly line Hamburg: window and finished walls to shut-off device, construction site, prefab houses after a Danish process directly on the construction site with large cranes used together, welder, staircase, finished House.
(22 m, 10:05:15 10:06:05) 07 childhood diseases a, b, c Hamburg: Eppendorf University Hospital, entrance of the University children's Hospital, waiting room: mothers with children, toys, Kids paint on a Board. Nurse the next patient calls, mother, and child by the hand, walks out through the door. Investment from outside, children bed stands in the Sun, nurse feeds a child in bed, boy at dinner, baby bottles come from sterile machine, milk is bottled in bottles, nurse weighs and bathes screaming infant, infant is wrapped, dressed and lined with bottle, baby head great for sucking on the bottle, incubators, nurse with mouth protection, Elektroencephalograph measures brain waves with a girl, boy will be x-rayed and have to swallow before contrast, Doctor observed the process of swallowing, X-ray, laboratory, punch and Judy show performance for sick children through apparatus, children lie in the beds and are separated by panes of glass, children makes schoolwork at the craft, girl in bed, boy does arithmetic with the hands and on the slide rule.
(106 m, 10:06:00 10:09:50) 08. Adam Riese Steinmetz rises on wooden box and edited stone with the inscription of Adam Riese, Staffelstein (alleged Place of birth of Adam Riese), Memorial, Museum. Thanks, the 1550 appeared with the first printed 1 x 1 numbers, two women working on computers, computer makes expression.
(27 m, 10:09:40 10:10:45) 9 screen modes model different screens, Königsallee in Düsseldorf present spring, three model protect traffic COP with the shade from the Sun, model with children on their hands and umbrellas can stroll through gardens, woman with a poodle and dark screen.
(23 m, 10:10:35 10:11:30) 10 hockey Hamburg: hockey tournament, 34 teams from six Nations, various gameplay footage of the game: Queen's University Hockey Club in Belfast against the Hamburg THC, cameramen and spectators, playing in heavy rain, Hamburger THC WINS with 3:1 (24 m, 10:11:25 10:12:20) 11. Table tennis Dortmund Westfalenhalle: World table tennis championships, various clubs, thick foam rubber bat, which has been banned, ball on the racket from sticking, mixed doubles: Eguchi/Ogimura (Japan) win over Matsuzaki/Marakami (Japan), clapping spectators, in the final of the men's Hungarian ference is subject to SIDO (two quintals heavy) the Chinese Yung Kuo Tuan (will be world champion), spectators clap and congratulate the winner, in the men's doubles win the Japanese Ogimura/Murakami about Sankar/Vyhnanovski (CSSR), Award ceremony, spectators clap.
(57 m, 10:12:15 10:14:20)


Persons in the Film

Merkatz, Hans-Joachim von ; Norstad, Lauris


Hockey ; Reitsport ; Mainz ; Hahn-Meitner-Institut ; Fertighäuser ; Universitäts-Kinderklinik ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hamburg, BRD ; Berlin, BRD (Bundesland) ; Dortmund ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 55/1959

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