Deutschlandspiegel 61/1959 29.10.1959


01 Lüneburger Heide a, b Highway between Hamburg and Hanover. Couple sitting in a horse-drawn carriage and runs through the Lüneburg Heath. Horses filmed by horse-drawn carriage out. Walkers. Old timber-frame house with a thatched roof, about two people who wave direction of camera. Horse head large. Tree group. Shepherd with his sheep. Heidschnucken. Shepherd makes Heidschnucken in the stable. Auction: Breeder bucks reward and auction Heidschnucken. Auctioneer. Various settings of viewers. Buck jumps over the barrier into crowd. Roofs of Lüneburg. Old Hanseatic houses in the city centre. Guest House: to the Crown (facade). Old crane. Three boys go through streets. Cat is in the window. Hamburger room people in costume. Weekly market before the Town Hall. Long shot: City Hall. Sculptures on the facade. Market activity. Child keeps Apple in the hands.
(108 m, 10: 10:00 10:04:00) 02 diplomatic reception Bad Godesberg: diplomatic reception of the new Federal President Heinrich Lübke. Adenauer in conversation. (13 m, 10:03:55 10:04:30) 03 woman Lübke Indian students and students on the Venusberg in Bonn. Wilhelmine Lübke speaks to Indian students (lecture on economic aid in Asia and Africa, without sound). Listeners, that's great. After lecture, clapping and hand over flowers and chain.
(17 m, 10:04:25 10:05:05) 04. gap er flag Berlin: Reichstag building, black flag. Front of Brandenburg Gate: Hammer and compasses (in a wreath of honor) flag. At the Brandenburg Gate on the Western side: Young Indian has pitched his tent. Transparent: We fast for the freedom and strength of West Berlin. Sign the pledge of freedom. I hunger rather than that I mean give up freedom. People sign on list.
(18 m, 10:05:00 10:05:45) 05. Berliner festwochen a, b long queue in front of the Schiller theater. Waiting people sit on stairs and are reading rug on the pavement. Stool with cushion. Dogs on leash in the snake. In the evening before the theater. Poster: Faust part 2. Gustav basic Kalkan and Werner Hinz. Scene excerpt from tour of the Hamburg Schauspielhaus actuality. Poster announcements, etc. The end of the song (Palace Theatre; American anti - war - play). In the Germany Hall: Ballet. Night: Illuminated Kurfürstendamm with double-decker bus and cars.
(41 m, 10:05:35 10:07:10) 06. dirty water industry on the Rhine. Inland waterway transport. Smoking chimneys. Wastewater. Food: Exhibition with diagrams of: biological wastewater treatment plant East of Marl, WWTP Wuppertal Buckenhof, wastewater treatment plant food warden. Wastewater treatment plant in the model. Different models.
(44 m, 10:07:05 10:08:40) 07 Frankfurt Motorshow: font: 39th internally. Automobile Exhibition. Supervision: Visitors to Hall. VW Beetle with new door handle. Safety steering wheel. Small cars: Morris 850 (?). Spinning car (?). Woman at the wheel. Woman enters DKW Arabella. DKW junior. Woman tests Horn and seat upholstery. Woman creates safety belt. Padded door lever. -Suspended mirrors of the Morris 850th bicycle frame with font: oldest automobile manufacturer in the world. Mercedes type 770 SE. Flashing headlights.
(36 m, 10:08:35 10:09:55) 08 student driving school Hessisch Lichtenau near Kassel (former field airfield): young people open hood and assemble cars from parts of the shot with her teacher Kurt Hübner. Teacher Hübner demonstrates using a hand crank axle suspension. Students set up traffic signs. Gasoline is filled. (There is a liter of gasoline for 0,60.-DM). Young people fill gasoline tank. Boy inflate car tires. Hood is closed. Young people push car. Boy plays traffic COP. Teenagers drive convertible.
(39 m, 10:09:50 10:11:15) 9 State of the art school in Neidenfels/Pfalz: State of the art school of the Federal Republic of Germany. Pavilions. Boys at physical education class on the lawn when betting with tumbling. School canteen: Teacher with students during the cooking. Work space: Young with handwork of dragons. Kiln for clay figurines in the open air. Young teachers are elephants made of clay, teacher puts it in the kiln.
(26 m, 10:11:10 10:12:10) 10 Antonio in Forchheim Antonio, Star Hairdresser from Paris on the market square in Forchheim customer needs a haircut. Many spectators standing around drum. The new Kurzhaarfrisur of "Carina".
(14 m, 10:12:05 10:12:40) 11 dance tournament Baden-Baden: international dance competition - price of Nations 1959 pairs on the parquet with slow waltz and quickstep. No.4 couple Ronneaux, France, 2. Mr and Mrs Hörning, Denmark, no. 2 3. Bob Burgess and Doreen Freemann Ehrentanz Cha Cha Cha dance the winning couple No. 3. Audience clapping. Mrs Doreen Freemann receives flowers.
(51 m, 10:12:30 10:14:25)


Persons in the Film

Lübke, Heinrich


Lüneburger Heide ; Automobilausstellung ; road safety education ; Fahne ; Berlin ; Wasserverschmutzung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; DDR ; Tanzturnier ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; Theater (auch Musiktheater, Oper, Operette) ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 61/1959

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