Deutschlandspiegel 72/1960 29.09.1960


01 student village a, b, c Berlin: Schlachtensee. Student is on student village (student housing) in Zehlendorf and enters Bazaar. Fruit. Student buys in the supermarket. Student goes up stairs and enters the communal kitchen, where three other students keep up. Common room: three students at the coffee drink, smokes a student. Student is her bag empty in their living and working space, and sits on the desk. Camera pan of the student village. Staircase. Student enters kitchen. Two students in the preparation of fried eggs. Student learns from books. Ethiopian student visited his friend in the Living room. Parliamentary Village Council meets. Students sit, sometimes smoking around table. Dance evening with punch out of bucket, dance students and entertain themselves. Double decker bus. Free University of Berlin. Glass staircase from the outside. University buildings from the outside.
(86 m, 10: 10:00 10:03:20) 02. Border disputes (Berlin) have related to Brandenburg Gate people police observation post. People COP looks through binoculars. Victory column. Border crossings at the Brandenburg Gate: Vopo controlled cyclists and moped riders. Telefonierender Vopo. Shield: Caution! To leave Berlin after 70 meters. Policeman on the street. Headline on the cover of the B.Z..: so "the policeman is working". Warning to all Berlin visitors.
(15 m, 10:03:10 10:03:45) 03. Pan-Clipper baptism Berlin: Tempelhof. A DC 6 of Pan American Airways is baptized with the name "Berlin". DC 6 aircraft stairs adorned with flowers. Governing Mayor Willy Brandt with sunglasses takes part in baptism. Willy Brandt without sunglasses, in the background mechanics and pilots in uniform. Willy Brandt goes up aircraft stairs and perform baptism (paper and font Clipper is Berlin to see). Clap mechanic. Passengers climb Pan-am machine.
(17 m, 10:03:40 10:04:20) 04 Lübke in Berlin total: Bellevue Palace. Lübke and wife Lübke rise in car. Departure, accompanied by police motorcycle escort. Road sign: Ernst-Reuter-Platz and street of 17th June. Lübke gets out of car and visited visit the German industrial exhibition, Ernst-Reuter-Platz with water fountain. Willy Brandt welcomes Lübke upon arrival. Clap visitors behind barrier. Lübke and Willy Brandt, close. Lübke and Willy Brandt go through exhibition. Lübke front stand, close and smiling.
(22 m, 10:04:15 10:05:10) 05. Africans in Bonn and Oberhausen a, b colored African politicians are driven away in cars and welcomed by Konrad Adenauer. Konrad Adenauer, close. Various settings of industrial plants. Visit a modern steel plant. African Ministers with helmet and goggles.
(20 m, 10:05:00 10:05:50) 06 Meisterschule für mode, Hamburg a + e, b, c, d Hamburg: master school for fashion is reflected in the water basin. Young women perform model clothes from Indian wool and silk fabrics in the European style. Spectators sit on the edge and look at models. Various settings of the drawing and painting lessons. Teachers considered images. Different drawings including scene on the station. Class for writing and printing. Student moves on paper Schrittypen. Two students work with the soldering iron. Student cut out cardboard with chainsaw. Lessons in shop window design. Various decorative designs. Lessons in fashion photography. Fashion photos. Weaving in weaving patterns. Class design for textile design pattern. The finished fabric is kept in the draft. Two students in the textile printing workshop. Training on sewing machines, the model and operational coordinators for the clothing industry. Mrs Prof. May, the head of the fashion school, sitting at her desk. Drawing and sewing lessons. Girl ironing cloth. Clothes are assembled on dolls. Young woman wearing the finished model and look in the mirror. Indian cloth, screen-filling. Finished models are presented by the Meisterschülerinnen in the open air. Mrs Prof. may as a spectator. Student with wide V-neck on the back slowly turns.
(140 m, 10:05:40 10:10:40) 07. Summer Academy of dance in Krefeld: Summer Academy of dance. Foot slipper, great. Woman granted a mixed group of ballet lessons. Various settings of the sample. Pas de deux "Blue Bird" from sleeping beauty by Tchaikovsky, danced by Helga Held and Lothar gene of Höt, Cologne. Dance to electronic music, performed by Berlin, Konstanze Vernon, Walter nicks, New York. The choreography is by Lia Schubert, Stockholm.
(68 m, 10:10:35 10:13:00) 08 Hubertus hunting riders ride through archways. Train is chased by the mob. Riders jump over obstacles, dogs jump on Bach. Tracker riding through the forest and through the water. Horse goes without a rider through the water. Wet riding on the shore shakes itself. Dogs jumping through the water. Various settings of the hunt, etc. Equestrian riding camera (easy soffit). Wild boar. Horse riding through archway over obstacles. Hunter blows a hunting horn. Winner receives a fraction of the oak.
(40 m, 10:12:55 10:14:30)


Persons in the Film

Lübke, Heinrich


Fashion ; Studenten ; Ausbildung ; Schloss Bellevue ; Berlin ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Dance ; Africa ; Hamburg, BRD ; Jagd ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 72/1960

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