Deutschlandspiegel 86/1961 23.11.1961


01 Berlin bird's-eye view: Brandenburg Gate, border between East and West, Potsdamer Platz, death strip on the Teltow Canal, Watchtower, VW bus along with loudspeakers on the roof of barbed-wire fence, wall with barbed wire, people police officer stands guard on rooftop, street corner with street signs mountain str./Bernauerstr. demolished houses close to the border, construction workers on the job, workers boarded up the street front under the supervision of the people's police with boards, soldiers of the people's Army show cameras with mirrors, 10 American tanks roll through West Berlin at the checkpoint for aliens, Viewer on street corner, checkpoint Friedrich str.: Russian tanks; accompanied by military police happens American military vehicle the control point in the East comes back, British car happens the transition for aliens at night, check point Charly, soldiers in the tanks, barbed wire on roofs, brick manhole cover, ditches are dug, barbed wire. (81 m, 10:00:00 10:00:15) 02 Adenauer and his Cabinet a, b, c Bonn: Adenauer, Lübke, Erhard at the entrance, Villa Hammerschmidt (large), cameramen filming, introducing the new Cabinet, at Elisabeth black main staircase, large, Erhard, Lübke, Adenauer (large) stand side by side. Federal House from the outside and inside with Ministers, passing the Treueids, Dr Gerstenmaier President of the Bundestag makes swearing, Ministers stand up full audience rank; Adenauer actuality: "I swear, I mean dedicate power for the benefit of the German people, nourish his benefit that he turn damage, fulfilling my duties conscientiously and Justice against practicing will anyone, so help me God." Erhard is sworn in actuality: "I swear, so help me God.", Gerhard Schröder called, Elisabeth black main is sworn in, actuality: "I swear, so help me God."
(42 m, 10:03:00 10:04:30) 03. Radhakrishnan Frankfurter Paulskirche peace prize from the outside, the peace prize on the Indian philosopher and politician Radhakrishnan by the German book trade, certificate with signature Savepalli Radhakrishnan, crowd, congratulations, Radhakrishnan, spectators clap, nave from the inside from bird's eye view.
(12 m, 10:04:25 10:04:55) 04. visit of the President of Senegal a, b, c airport Cologne-Bonn: aircraft arrives with President of Senegal, Leopold Sedar Senghor, President Lübke welcomes President and his wife, walking the company, the Federal President Honors welcome by Adenauer and introducing of the Cabinet, at the Petersberg hotel guests through the awarding of high order, reception in Bonn Beethovenhalle, festively dressed Ministers and Governors.
(28 m, 10:04:50 10:05:55) 05. Visit of Minister of Senegal a, b Mama Dudiah (?) puts on helmet and visit industrial facilities, smoking chimneys, furnace with workers, Mama Dudiah (?) large, steel processing, workers operated lever, glowing steel.
(19 m, 10:05:50 10:06:30) 06. development aid, cars, cinema & Clinomobil cinema on wheels: two men pull screen down, stand in the open air, man looks at current projector, evening performance, spotlight, several vices are parallel (during the day), = "rolling tropical hospital" Clinomobil, truck drive through rough terrain, dashboard with steering wheel, Africans are facing Clinomobil, a child's teeth are examined.
(16 m, 10:06:25 10:07:05) 07 Academy Wesseling, visit Maria Laach Abbey Academy from the outside, students go to the building, student running down stairs, Catholic students from around the world sit around table, listen, take notes, translation system, students with headphones To write with. Visit the Abbey of Maria Laach, nave from the inside, this statue, outside of the Abbey, students entering the free, lion Fountain (fountain), swans and ducks on water.
(62 m, 10:07:00 10:09:10) 08 Bad Kissingen, Germany, Bamberg Symphony fountain, monument/stone figures: chemist box Berger and architect Johann Balthasar Neumann, the young woman in front of fountain, old timber-framed house, photographed horse-drawn carriage in front of an old House, Kurhaus with monument of King Max d. II., arcade Café: Café tables outside, stone figures, drinking and baths, water, woman swings well water from a glass in the other, woman drinking water glass and while looking at the camera. Swans on the water, Bamberger Symphoniker, Prof. Josef Keilberth conducted the Bamberger Symphoniker, the upper by Carl Maria von Weber, Prof. Josef Keilberth large, various settings of the musicians.
(101 m, 10:09:05 10:12:45) 09. Leaves float on water, fog wreathed landscape in the autumn military, rider rides over bridge, is reflected in the water, rider rides down a mountain, then through the water through the water, jumps over a wooden fence, rides through the forest, tree trunk, rider buttocks from behind sitting on wooden fence, sunset.
(41 m, 10:12:40 10:14:10)

Persons in the Film

Lübke, Heinrich ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen ; Erhardt, Ludwig ; Adenauer, Konrad


Vereidigung ; Villa Hammerschmidt ; Berlin, auch Westberlin ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Mauer (Berlin, 1961) ; Friedenspreis ; Bonn ; State visit ; Preisverleihung ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 86/1961

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60 years ago Elisabeth Schwarzhaupt became the first female federal minister in Germany (November 14, 1961)

Elisabeth Schwarzhaupt’s appointment as federal minister in 1961 was a minor sensation. Not only was the CDU Member of Parliament the first woman to head a ministerial office, but her appointment was also preceded by a much-publicized action.

Contrary to Konrad Adenauer's election promises, not a single female politician had received a spot in his new cabinet. As a consequence Schwarzhaupt's female caucus colleagues staged a sit-down strike in Adenauer’s office, which finally made him relent. Since all the departments had already been allocated, a new one was created for the former senior church councillor: the Ministry of Health - "a cop-out agency to satisfy women's wishes," as the press scoffed. Schwarzhaupt now faced the mammoth task of establishing an institution that had no role model or tradition, that didn’t come with sufficient authority or resources. In addition, only a few days after taking office, the doctor of law was confronted with the thalidomide scandal, to which she responded by tightening drug regulations and expanding prescription requirements. She went on to set a decisive course in health care. For example, she introduced the oral polio vaccination, ensured that cancer screening for women became included in the compulsory benefits catalogue of statutory health insurance, and she enforced food labelling requirements. Schwarzhaupt also made environmental concerns a part of her political agenda and issued the first clean air and clean water regulation.

When the coalition broke down during her second term, Schwarzhaupt resigned from the cabinet in 1966 at the age of 65. She left the Bundestag three years later and returned to her real mission in life: marriage and family law, especially the equality of women and illegitimate children.

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