Deutschlandspiegel 93/1962 28.06.1962


1 Burghausen a, b the Salzach. Castle, slightly elevated, filmed from a moving ship. Boat ride tour guests. Water hits a wave. Kahn guide with Hat, close. Tourists sit in the boat. Light flow, city on the shore. Kahn Guide, close to half (easy soffit). Burghausen: Tourists wave to the city. Tourist wearing sunglasses laughs gen camera. Old homes and steeple filmed from a moving boat. Supervision at the city. Photographic man. The former electoral Government building. Sign "Republic of Austria", border officials checked papers of a woman. Woman with girl on the hand goes over bridge. Girl holds a balloon in her hand. Stone figure of a lion. Border with the Federal Republic of Germany with shield and Turnpike. Border officials let people go through. Boy tweaks to an eye because it hides the Sun. Girl in rope jumping, nun beat the rope. Boy drinking water Which one flows out of a pipe, boy jumps from the fountain. Old decorated facade. Two old men in suits and hats. Old church, VW Beetle drives along the road. Pedestrian goes up stairs, man meets you. House with flower boxes in the Windows. The castle is situated high above the city. Bridge leads to the Castle. Coat-of-arms. Cyclist rides to Archway. Shadow of the cyclist and the railing. Various settings of the Castle, including the old fresco at the entrance of the castle chapel depicting the birth of Christ. Defensive wall with battlements, two cyclists, in the background the Castle. Long shot: the fortification, in the Valley of Burghausen.
(73 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:50) 02 Schnitger - organ Hamburg: the Church St. Jakobi, road traffic in front of the Church. Pedestrians are reflected in the window. Steeple is reflected in the window. Lübeck: organ-building workshop. Drawing is placed on the table. Production of organ pipes. Several men carry a piece of wood. Two pipes to be upright, man filing the organ pipe in the lower section. Moving keys, man sits in front of organ and moved the buttons from the bottom. Man put upright organ pipes. Sound sample. Organ builder blows through organ pipe. Table with font "Arp Schnitger built this organ works during 1689-1693. Acquisition of numerous pipes series from the then old organ in his new and large work he paid tribute to their builders. Harmen Stöven and Jacob Iversand. (Illegible from here.) Music director Heinz Wunderlich plays organ and provides it to notes. Foot control pedal. Organ, shot. Organ player. Small wooden heads / register trains, Baroque Angel, swivel on the pipes. Woman pressing tab. Miraculously, the prelude plays in b minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. Wunderlich, big, from the side. Various settings of the organ and the organ pipes.
(70 m, 10:02:45 10:05:15) 03 Hamburg State Opera Ballet: performance of the ballet "The four temperaments" by Paul Hindemith. Various settings of the performance. Ballerina, half-close. Choreography by George Balanchine. Total: Stage with all dancers and dancers. Various settings of the performance.
(66 m, 10: 10:05 10:07:35) 4th Jazz IM Stadtpark Hamburg: City Park. Double bass leaning against a Chair on the stage. Trick: Drums is suddenly on stage. Trees with leaves, listeners, partly with stretched umbrellas. Underside: Gambling drummer in the suit, man plays trombone. Banjo, large. Listeners are available under open umbrellas. Audience is band under rain protection, in the background. Couples under the umbrella: man has put his arm around the shoulder of the woman. Trumpet player from behind. Spectator, close. Foot operated lever the base drum, big. Listener pulls out the head for a short time under the umbrella. Jackets adhere to two listeners. Trombone player. Various settings of listeners. Playing band, including playing double bass players (soffit). Young man smoking cigarette. Playing drummer. Couple stands under the umbrella, it rains more.
(29 m, 10:07:30 10:08:35) 05 World - Press - Photo of Hamburg: exhibition world press photo. Young woman, great. Photos: two colored Kiss; Sleeping colored baby; Woman drinking from a cup; Man drinking water from his hands; Man flips out on burning house water bucket. Visitors to the exhibition looking at pictures. Photos: Old men sitting side by side, two women in bikinis walking before them; Soffit: two nuns, one of them with sunglasses. Child wears clothes from the previous century; starving child sitting on the ground and weep; Cat with a closed eye; Adenauer, with cylinder, an eye keeps to himself; Woman holds two cabbages in the hands; Wedding couple: Wedding leans back and laughs; Boy urinating against a wall behind him his mother and a man passes out.
(21 m, 10:08:30 10:09:15) 06. Franz. Fleet visit a, b Hamburg: Captain looks through binoculars. Water taken from a moving ship. French Flaggkreuzer Colbert (11,000 tons) leads the fleet unit. House with a beach chair on the roof, speaker (welcome actuality). Spectators waving handkerchief of land, passes fleet unit. Different flags on the Hamburg ship will be hoisted. The 30,000-ton aircraft carrier Clemenceau. Supervision: shipping piers with a fleet ship. Small boat comes in. Playing Chapel to the reception of the Rear Admiral Smidt. Sailor, whistles, on small pipe. Smidt is welcomed by Jubelin (French Vice Admiral) and the crew of his fleet. Sailor with rifle at the ready, great. Smidt is off fleet ship. Soffit: Guns.
(28 m, 10:09:10 10:10:15) 07 day of the US - armed forces Berlin/Tempelhof Airport: landed helicopter, meeting of the chiefs of staff of the army, General Decker. Grandstand spectators. Various settings of the big parade of the Berlin US garrison.
(12 m, 10:10:10 10:10:40) 08 Adenauer for 17. June a, b Berlin: Military vehicle in the background Brandenburg Gate with barbed wire. Road sign: "street of the 17th of June". Stone figure. Federal Chancellor Dr. Adenauer visited the graves of the dead, wreath, Adenauer, half close, wreaths, large. Schöneberg Town Hall: rally outside the Town Hall (long shot). On decorated balcony: Dr. Adenauer beckons Willy Brandt, clapping audience, half close beside him. Adenauer on the lectern (including two microphones RIAs) o-ton: "nine years it is now since the rebellion broke out in East Berlin and the Soviet zone, against the Soviet zonal occupation and the German Communists who oppressed their people and tortured. It was announced the State law, carried out numerous shootings, thousands were arrested and sentenced to long prison sentences, until the rising of the defenseless population against brutal violence collapsed." During the O-Tons review 17 June 1953: people run space. People flock apart, in the middle of something burning. Burning building on the S-train input. People busy. Tanks drive through road. People, men be throw tanks with stones. Cameramen hiding behind walls. People run away over meadow, Verwundeter is worn away. Burning Columbushaus, Potsdamer Platz. When paper. Adenauer actuality: "always the spirit is stronger than brute force. The future, not the brutal violence belongs to the spirit." Clapping audience, screen-filling.
(48 m, 10:10:35 10:12:20) 9 "Kieler Woche" a, b "Kieler Woche": various flags blowing in the wind, clouds in the sky. Marina. People prepare their sailing boats: sail, mast tree is used, five people who have water sailboat. Shield: "Start", man is launching pad. Boats "Finn dinghies" on the water, young man looks through binoculars, various settings of the sailors. The fastest is the Frenchman of Jean-Claude Jammes, nahund smiles gen camera. Bare feet, tall. Bloated sails in the wind. The large star boats on the Außenförde, the Swedish master Lars Berg is located at the top. The Italian Olympic champion Sorentino leads the Dragon. Sailboats, screen-filling.
(44 m, 10:12:10 10:13:55)
(End of 10:13:55)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Adenauer, Konrad


Segelsport ; Gedenkfeier ; 17. Juni 1953 ; Oper ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hamburg, BRD ; Fotografie ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 93/1962

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Federal Republic of Germany

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