Deutschlandspiegel 97/1962 01.11.1962


01 Federal rail a, b, c, d propelled steam locomotive (emits much smoke) by train. Steam locomotive train passes bridge (long shot). Steam locomotive will be shot in the railway signal box, man climbs from scaffolding, turning a large wheel, tubular, water flows into the tank. Coals are distributed in wagon in the locomotive: train driver and Stoker to shovel coal. Large wheels on the Rails. Platoon leader looks door. Supervision: many tracks parallel, steaming Railway (long shot). Two workers pulling electrical cable of great role. Tracks with overhead electrical line, filmed from a moving train. Four men are on an open wagon, electric current collector maintains contact with the catenary. Staff training: electric current collector rises and falls. Propelled diesel rail. Plans are laid out. Drawing Board, designers on the drawing board. Designer draws on the drawing board. Workshop: Roof and exterior cladding used on wagon, workers drill sets, various adjustments in the production of the train: engines, valve control, designers look window open, locomotive rolls slowly from factory font "Tea".
Tracks, filmed from a moving train. Tea train, in the background industrial plant. Passing at the Cologne Cathedral. Fast moving train small town on the Bank of the River, behind it. Drive under the bridge, filmed from a moving train. Interior car: passengers woman with headscarf reads magazines, Schaffner seat rotates 180 degrees and provide you with information from the timetable. Man reading newspaper and then falls asleep. Women typing on the typewriter and accepts paper. Two men sitting at the bar, dining car with guests, shot. Cooking and kitchen help in the narrow kitchen. Waitress takes dining counter and helps the guest plates, waitress serving food at the table. Line between Cologne and Frankfurt: passing Castle, people on mopeds waving to train travelling by. Ride along on the Rhine: excursion boat "Rheinland" passing many ships on the Rhine, Castle Mountain, rock of the Lorelei, Palatine at Kaub, tea train. Train drivers, staff at the electronic image signal box, tea train, locomotive shines in the Sun. Tea train arriving in Frankfurt's main station. People waiting on the platform.
(114 m, 10: 10:00 10:04:15) 02 motor boat racing Lake Berlin/Tegel: Championship of the outer board speedboats class A. is launched, various settings of the racing boats man with Bobble, water sprays sideways high speed boats get over each other. Speed boat driver sitting on his boat and paddling slowly. The Englishman Rolfe laughs, differentiates helm and is second. Winner in class A is the German Dieter Schulze, close and smiling.
(23 m, 10:04:10 10:05:05) 03 Berlin - trade Berlin: 13 German industrial exhibition. Parking filled with flags. Long shot: radio tower and parking lot before that.
(5 m, 10:05:00 10:05:15) 04. industry - exhibition in Berlin: opening speech by Minister Erhard, close, o-ton: "the industrial exhibition Berlin has become tradition, on the opening in this room, as I can see. But she gives us again welcome reason to pull a political and economic balance of our situation, unless the location of Berlin, unless the liberal world the situation of the Federal Republic per se or in addition." Intermediate cuts: among the listeners of Willy Brandt, various listeners, half close series with young Africans. Large rotating African in the middle of the main hall on the ground, Erhard bisects band under camera flashes from foreground, Hall with vehicles (medium/supervision). Erhard and companions participate in series of tape recorders, half close, technician explains the mechanism of a tape recorder, two Africans in long robes steel bands of compact steel planes off the machine, great. With hand button on Control Panel is shot, big, pan to rotate starting washer. Large Plexiglas balls spinning.
(33 m, 10:05:05 10:06:20) 05. fashion (Africans) Berlin: in fashionable summer dresses at the fruit stand, young African woman with cylinder Africans is of two men of the city cleaning and eyed surrounding people. African Beach costume mannequin with a large veil Hat demonstrates high House.
(13 m, 10:06:15 10:06:50) 06. Berlin is Berlin: workers stands on ladder and paints pillar. Supervision: Excavators. Two construction workers wearing helmets press Jackhammer in wall. Supervision: Excavator unloads bucket with stones on a truck loading area. City Highway, in the background radio tower (total). Modern office buildings in the Centre with subway sign in the foreground, sculpture from tenement house, on the edge of Hansa: new Berlin Philharmonie (total) bridge overlooking new dorm,.
(14 m, 10:06:40 10:07:15) 07. wheel Berlin: pedestrian pass crosswalk in front of Memorial Church, filmed by himself while wheel out. Woman at the wheel, the wheel turns on pavement, woman driving wheel without to hold the wheel with your hands. Baby looks stroller. Kurfürstendamm: wheel drivers make advertisement for the 2nd German Championships. Woman with a wheel on the road in the background cameraman with camera on tripod, several wheel driver at the same time, in the background of Memorial Church, cars slowly wheel driver drive past. Woman at the wheel. In the Sports Hall: Various settings of the wheel driver, champion the Würzburgerin is Eva Ebert, in the wheel, half close. Norbert Dill, also from Würzburg in the wheel, medium receives the German champion. (26 m, 10:07:10 10:08:10) 08 Mercator Duisburg. Tower Bridge view of industrial plant with smoking chimneys, bridge, sign in the foreground "Reg. ref. Düsseldorf city of Duisburg". Look at steel factory, focus on inland waterway vessels on River, old dilapidated House, modern high-rise building, runs over highway bridge with road traffic, pedestrian on sidewalk running along to showcase. Sculpture in front of modern building. New Mercatorhalle (medium). Pedestrian walk stairs to the Mercatorhalle high, entrance, entrance hall with large plant and artwork on the wall. Man sees image by Gerhard Mercator (drawing), showcase with a celestial globe. Celestial globe rotates large, built of Mercator and drawn, man looks great ships, hourglass, and instruments in the showcase. Fold-out Sundial, first map of Palestine (drawn by Mercator), various drawings, etc. from Duisburg (arrow points to his house), painting, writing good by Mercator, globe. Projection of the globe on a surface (Mercator projection), old books in the showcase, various drawings, Atlas whipped up, manual page in the Atlas scrolls to different drawings, blending to the present Atlas, spinning, glowing globe, port of Duisburg. Seated listeners (total). (Abrupt end/sound jumping).
(96 m, 10:08:05 10:11:30) 09 football Hamburg: people's Park Stadium. Friendly match HSV - F.C. Santos. Different game scenes, Auditorium. The miracle player Pelé from Brazil in the possession of the ball. Ball is shot on goal past. Spectator, large, clap your hands. Different game scenes. HSV shoots the opening goal. Auditorium: HSV flags are waved. Pelé (No. 10) in the possession of the ball, laughing spectator, large. Pelé in the possession of the ball, then HSV player, Pelé stumbles on HSV player. Audience, great. Pelé shoots from 13 meters into the goal, score 1-1. Various settings of the audience. His guards Jürgen Werner tricks with Pelé. Counter-attack of HSV in the 21st minute, scoring, score: 2-1 for the HSV, viewers swivel HSV flags. After the break, Pelé shoots the balance 2:2. enthusiastic spectators. Flood light bulb, close. Different game scenes, Uwe Seeler (No. 9) in the possession of the ball. Goalkeeper keeps ball. Viewers with Hat briefly abides by the hands in front of the face. Goalkeeper keeps the ball, he makes almost a somersault, viewers, close. Uwe Seeler is a header in the 77th minute and made it 3-2 for the HSV. Avid fans, raise the arms. ZL: header from Uwe Seeler, laughing spectators. The Brazilian attack. 6 minutes before the end, Santos shoots the balance 3-3 F.C.., Brazilian players embrace. Spectators clap enthusiastically, players shake hands. Viewers, partly with burning sparklers, screen, Brazilian players waving towards the camera.
(72 m, 10:11:25 10:14:05)


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Erhardt, Ludwig


Wassersport ; Berlin ; Bahn ; Industrieausstellung ; Weltatlas ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; West-Berlin ; Städtebau ; Football ; cycling ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 97/1962

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