Deutschlandspiegel 100/1963 05.02.1963


01 winter 1962 / 63 North Sea: ship goes through ice, ice floes, strikes ship against icy bridge, totally iced water, man chops off ice with hammer, crank, big vereiste. Rotating helicopter blades, helicopter pilot (soffit). Air consumption: Helicopter flies over North Sea along. Adult with child goes through ice floes (total). Ship sails on icy Elbe, tug goes through the ice.
Hamburg: Baumwall, Harbour in the background moving underground. Supervision: landungsbrücken, departing ferry. Bug goes through ice, children play on ice floes on the beach, additional legs in boots with fur hat, poodle with plastic Cape, proboscis, large elephant with trunk pushes snow in your mouth. Frozen Außenalster, open in the foreground job with floating ducks, arch: views of frozen Alster Lake towards the city centre. Woman pulls child via ice chute, Alster steamers are parallel to each other in the ice, several ships have been established (Inner Alster Lake), many walkers on the Alster Lake, child is skating on the Außenalster Lake, views of frozen Außenalster bridge an Alster investor filmed, many children skating and the ice slides, teenagers play ice hockey.
(56 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:15) Adenauer Adenauer settles 2nd birthday hat, Rhöndorfer children welcome Adenauer with a bouquet of flowers to the 87th birthday, honor guard, Adenauer walks honor guard, at the edge of the cinematographer (from behind), Adenauer goes beyond area. The seat of the AMT, the family of Chancellor Adenauer, congratulates close. Grandchildren present flowers, grandchild hugs Adenauer, pie font: "to the 87th birthday" (supervisory), Adenauer knocks grandchild on the Po, Adenauer sits on Chair surrounded by his large family (medium). The Cabinet presented gifts: Erhard presented two burning candles in candlesticks Adenauer, surrounded by the Cabinet, child. Congratulations for Adenauer by Dr. Schröder, close to half in the background photographer, shaking hands, big, the Federal Commissioner of the Federal Government in Berlin eckardt congratulates Adenauer, half-close.
(27 m, 10:02:05 10:03:10) 03 Berlin - wall & Spellman, Larson exhibition, successful omnibus escape Berlin: Brandenburg Gate behind barbed wire. Wall with barbed wire. Shield: ' Allied checkpoint US army checkpoint ", Cardinal Spellman visited wall, half-close, Spellman between two American generals at the car hit gets out of car,. Policeman looks through binoculars (frontal), Spellman Get up Vista stair wall with two officers and allows himself To give explanations. Memorial Cross wrapped with flowers and barbed wire (for the construction worker who was shot on the run by Communist post at the wall Peter Fechter.) Wall flower wreath and down hanging wreath loops, border officials at the closed barrier. Spellman prays (no Hat) before Memorial before companion series, half-close. Wall with barbed wire (frontal), upward swing: behind House wall with inscription "Neue Zeit". Photos (from the summer of 1962) an exhibition of the Sweden Bernhard Larson from Paris: among other things people on the 1st may rally in East Germany. Intermediate sections of exhibition visitors. Photos: Everyday life in East Germany, including people on the street, Vopos.
Wall with barbed wire, old bus as a getaway car (8 people have fled thus), surrounded by people, including by three cameramen (cameras are on tripod), car license plate: "RK 10-78", great; Bike with fenders, big; broken headlights, large. Man with Unterarmgestützen, standing next to wife (the escape in this bus is managed both), man boards the bus, man sitting behind the steering wheel, front. Various settings of the Interior, finger points to bullet hole, great. Two photographers and a cameraman for the photography and filming, the refugees, half-close.
(46 m, 10:03:05 10:04:45) 04 people, animals, sensations of West Berlin. Germany Hall: "humans - animals - sensations". Elephant with trunk blows his big balls, two circus employees throw Each other balls are, shadows of artists, artist hangs upside down and spinning woman with strap neck fast through the air, artist turns on bicycle, artist maintains artist mouthpiece, which turns. The flying Artons from America to demonstrate their arts. The sensational Leighs balance on a large himself while unit, three clowns stand side by side, they wear Plaid suits and tropical helmets.
(25 m, 10:04:40 10:05:40) 05. Gerhard Marcks woodcut, great. Gerhard Marcks, 74 sculptor, is close to making a woodblock, Marcks sits in front of bookshelves and sets down glasses. Various prints. Small statues: Fishing (model: fishermen in Spain), two people hold on to the poor, sedentary individual, blind colored musicians (example: blind black man in Harlem), two chess players. Cologne: the Studio with various sculptures, Marcks wearing gowns and close when the arrows on an animal sculpture. Various animal sculptures: Predator, Bull (kneeling with the front legs), Orpheus in order for the University of Gießen, different detail shots. Supervision: Marcks in his Studio. Exhibition: large sculptures; including mother with child on lap, "Prometheus Bound". Prior to the University of Cologne: Albert Magnus, the scholastic philosopher of the 13th century, other sculpture in front ruins.
(90 m, 10:05:30 10:08:45) 06. 100 years of FARBWERKE HOECHST Frankfurt: main plant of FARBWERKE HOECHST (supervision), pipes, full-screen, smoke escapes the pipes, underside: pipes/flues soar into the sky, traffic COP in parking lot driving cars on road with waving flags along,. Modern staircase of the Banquet Hall, various adjustments of the modern foyer, illuminated Hall. Major event (supervisory), ranks are fully occupied with listeners and guests, listener ranks, on the side, Chairman Prof. Dr. Winnacker at the lectern, close, (talks about the development of the group / without original sound), audience clapping, filling picture. Pan for ceiling illumination, image filling. Supervisory/balloon: Festhalle (total).
(32 m, 10:08:40 10:09:50) 7 wire industry Eastern Alps: driving Brauneck-Bahn (soffit). Wire ropes run over rollers, close. Two parallel ropes in the background snow-covered Valley. Westphalian wire industry: manufacture of wires, glowing steel with pliers in apparatus inserted, coiled wire, workers in the welding sparks. Wire is pulled through the opening in the middle of pulling stone and wound on large reels. Several wires are pulled at the same time through finer openings of drawing dies, smoke escapes, running wires for corrosion protection by zinc bath. Workers push foam to the side, wire stranding machine: wires come together. Machine grinds wires together, big, ready-to-thick wire comes out again at the other end. Inscription "Brauneck mountain railway GmbH. Lenggries OBB." Cabin of a ropeway ride towards the station on snow-covered mountain. Cable car with snow-covered mountains and valleys.
(64 m, 10:09:45 10:12:05) 08 Winter fashions Bessie Becker Photo Studio of Munich Bessie Becker. Mannequin stands against bright background and bears mountain costume: hat with feathers and coat. Bessie Becker with glasses, big mannequin gives instructions. Mannequin keeps a hand on the hat and smiles camera direction. Becker sees through large-format camera. Mannequin wears a short jacket, pants and hat with Gamsbart. Hand-operated trigger, great. Various settings of the mannequins. Mannequin brush the hair itself, mannequin puts on hat, Becker operated shutter of the camera (soffit) and sets a new record. Mannequin in the costume and winter hat, Bagchi gives instructions to dismantle arms. Mannequin is wearing thick sweater and keeps the arms far apart. Becker gives further instructions (without quote), mannequin stands on one leg, you will be shown a photo: mannequin stands in snow-covered landscape.
(17 m, 10:12:00 10:12:40) 09 slalom Oberstaufen: goes through the target two slalom runners, Barbi Henneberger in the slalom run, two falls, skier, champion is Marianne Jahn in Zürs in the Arlberg in slalom ride and goes through the target, spectators clap. (16 m, 10:12:30 10:13:10) 10 Luge at Lake Königsee: various settings of the Luger, pass the curves quickly, winner is Josef Lenz from King Lake, runs through the target.
(13 m, 10:13:05 10:13:40) 11 new year's event Oberstdorf: snowy mountain landscape, different settings of ski jumpers, on the edge of many viewers, ski jumpers lands, continue and falls down when braking. Flight curve of a ski-jumper, side, lands and falls on his back, the Oberstdorfer Heinrich Ihle ranked fourth (flight) with two jumps of 69 m. The German master Max Bolkart is second with two 68 m (flight and landing). Winner Engan with 72 m and exemplary attitude the former jet fighter pilot Toralf Engan from Norway (flight and landing), large, laughing into the camera.
(30 m, 10:13:35 10:14:40)


Persons in the Film

Spellman, Francis Joseph ; Marcks, Gerhard ; Adenauer, Konrad


Refugees ; Bobsleigh ; Schneechaos ; Jubiläum ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Skisport ; West-Berlin ; Circus ; Fotografie ; Preisverleihung ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 100/1963

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