Deutschlandspiegel 110/1963 28.11.1963


01 Lübke in Iran Tehran: welcome Dr. Lübke and wife Lübke at the airport by the Iranian Imperial couple: Shah Reza Pahlevi and Empress Farah, music group drumming and playing wind instruments, dancer children look directly into the camera, guard posts, chandeliers, Shah Reza Pahlevi sitting next to Ms. Lübke, Dr Lübke sitting next to Empress Farah, Empress Farah, great Dr Lübke.
02. Lübke in Indonesien-a (14_m,_10:00:10_-_10:00:45)) from moving b) Welcome by President Sukarno, women in traditional robes, Dr. Lübke and wife Lübke filling with flower necklaces, audience picture, parade to honour Lübkes with band and dancers, Lübke, President Sukarno sitting from dances (both with sunglasses).
(17 m, 10:00:35 10:01:20) 03 Lübke in Japan children waving flags, Airport: welcome of the couple of Lübles by the Japanese Imperial couple and Crown Prince Akihito, military parade, chandelier, festive Banquet: couple Lübke.
(16 m, 10:01:15 10:01:50) 04. Lengede rescue 21 miners of iron ore mine Mathilde in Lengede iron ore mine with crane, two waiting men and woman with headscarf, girls, drawing the studs, salvage operations, drilling, lamps are turned on, boring At night, understanding microphone to the trapped miners, relatives crying in the car over the release of a miner, test holes, Red Cross tents, three nurses watch salvage operations, drilling, drawing with the 11 trapped miners, Drilling At night, relatives, Bergmann with sunglasses is recovered by Red Cross helpers and carried away, ambulance drive away.
(76 m, 10:01:45 10:04:30) 05. Erhard to cityscapes of Berlin Berlin: Airport, Pan American machine is a waved, arrival Prof. Ludwig Erhard, welcome by Governing Mayor Willy Brandt, cameramen, Erhard, and Brandt, Erhard interview: "I am connected with this city, as you know, but I appear today to speak with new garb." (new Chancellor). Mercedes accompanied waving spectators, police escort, spectators clap, wreath-laying ceremony at the wall, RIM inscription: the Federal Chancellor. Erhard (large) at wreath-laying ceremony surrounded by journalists. Point at which the young construction worker Peter Fechter, was gunned down.
Destroyed Reichstag, Bundestag President Dr. Eugen Gerstenmaier to the microphone recorded interview: "We are debtors and carrier of this history in their size and their misery." Moving underground, high-rise building, supervision from window onto the street.
(32 m, 10:01:45-10:04:30) 06 art cast a) form b) cast iron c)?
Shield: Hermann Noack image Foundry EST. In 1897, workshop of the special operation, manufacturing of casting moulds from plaster models, hot stove, plastic of the sculptor Henry Moore is made man is with Hat goggles, casting, casting is lifted with a crane, outer skin is processed with flame, Henry Moore finished figures on concrete plinth in front of high-rise.
(75 m, 10:05:50 10:08:30) 07 Regensburg engraving of Regensburg, Regensburg, pan to the Cathedral St Peter, Gothic facade, towers and decorations, vegetable market stall before DOM: radish sale, bridge, 800-year-old Wurstbraterei, serves sausages sausages rust, waitress with white apron and white hat, man sits in front of an open window and eats, medieval bridge, Arch, old town with a pedestrian, bust of Astronoms Johann Kepler, old House, globe and candle on the desk, picture of Kepler, rooms with exhibits, remains of a wall, which left the Romans, Wall remains of the medieval city wall, Tower castles of Partriziergeschlechter, woman hangs laundry on the tower roof, car, great Hall from outside and inside, old drawing, consulting rooms inside, old clock, old fonts, lettering of the weekly newspaper of the Reichstag climbing entrance of the old town hall, bride and groom (116 m, 10:08:25 10:12:30) 08. Satellite Upper Bavaria/South of Regensburg: parade, Federal Post Office takes experimental station for satellite operation, first interview leading federal Postmaster Richard Stücklen with the Director of the American Agency for civilian space research (original sound poorly understood), large parabolic mirrors.
(19 m, 10:12:25 10:13:10) 9 bowling Düsseldorf: host a "Europe"Bowling at a bowling alley, several settings of the player, partly captured in still images, cutting installation with ancient figure of a discus thrower and talus, cone fall.
(32 m, 10:13:05 10:14:15)


Persons in the Film

Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen


Kunsthandwerk ; Berlin ; Satelliten- und Weltraumforschung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Baukunst s. Architektur ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Monthly Newsreel

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Deutschlandspiegel 110/1963

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Federal Republic of Germany

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