Deutschlandspiegel 112/1964 30.01.1964


01 passes into East Berlin a, b Berlin: wall in the background of Reichstag building. Wall with barbed wire (supervision). Walls with snow and barbed wire. Barbed wire, in the background building. In the evening: People crowd, including policemen. Police hold people, people waiting behind barriers. Bystander (interview about the wait and who want to visit), reporter provides question in the back. Shield, great, "Accepting applications", pass award: big crowds, people from West Berlin request the necessary papers. Filing box with slips of paper scrolls through hands, great, an employee in uniform looks in filing cabinet. Seated old woman, pass, great. Pedestrians crossing border, during the day. Jam, a policeman waving through cars. Cars crossing the border, two national police officers, in slalom ride close. Passers-by go through border area, girl wearing doll. Small machine, large fingers. Stroller is pushed. Fingers on small machine, large, presses lever down. Old woman with shopping bag and stick (head is not visible). Finger counting machine presses lever down, great. Parents with a child cross border on foot, embrace in reunion with relatives. Weeping woman embraces visitors from the West and child kisses on the cheek. Farewell: Child runs to wife, wife takes kid on the arm and kissing it, adult children say goodbye to their parents. Daughter crying and wiping tears with tissue from the eyes is. Wall with barbed wire (in the evening), wooden cross with flowers on the wall (escape an 18-year-old electrical apprentice failed). Mourners are facing the cross, man lay down flowers and hat sets. Wooden cross with flowers on the wall. People pass through walls, child sitting in the stroller and push. Woman lies on a stretcher and carried by paramedics, alongside a child goes, people crossing the border. Family along wall and leaves footprints in the snow.
(78 m, 10: 10:00 10:03:00) 02. Erhard in Texas a, b Texas: the American President Lyndon B. Johnson holds welcome speech for Chancellor Ludwig Erhard (original sound). Erhard and Schröder are Johnson, close beside him. Man wearing cowboy hat, close, laughing boy wearing cowboy hat and is worn on shoulders, on the side. Erhard sitting next to Ladybird Johnson and Lyndon B. Johnson in an open car, waving at security men running alongside the car. On the ranch of the American President: Three musicians: two play guitar, a rattle. Erhard raises his hand in greeting, side and close, give to President Lyndon B. Johnson and his wife Ladybird Johnson by people, in addition to Erhard. Photo by Erhard depends on balcony of a wooden house, including font "Welcome". Erhard keeps cigar in hand, next to him Johnson and his wife Ladybird Johnson, as well as Schröder, facing outside, building, frontal and half-close. Erhard, close and frontal, beside him Johnson and Mrs. Johnson (all three laughing). Dean Rusk and Schröder in conversation, side/close. Two coloured children laugh. Cattle, frontal. Pieces of meat creates sensational a on the grill, man with cowboy hat and skirt steaks on grill. Politicians are at table with checkered tablecloths and waiting for food. Three young women, close. Erhard sitting in the rocking chair, beside him on Chair in the background Johnson interpreters and politician (shot). Erhard and Johnson, half close, talking in the background interpreters. Politicians sit on the edge. Erhard keeps interpreting cigar in hand, side in conversation with Johnson, in the background. Waving onlookers are held back by police. Erhard beckoning, cowboy hat and cigar in hand holds two photographers, half-close/lateral, in the background. Waving onlookers, big banner "Goodbye".
(31 m, 10:02:50 10:04:05) 03. Erhard in London a, b, c, d London: hands hold up front page of newspaper "The Evening News". Newspaper seller does with flat Cap newspaper decline, gets some (o-ton incomprehensible). Victoria station: a train. Waiting politician Erhard comes from train, greeting by Sir Alec Douglas-home, handshakes between Erhard (stands with his back to the camera) and Sir Douglas home. Sign "City of Westminster Downing St. S. W. 1." Number 10, great. Erhard, frontal, lifts Schröder hat in greeting, beside him. Erhard enters policeman, close House in the Downingstreet, in the foreground. Erhard, Schröder, and Douglas-Home sit at the Conference table. Erhard, close. Erhard (sits with his back to the camera), next to it Schröder, opposite Doglas home. Road transport: e.g. moving double-decker bus, hood of Rolls Royce, frontal (Very much short setting). Plaid Sherlock Holmes Hat bears waiting people, including man. Man with Hat and whistle, side. Festive food (light supervision): Erhard kindling cigar, Alderman C. James Harman (Lord major of London) is sitting next to him. Harman faces microphone, next to him, German original sound sits Erhard, Harman: "... the citizens who became Chancellor, he is drove back and forth between the main cities of Europe and America [Erhard laughs] at a pace, what one would expect from someone who doesn't look at least upset, as if the law of gravity on him does not apply." Erhard laughs, slapping guests. Erhard and Harman rise up from their chairs and a toast with glasses, other guests rise up also (medium).
(36 m, 10:03:55 10:05:15) 04 gate tower Theatre Sommerhausen (Franconian village): views of the vineyard on the village. Old building, truck drives along the narrow road. Tanker, followed by Auto, reconditioned oxcart. Wrought iron plate with a goat. Two oxen pull a wagon on the peasant and peasant woman sitting next to it is farmer's wife wearing headscarves. Cat sitting next to the stone stairway. Woman with headscarf small tractors, sits behind her dog and barks. Pedestrian walk through narrow street with cobblestones, boy runs along the city wall. Archway of the theatre with inscription "Gate Tower Theatre", cars drive through archway through. Employees of the theatre to decorate the stage with fabric and Chair. Woman is bust. Luigi Malipiero (founder of the gate-tower Theatre, formerly stage of the Berlin State Opera; now own painter, Director and lead actor), close to half viewed images. Different pictures and paintings. Employees of the theatre light candles, sometimes they hang on the wall. Visitors go through a wooden door in the theatre. Visitors enter the foyer with the pictures on the wall and candles (supervision). Visitors look at pictures and go up then curving staircase. Small Auditorium, viewers sit densely crowded. Viewers go up stairs. Two young women, faces big. A short snippet (no interview) the piece "the purple stripe' (debut of the Frenchman André Lem).
(65 m, 10: 10:05 10:07:35) 05. Cultural Centre Wolfsburg a, b, c Wolfsburg: Modern building, VW Beetle passes slowly. People go to modern buildings. Swivel on the House facade along the cultural centre (designed by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto). People come up the stairs and walk along foyer. People go through the foyer, bright lamps hanging from the ceiling, people walk along the corridor. Woman goes down stairs to the milk bar of the youth time home. The largest of the five lecture halls (medium). Ceiling lighting. Milchglasscheiben on the roof, lights on the roof, which seem by frosted glass window. Round ducts in the ceiling, through which the light shines. Visitors to the library, with long shelves (medium). Visitors are the shelves on two levels and scroll in the books. Young wife goes along to shelf, holds a book in their hands and takes another book off the shelf. Radio Studio: Teenager sits on the mixer and see through glass on speaker teenagers, young people speak radio (short interview), boy wearing headphones, nods and smiles to the speakers and has his hands on the tape recorder. Hands use tape, big. Young people speak radio play. Two young people playing table tennis. Three table tennis are parallel to each other, young people play table tennis (medium). Billiard balls roll over billiard table. Young people are with their queues on the edge and see on billiards table, teachers standing on the edge and gives young people instructions, o-ton: "it think through to the hand position, swing [?]" Youthful actuality (poorly understood). Two teenagers look down, half-close. Piano player on the side. Kids aprons when cooking. Girl turns crank a grinder. Ship modellers tinker in the workroom. Hand beats a hammer to nail, which is a model of the ship. Teachers in the overall home improvement and students holding boat. Young people in the craft, different settings. Juvenile files to a wood.
(89 m, 10:07:25 10:10:20) 06. Dr. Guhr Gustav Guhr (full-time doctor) sits in his Studio (in the cellar of his house) and works with sound, different settings, among other things, he modeled his ceramic vessel. Discarded medical instruments as tools, hand reaches for it. Various ceramics. Dr. Guhr on infant station in Hamburg, Garrett bends over bed behind him nurse, nurse takes the baby out of the bed, Dr. Guhr continues stethoscope and listens from infant. Dr. Guhr, close. Hands hold clothes of the infant stethoscope on the construction. Various pottery in a display case, Garrett at his place of work pushes vessel, repeated vase off the shelf and daubs it with liquid. Garrett has Venetian glass blocks on the edge of the vase. Garrett opens oven includes the vessel from the oven with fabric, turns off the vessel and considered it. Rotating vessel, big. Family Guhr sits in the Living room when the coffee drink surrounded by vessels that made Dr. Guhr. Pan across several vessels. Various vessels.
(76 m, 10:10:10 10:12:55) 07 figure skating Oberstdorf: German Figure Skating Championships. Manfred Schnelldorfer at figure skating, is German Champion, at the European Championships he ranked 2nd behind Frenchman Calmat. Clapping audience. Inge Paul becomes German Champion and 7 under the Europeans. Inge Paul at figure skating, clapping spectators. Pair skating Marika Kilius and Hans Jürgen Bäumler run their voluntary, partly in ZL, German and European Championships, various settings, partly in ZL win.
(45 m, 10:12:50 10:14:35)


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Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Schnelldorfer, Manfred ; Johnson, Lyndon B. ; Schröder, Gerhard


Stadtentwicklung ; Eiskunstlauf ; Zonengrenze ; Ostberlin ; Maueropfer ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 112/1964

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Federal Republic of Germany

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