Deutschlandspiegel 113/1964 27.02.1964


01 Erhard in Rome a, b Rome: Rome (total) views. At the "Memorial of the unknown soldier" to Piazza Venezia: sentry keeps Saber vertically, close. Wreath is worn, Chancellor Ludwig Erhard goes up stairs in the presence of the military commander of Italy, wreath is highly worn, half near stairs. Wreath-laying ceremony. Hand wearing gloves and holding side Saber swing to the head of the guard, close,. Erhard in addition to military commander, half-close/laterally. Wreath on the War Memorial, before that Erhard and military commander are available (with his back to the camera). Quirinale: Sentry in old clothes, shot, stands in the courtyard. Hand wearing gloves and holding close with scepter. President of the Italian Republic Segni receives Erhard and the German delegation to the Quirinale. Erhard and Segni: Handshakes, half-close/laterally. Italian members of Parliament, half-close. Segni in addition to Erhard, and Schröder. Conference table with politicians. Schröder sitting next to Erhard, frontal. In the Palazzo Chigi: Conference table with politicians, behind the cameraman. Erhard cigar kindling with match, close. Prime Minister Aldo Moro, close/frontal. Vatican (medium), many people from the Vatican. In the Vatican: Erhard goes with attendants to the Vatican (medium). Pope Paul VI. receives Chancellor Erhard, Erhard woman and German delegation. Door is closed. Pope Paul VI. presented Erhard the order of Pius, half close and close. Pope Paul VI. presented Mrs Erhard (?) also box. In conversation with spiritual, close to Schröder. Guests and clergyman, half-close. Pope Paul VI. in addition to Erhard, both look great book. Open book, close.
(46 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:55) 02 optical industry in Weklar Note: does not exist!
(93 m) 03 police headquarters Hamburg Hamburg: police building at the Berliner Tor (slight lower ceiling). Light floods through glass Windows from the ceiling. New control room: police officer perched on large map of Hamburg and distributed magnets on map. Policemen in uniform draw something on illuminated glass, this is projected as a big picture on the wall. Police officer speaks in intercom. Cruising police car accompanied by police officers on motorcycles. Rotating camera, great. Renders the screen, crossing with police car and policemen on motorcycles. Eyes of a man, frontal / detail record. Screen of the surveillance camera shows traffic on a multi-lane road. A police officer in uniform, close/frontal. Hand-operated mixer, luminous diodes. Telegraph (?), great. Command room with views of the map (supervision). Official phone (sits with his back to the camera). Attendant, papers are put into rail and then automatically transported. Hamburg's City Centre (total/supervision). Control monitoring-monitor. Rotating camera on the mast. Screen reflects road to the Dammtor station. Rotating camera, great. (36 m, 10:01:45 10:03:10) 04. bus station a, b Hamburg Wandsbek: bus station Wandsbek (supervision). Three men go to bus station (turned with his back to the camera). Construction workers smoking with Prinz-Heinrich-Mütze. Two people sitting on bench. Welder adheres to the face mask while he is welding. Construction workers are on the roof of the bus and coach station. Workers screws on a plate, half-close. Man wipes a cloth along the edge of a glass (turned with his back to the camera). Workers Get up roof. Man goes up stairs with a package. Workers tar-pits the roof. Two young men in the control center keep lead in hand. Workers wearing long latte on the shoulder. Workers walk along with bucket Hall. Tilers clean tiles on the wall. Workers walk along wet gear. Installer at work. Drawing of the square, as it looked 100 years ago, swing down overlooking a corridor and staircase, at the edge of long escalators. Sign the subway station "Wandsbek market", swivel platform with passengers and moving a subway, screen-filling. People get out of the subway and pushing through the crowd. People come out of the underground, filmed by showcase. People come out of the subway. People walk along underground gang. Passengers on escalators. Two women see in window display. Railway employee sits in a glass case and beckons by passengers who show him tickets. Evening: The line of 64 Bus up on sidewalk, waiting passengers. Guests get in the bus, bus departs. Metro and bus station (medium).
(57 m, 10:03:00 10:05:05) 05. wallpaper Museum Kassel Kassel: old buildings, swivelling on space in the foreground. Stairs as a pedestrian zone, on the edge of downtown shops. Museum in the white stone wing of the Castle Wilhelmshöhe (medium). Wallpaper collection: Two visitors pass old wallpaper, one hitting book of them. Leather wallpaper from France, 1700 to 1720. A wax cloth wallpaper around 1800. A French hand print with motifs for La Fontaine. Different designs, including dazzling Perl guts wallpaper, "Stag wallpaper", two visitors look at wallpaper. Picture wallpaper, two visitors look at big picture wallpaper. Paris hand jerk dating back to 1820: amusement scenes on the Champs Elysees. Two visitors sit on chairs in a corner of the room. Picture wallpaper "Decor Eden", a colored hand print from France. "Decor Eldorado", the two visitors linger in a room. The screen wallpaper "Cupid and psyche" was created based on the story of the Roman of Apulcius in 1816 after templates of the French painters Lafitte and Blondel.
(69 m, 10:05:00 10:07:30) 06. optical painting a, b of the Cologne artist Günter Maas, close. Pan across the painting. Maas in painting (with his back to the camera), different settings. Meuse, close to the painting. Hand drawn line in the painting with a pointed tool. Meuse, close. Maas in the painting. Large paintings on the wall. Painting is scanned with optical electronic device. Walking beam in the painting, tones will sound. Maas swings cone of light in painting, Maas, slow optical electronic device, close/frontal and his eye is illuminated by the light. Cone of light in painting. Meuse, close. Beam scanning paintings. Writing on paper "composition III electronic sound picture of Günter Maas", small record is put on paper.
(28 m, 10:07:25 10:08:30) 07 electronically winning on music a, b hands as a shadow. Electromagnetically preserved music translates into visible forms. Eyes of physicist Dr. Herbert Frank, great. Forms changes All the time. Plays of light on the face of Frank, All the time changing forms of music.
(18 m, 10:08:25 10:09:05) 08 people on the ice people on frozen lake, skaters. Father holds his child from the body, takes a run-up, puts on child with feet and slips on ice along with child, Skate skater keeps their poodle on a leash. Three people on skates holding hands (with his back to the camera). Feet in skates go inside bent over the ice. Boy falls down. Two kids fall down. Wife takes a run-up and slips on the ice (ZL). Man slips backward (ZL). Man pushes a stroller and slips it (ZL). Woman pushes pram and goes skating here, only the legs and baby carriages can be seen. Child drops to his knees with hockey sticks. Two people hold on to the poor. Child stands up again, adult bends to the child down. Dog walk runs on line on ice. Additional legs in the middle of walking stick, side. Detailed dachshund, screen-filling. Skates, also Dachshund on the leash and poodle without a leash. Four people running in a series. Additional legs, besides feet on roller skates. Various people who skate. Baby legs with ice skates in the Middle going, Boxer is held between the legs, running baby feet between the skates. Two crashes in ZL, man sits back and beats with his hands on the ice.
(45 m, 10:09:00 10:10:40) 09 curling rain: Europe Cup in curling. Curling shoots all over the ice. Thrower slides further after shooting on the ice, various settings of players and spectators, as well as curling glides across the ice. Curling (supervisory), Sun shines on the ice. Curling abuts other curling. Woman with sunglasses and Cap shoots curling, ice slipping on the ice. Kid throws ice. Curling on ice.
(19 m, 10:10:35 10:11:25)


Persons in the Film

Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Segni, Antonio ; Moro, Aldo ; Papst Paul VI


Fotoapparat ; Verkehr ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Italy ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Monthly Newsreel

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Deutschlandspiegel 113/1964

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Federal Republic of Germany

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