Deutschlandspiegel 114/1964 02.04.1964


01 Stuttgart Athletics: Killesberg Halle. Hall international competition of the athletes of Germany - France (men). Various pole vaulter (ZL), including the winner Klaus Lehnertz, jumps over 4 metres 70. The German high jump champion Schillkowski remains with 2 meter 1 - 3 cm below the level of his French rival Guezilla (ZL). German indoor record in the shot put with 18 meters (ZL) is Dieter Urbach. Ball flies through the air and crash, big (ZL). Kick-off for the 60-meter hurdles: French one-two Fournet and Duriez in 7.8 seconds each. 4 x 400-meter relay: a good time of the Hall runs 3 minutes 11.6 seconds with different settings, the German team. Total, the French win 66:58 point victory. Sit on the edge of the FIR wood train athletes, one holds his arms upward.
(38 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:35) 02 Erhard in Paris a, b Paris: watch on the platform of the East station, great. Erhard rises from train, welcome by the French Prime Minister Pompidou, half-close. Pompidou and Erhard walk along the platform, they are surrounded by journalists. Elysee Palace: Sentry in old uniforms post on the stairs, military issue rifles. Erhard's arrival, Sentry, large. Two sentinels faced closed doors. Facade of the Elysee Palace, where the working session (common European policy issues) will be held, before waiting journalists (with his back to the camera). Cameramen and photographers (medium). Erhard and de Gaulle come into the open, shaking hands. Elysee Palace: Banquet for the Chancellor and the German delegation. Candles are lit. Room enter Erhard, in addition to de Gaulle, half-close. Radiant chandelier, large. Erhard sitting next to de Gaulle. Festively decorated table where guests can sit. Plenary session: joint economic aid will advise for Latin America. Schröder sits next to Erhard. Participants sit around a conference table. De Gaulle sitting. Facade of the German Embassy: arrival of de Gaulle. Erhard in addition to de Gaulle, close/frontal, swivel to Schröder. De Gaulle, close. Erhard, close. Hand on the tape recorder, big.
(39 m, 10:01:30 10:02:55) 03 seamen a, b, c, d, e Hamburg: port (supervision). Large passenger ship sails in port of a (supervisory). Ships are in port. Flying Seagull, close. Downtown: City Hall (supervision). Old town: stone figure, in the background of St. Catherine's church steeple. Old houses. Pedestrians walking along under Metro bridge between the pier and Baumwall. Swivel to the Gustav-Adolf Church (Swedish sailor). Metro along extraterrestrial on bridge, the main Swedish flag blowing in the wind. Michel, swivel to the modern churches of Norway and Denmark. Norwegian and Danish flag blowing in the wind between the spires. Norwegian mission: visitors sit in the living room. Woman pouring coffee. Sailor reading the paper. Visitors take book off shelf. Altar. Hand takes out of newspaper a wall with many newspapers. Pastor Hognestad writes something on a blackboard. Port: Pastor Hognestad with pipe, close, visited Norwegian ship. Several ships riding at anchor in parallel. Pastor Hognestad sits in the boat and passes on a large ship. Two sailors paint exterior wall of a vessel. Pastor Hognestad in a boat, side/half close, going to the ship Havjo. Sailors stand at the railing and waving (soffit). Helmsman in his cabin with his back to the camera. Pastor Hognestad switches the ship. Goods will be loaded. Feet climbing rope ladder on the outer wall of the vessel high, great. Pastor Hognestad enters big ship. Sailors during the loading of the goods. Pastor Hognestad is welcomed by the officer. VW Beetle is loaded on the ship. Pastor Hognestad in conversation with several sailors. VW Beetle is loaded on the ship. Pastor Hognestad adopted by sailors. Evening worship: main Pastor Jacobsen speaks devotion (Norwegian actuality). Pan over the visitors, organ player (with his back to the camera). Sliding door will open. Visitors sit down at table, hands to play guitar, great. Guitar Player accompanied the singing visitors. Brooch, wholesale. Visitors sing Norwegian folk songs, different settings. Guitar Player, close. Large cruising vessel before sunset.
(99 m, 10:02:50 10:06:25) 04. occupational Physiology Dortmund: stone figure, swing to the city, views of Karstadt, VW cars in the foreground, two church towers in the background. Industrial plant: smoking chimneys. Cars drive along Highway at the Max Planck Institute. Max-Planck-Institute (medium). Noise laboratory: Speakers hanging from the ceiling. Man sitting on a bicycle (with his back to the camera). Employee uses technical devices, next to her a tape recorder running. Display, great. Microphone next to the ear of the cyclist, near / with their backs to the camera. Automatic tape device, large. Microphone close to the ear, large. Pointer to be deflected, great. Feet occur pedals, great. Hand holding bar in the background pointer that fails. Pulse customers on the finger, big. Employee looks on gauge. Pointer of the gauge to be deflected. Paper with curve, spinning reel of tape, paper with large curve. Cyclists from behind. Speakers hang from the ceiling. Air Chamber: Man wearing boxer shorts, has headphones and goes on treadmill. Staff observed him through glass from the control room. Different ads. Staff operated device and see through glass on the subject. Meter, large. Feet in sneakers go on treadmill. Meter, large. Test on a treadmill.
Finger touch quickly on typewriter. Finger hand position, great. Employee tried the best typewriter hand-held device. Staff observed Mrs. Many cable to the display board. Hands on keyboard. Display, great. Man wears photoelectric transmitter on her back while he digs sand in a wheelbarrow. A cable leads directly to the ear and is glued to the earlobe, big. Photoelectric transmitter, great. Display, great. Photoelectric transmitter with antenna on the back. Two employees receive the transmitted data. Display, great. With photoelektrischem transmitter man pushes a wheelbarrow, employee sits on Chair and receives data sent. Workers, close, smiling watch him. Man with breathing apparatus shoveling sand in a wheelbarrow, employee with the help of the respiratory watch measures the consumption of oxygen and the amount of exhaled carbon dioxide. Man with pipe in the mouth and nose clip, close. Device on the back. Employee stands behind husband and takes notes. Display, great. Staff goes behind behind man, this pushes the wheelbarrow.
(79 m, 10:06:15 10:09:10) 05. Blacksmith's art Neumann, Hamburg Hamburg: Heinz Neumann enters his shop, staff at the hammering and sanding. Neumann looks on the work of its employees, half close and close. Several works hanging on the wall. Neumann outlined a draft. Welding work. Neumann is relief "The destroyed city" (in order for the administration building of a housing company) on the wall. Relief, great. Fire, glowing steel is fogged up and thus divided. Employees during the welding. Candle holder is placed. Various works. Apothecary garden in the international horticultural exhibition 1963: supervision, window lattices with symbols from Alchemy and pharmacie. Wrought iron gate into a park as well as an abstract Freiplastik. Church: Non-ferrous metals were melted down to a high-relief. Nave with seats and altar. Candle holders. St. Nikolai Church: steeple with tip.
(56 m, 10:09:05 10:11:05) 06 Harry Kramer movable plastic: wire fabric, partly with rotating parts, different settings, designed by the Lingener Harry Kramer. Kramer raises another wire construction and considered them. Its construction considered different settings of his wire sculptures, Kramer.
(17 m, 10:11:00 10:11:40) 07. Reiter a, b Dortmund Dortmund: Westfalenhalle. Hall with obstacles (supervision). Janou Lefebvre from France opened the competition for the "Championship of Dortmund", different settings. The Brazilian Nelson Pessoa riding on "Espartaco" correctly and quickly. Pessoa comes in the playoff. Kurt Jarasinski on "Torro" is without error of best rider of the tournament. Audience clapping, filling the screen. 3. cut the Mächtigkeits jumping: wall Get up 2 m 10, the Oxer on 1 meter 80. Peter Schmitz on "Amsella". "Ferdl" under Alwin Schockemöhle takes the obstacles without error. David Barkers "Beafeater" touches the wall and jump into the Oxer. Braker have excreting. 4. sticking: wall height 2 m 26. Peter Schmitz touches the wall, just as Schockemöhle. The victory is divided. Schmitz and Schockemöhle at award ceremony sitting on their horses.
(62 m, 10:11:35 10:13:55)


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Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Gaulle, Charles de


Reitsport ; Art ; Missionsanstalt ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Research ; State visit ; Leichtathletik ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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