Deutschlandspiegel 116/1964 28.05.1964


01. Welcome to Höft welcome Höft/am Elbufer before Hamburg's gates: moving big ship (total). Wood bridge restaurant in the background. Speaker with a sign "Welcome to Höft Welcome Point", ships on the Elbe. Visitors sit on park benches in front of wall, guests of the Café "Fährhaus Schulauer" sit behind this, a man looks through binoculars. Ships in the foreground pedestrians (total). Pedestrians, including women pushing strollers, many people sitting on benches in front of wall, in the background of guests in the "Schulauer Fährhaus". Wooden bridge with Fährhaus Schulau (medium). Guests can sit in the Café outside, big ship passes, Hamburg flag blowing in the wind. Welcome Captain looks through binoculars, side/close. Welcome Captain enters his Office and sets a record there. Thumb pushes buttons to switch on wall. Flags blowing in the wind. Big ship in the foreground sailboat. A flag is hoisted with a fish (for Japanese ship). Sign "Welcome to Höft Welcome Point", ships passing by in the background. Fish flag is hoisted and blowing in the wind. Welcome Captain removes file from filing cabinet and speaks into microphone, close, original sound. The German research vessel "Meteor" on its maiden voyage (total). Fährhaus Schulau, swivel to the moving "Hanseatic" (cruise ship). People walk on the bridge. Travellers "Hanseatic", various settings, sailing ship in the foreground. Many people are on the overseas bridge and watch the incoming "Hanseatic", the "Hanseatic" guides tug. "Hanseatic", different settings. Many vessels in the harbor (long shot).
(55 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:10) 02 775 years Hamburg Port a and c Hamburg: City Hall (supervision). City Hall, moving tram, swivel to the town hall tower sees people on the sidewalk, couple in the shop window in the background. Various flags before the Hamburg coat of arms. Old drawing of "Hammaburg". Certificate from May 7th, 1189 old coat of arms. Large sailing ship. Painting of a large sailing ship with billowing sails. Hamburg flag blowing in the wind. Erhard, with cigar, walks with other guests of honour at country, welcome by Mayor Nevermann. Erhard laughing, close/side. Two birds sit on bollards and pick out pieces of a bun. Tour: Erhard welcomes captain. Ships lie at the shipyard (soffit). Erhard, waving the cigar, from ship, police boat drives in parallel. Sailor waving from the big ship "Katenorecht". Passing ship. Ship is in the harbor. Erhard, with cigar, beckons. Bags are loaded. Ship's hull (soffit). Industrial plant, cranes. Small vessels. Various flags hanging from the ceiling. Interview speech before 7000 guests, Erhard: "Hamburg may its citizens never forget that it was the freedom, which opened him the doors to the world. The freedom that To find her friends left in the world and it will be again the freedom, which guarantees a happy future for Hamburg for our whole German Fatherland." Intermediate cuts: several listeners. Slamming guests. Evening: Small cruising boat with passengers. Vessels, decorated with bright lights, driving on the Elbe, accompanied by small ships. Many vessels with bright lights on the river Elbe (total). Erhard, with cigar, standing at the railing. Fireworks, different settings.
(70 m, 10:02:05 10:04:35) 03 Lübke in South America Lima: square with monument and pedestrians (total). Traffic COP regulates traffic. Monument. Towers and modern buildings (soffit). Newspapers suspended by cords and are attached by clothespins. Hussars Junín moves through the streets, many people are on the edge. Lübke is waving, in addition to the Peruvian President Belaunde Terry in an open car, and runs through people trellis. Boys and girls waving flags of Germany. "Alexander-von-Humboldt-Schule": In the courtyard musicians dressed in traditional clothes and woman dancing to the music. Lübke, visit next to him wife Lübke, behind Foreign Minister Schröder Peruvian and German children in the school. Children, different settings. Children in the shading.
Santiago de Chile: Man leans over wall and sees the city (supervision). , On the edge of Lübke and Schröder are Honorary parade. Marching soldiers in old uniforms. In the Sports Club: old Chilean folk dances shows dancing legs, Trachten group. Woman Lübke receives bouquet of flowers from a girl next to her Lübke. Foundation stone laid for a German Chilean hospital: spectators clapping behind fence. Lübke accepts trowel mortar, foundation stone is laid, close. Lübke, half close, tapping with hammer on foundations.
Buenos Aires: Waving flags in the wind. Musical honour parade on horses (supervision and half close). People throng, close. Lübke is car and is welcomed (supervision). Clapping crowd densely crowded (supervision). President Illia hoist the German flag, Sentry, close. Lübke inaugurated the "Germany-Platz": Lahiri pulls the band of a big loop. Place with many pigeons and pedestrians. Lübke keeps knife in his hand, half-close. Outdoor dining: guests sit at long tables. Gauchos on horseback, Lübke welcomes Gaucho. Lübke fondles horse, close.
Brasilia: motorcade passes modern high-rise. Arrival Lübke, accompanied by a police officer on motorcycle. Honour parade, soldier, close. President Castello Branco leads Lübke and German delegation at the Palacio do Planalto. Lübke with wife Lübke in the foyer (?), half-close. Schröder, in addition to him Mrs Schröder, several guests on reception. Branco gives Lakatos the "Grand Cross of the cross of the South", half-close. Shaking hands: Branco and Lahiri. Modern skyscrapers, modern plastic.
(80 m, 10:04:30 10:07:25) 04 fair Hannover - Hannover: Fairgrounds (supervision). Cranes. Parking lot filling with many cars, picture (slight oversight). Many visitors. Visitors pass on cranes, large blades rotating in the foreground. Excavators lifted shovel. Crane weighing (extreme bottom view). Pavillon "You and your safety". Visitors are sometimes reflected in a large mirror. Exhibition Hall with many visitors. Something in the data system, behind their large graph type flashing light circuits, computer 3003rd woman. Machine type on paper, great. Writing on the data system, paper is pulled into long strips. Scoreboard. Scoreboard, printed paper, printed paper is transported further from the machine, rotating coils of a processing plant, paper tape comes out machine. Flashing scoreboard. Many visitors are facing booth by Fritz Xöller. Blinking Control Panel.
Langenhagen of suburb of: 281 aircraft companies from 15 countries make their designs before (5th German air show). Visitors, flashing Control Panel, visitors, close to, measuring instruments, rotating large pipes. Young man sitting in the cockpit of a small plane. The British French supersonic transport machine Concorde. Fairgrounds (aerial view). Dornier's one-man helicopter do 32 takes off, briefly puts on and takes off again. The flying crane transports several VW Beetle. The first German vertical Starter for landing.
(47 m, 10:07:20 10:09:00) 05. Bochum - Bochum Theatre: industrial plant in the foreground grass carpet rods. Several chimneys are parallel to each other. Smoking chimney. Industrial plant with chimneys and smoke, the main football pitch. Women's legs go up stairs in the city centre. Modern building with glass facade. City with pedestrians and cars. Pedestrian pass pedestrian crossing, in the background moving tram. The new Playhouse (total). Facade. View from window on the city, Stagehand when creating a big stage set, which is on the floor. Paint is applied with a broom. Stagehands, close. Stagehands dripping liquid on the screen with a broom. Fabric cuts to various painted costume designs, man. Hand cut fabric with scissors, close. Multiple cutter at work, different settings. Actor at the fitting, Schneider wears tape around neck. Actress wearing costume and considers himself in the mirror. Tailor the dress is back and on the sleeve, different settings. Wigs hang on hooks. Makeup artist takes the wig off the hook and puts them on a wooden head. Hands, close Edit wig. Makeup artist edited wood head. Second wood head with wig and beard is turned off several wooden heads. Theatre with lighting. Hans Schalla (leads for 15 years the Bochum Schauspielhaus) sitting with people in rows of seats. Spotty tachistische backdrop is draped on the stage (stage design for the Shakespeare play, "Troilus and Cressida"). Hans Schalla, close. Foyer with luminous lamp and visitors, looking through the window into the street. Visitors in the foyer (filmed from the outside). Scene from "Troilus and Cressida" with original interviews, various settings.
(105 m, 10:08:55 10:12:20) 06 football Cologne - Borussia football field with players (light supervision), the main audience (with his back to the camera). The Cologne player (light Jersey) form a wall, ball missed goal, margin goal for Dortmund. Crowd, screen-filling. On the grandstand Sepp Herberger, half total. Short shoots before the mid-term the 1 FC Cologne that compensation, it is 1:1 cheering spectators on a wall (sitting with his back to the camera). Viewers face, frontal/large. 1. FC Cologne in the possession of the ball, ball is repelled by Borussia Dortmund shortly before the goal, 1 FC Cologne player falls (ZL). Viewers chews something big. Cologne shoots 2-1. Flags are waved in the stands. Superior playback of Cologne in the midfield, continue Paß ball forward. Scoring for Cologne 3:1 flags are waved in the stands. Shot on goal for Borussia 3:2. cheering spectators, image filling. Game scene. Goalkeeper Ewert (Cologne) holds the ball (ZL). Spectator, frontal/large. Shot on goal of Tielen (Cologne) 4:2. waving flags. Cologne are in the possession of the ball. Leo shoots waving flags in the stands in the empty goal 5:2. Wilder (Köln). Spectators with flags run the place and surround the players (total).
(55 m, 10:12:15 10:14:20)


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Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Lübke, Heinrich


Hafenbetrieb ; Shipping ; Industrie-Messe (Hannover) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Football ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 116/1964

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Federal Republic of Germany

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