Deutschlandspiegel 117/1964 25.06.1964


01 Erhard & Johnson United States a, b, c, d Washington: White House. Shaking hands: Federal Chancellor Erhard and President Johnson, half-close. Director of photography, frontal/close. Erhard besides Johnson standing on the terrace, half close and close. Press: several cameramen and photographers. Erhard handed over a cheque for the American peace corps Johnson close, Erhard laughs. Harvard University: Many doctoral hats (light reflective, screen-filling). Erhard in accompaniment, seated guests, many with doctor hats, full-screen. Awarded the honorary doctorate: Erhard from his seat stands up, half close workbook takes and bows before the public (medium), spectators clap. Cemetery Arlington in Washington: Soldiers lifted rifles Erhard at the wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of the assassinated President Kennedy. Erhard bows. Fire at the grave. Patrolling soldiers. White House: Gala dinner for Prof. Erhard. Erhard, of welcome by Ms. Johnson arrival (stands with his back to the camera) and President Johnson. Three photographers with their cameras before the eyes. Ms. Johnson and Erhard, half close, in the background of Johnson and Schröder. Erhard and Johnson appear behind flag carriers in a space, followed by Ms. Johnson. Gala dinner (supervision). Trip sitting Erhard, o-ton: "I personally trust this country and its Government entirely and I believe in this Club, in this Alliance, in this friendship we can be sure that we get peace and that only in this way also the possibility, practically getting closer to the solution of the German question."
(43 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:45) 02 Mosel channel a, b, c helicopter takes off. Air consumption: Old village, helicopter pilot, close, Mosel Valley: various settings, canalization of the Moselle, Moselle Valley, ships on the river Moselle, lock. Ship sails into sheath, different settings. Sheath. Man holding ropes in the hands and observed the bubbling water. Ship is retracted into sheath. Aerial image: Moselle with small towns and castles on the edge, barrage, different settings. Moving ship "Amsterdam" on the Moselle river. Flying helicopter (soffit). Air consumption: Trier, old Roman gate: Porta nigra, churches.
Inauguration of the Moselle Canal: motor ship "Rüdesheim" severed band, guests on the shore. On the ship: French President de Gaulle, in addition to his Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg (both with his back to the camera). People waving from the shore. Vessels on the river Moselle. Flags waving in the wind. Dr Lübke on the ship, close, de Gaulle, close, Charlotte of Luxembourg is located in the Interior, close. Small motor boats on the river Moselle. Charlotte of Luxembourg along with Lübke and de Gaulle, the two statesmen waving of the decorated railings. Ship arrives in Trier and cut the tape. Many viewers are on the edge. Charlotte of Luxembourg is hooked with Lübke, and together they go ashore, followed by de Gaulle. Lübke in addition to Charlotte of Luxembourg and de Gaulle. Journalists, with headphones, sit on stand before microphones. Lübke goes to the lectern, clapping audience. Lübke with glasses, close, o-ton: "After its completion we must in the greatly extended waterways see an important building block to a United Europe and in it see an icon for the will of our people, to engage firmly for a common future." Spectators on stand, screen-filling. De Gaulle before microphones, close to French production sound, (mutatis mutandis: the Franco German merger may many countries serve as a guideline for their mutual relations.) Slamming guests, screen-filling.
(73 m, 10:01:40 10:04:20) 03 vocational school in networks a, b, c, d frets/Westphalia: apprentice continues with bike to the vocational school. Vocational school (long shot). Courtyard, modern façade, trainees go along covered walkway. Apprentices on course. Exercise room for Electronics: teacher pushes apart table. Projector is folded from a wooden box. Apprentices and instructors look on the image projections on the wall. Apprentice, close. Automatic Image Viewer: finger push a button and change the images. The class of "Wood": Teacher explains their function (with interview) on the open band saw. Hand has the blade, great. Craftsman apprentices demonstrating how he handle sawing a piece of wood. Teacher shows the electric welding, different settings. Modern lathe is rolled into the classroom. TV screen, big. Various apparatuses. Class sits in front of TV and teacher said on the screen. Teachers demonstrated on a lathe, apprentices watch, TV's working process, different settings. Teacher draws something on the Blackboard. Demonstration workshop: Test of a vehicle's engine is transferred, various settings. Teacher displays on the TV screen and see it apprentices. Trainees sit at tables, frontal. Demonstration workshop, TV screen with the measurement results. Exercise room Electronics: apprentices go to their place. Cable is plugged into the device, apprentices sitting threesome in front of a device. Hand turning on the controller, apprentices displays sound bites, monitor vibrations. Apprentice takes notes.
(68 m, 10:04:15 10:06:40) 04. post sorting machine women sit in a row and sorting letters, hands sorting letters, big. Darmstadt: Posttechnisches Central Office. Finger push button of a fully automated mail sorting machine, plate "Accidents", staff observed post sorting machine. Letters run quickly over coils and strips, various settings. Not properly stamped letters are automatically sorted out, hand reaches for verknicktem letter, great. Tapes run across coils, large. Rotating to stamp, Groß. Mail sorter, different settings. (21 m, 10:06:35 10:07:25) 05 Munich City pictures a, b Munich: City Center, in the background towers of the Church of our Lady. Charles square: tram, many pedestrians and cars (supervision). Cars, frontal, many pedestrians. Karlsplatz (supervision). Pedestrians go downstairs, swivel to the towers of the Church of our Lady. Towers of the Church of our Lady, in the foreground road. Towers of the Church of our Lady, also City Hall Tower on the Marienplatz. Fountain in front of the Town Hall, various settings. Many people are facing City Hall (supervisory), Scheffler dance. Viktualienmarkt (supervision). Viktualienmarkt, background towers of the Church of our Lady and other Tower. Karl Valentin fountain, around market. Well, close. Woman with headscarf drinking great beer glass. Woman buys vegetables, woman holds flowers in his hand. Horses pass road. Auer Dult (art antiques and flea market). Man legs in leather pants and knee-length socks. Seated man, half-close. Various vessels. Various items hanging on hooks, Angels hang on the tent roof, visitors of the market, old paintings, seller with figures of Saints, watch, hat, man bends over delivery, Gramophone. Various settings of buyers and objects. Great place with mosaic, pedestrian crossing him. Old church. A second fountain runs through upper deck of wells across water, (filmed by water falling down). Fountain.
(56 m, 10:07:20 10:09:20) 06. Beckmann exhibition Munich: Museum facade with pillars. Beckmann exhibition: Different drawings (manufactured by Max Beckmann). Two visitors look at pictures. Various lithographs (Bagheri theme: the city, its people and their faces). Various etchings and woodcuts.
(43 m, 10:09:10 10:10:50) 07 Schwabing + pantomime Munich: Schwabing. Dense traffic, between cyclists and moped scooter in the background Siegestor. Plein air art exhibition at the Leopold Street: woman hanging on a rope between trees looking forward is also a man image. Different images are on the Earth. Visitors betrachtenBilder hanging on the line. Woman with updo, half-close. Paintings on leash. Seated young woman with hat. Man ignites himself cigarette with matches. Visitors looking at pictures, different settings. Candles are lit with a lighter and matches. Candles are on the floor next to the pictures, legs in the foreground. Candles before the image. In the evening: dense traffic, frontal.
In the courtyard of a school: pantomime actor emerges behind the curtain and sign "Circus". Viewers, close. Pantomime performers with cylinder, close. Pantomime Group on the stage, laughing spectators. Pantomime appearance, different settings.
(56 m, 10:10:45 10:12:50) 08 trampoline Hamburg / Police Sports Festival: trampoline jumper turns upside down in the air (soffit). Several trampoline jumper show filmed from the perspective of a trampoline jumper their skills, different settings, ZL synchronously partly. Synchronous jumps (supervisory), swivel to the grandstand, full image. Sold-out Stadium with the ten athletes of trampoline on the lawn (total).
(19 m, 10:12:45 10:13:30) 09 powerboat - Championship of Moselle near Traben-Trarbach: motor boat racing world championship. Starter with a starter's pistol, great. The boats at the start (long shot). Sparkling on water fountains behind the racing boats. The boats go to the turning buoy. Various settings of the race. A driver falls off the boat and tried to get back in. The boats jump over the water surface. The winner Dieter König from Berlin to the destination from the boat beckons out (medium). Spectators waving and clapping. Dieter König is thrown in the water, close.
(35 m, 10:13:25 10:14:45)


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Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Gaulle, Charles de


Wassersport ; Post ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ehrung ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Monthly Newsreel

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Deutschlandspiegel 117/1964

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Federal Republic of Germany

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