Deutschlandspiegel 118/1964 30.07.1964


1st facade of presidential elections East Prussia Hall at the radio tower Berlin: with Scripture "Palais am Funkturm", waving Germany flag in the wind, people in the foreground. Adenauer goes up stairs and waves. People from the East Prussia Hall (with his back to the camera). Podium, in the background of Federal Eagle and Germany flag (medium). Gerstenmaier rings the Bell in the Hall, half-close. MP (medium). Federal President Dr. Gerstenmaier (not pictured) opens the Assembly o-ton: "The Federal Assembly is opened." The Assembly (total). Adenauer casts the ballot in the ballot box before the ballot box, Adenauer. Erhard's ballot when voting, Carlo Schmidt in ballot, half-close. MP (?) close. Adenauer side/close, in an interview. The ballots will be distributed from the ballot box, tallying. Dr. Gerstenmaier actuality: "Mr President I ask you whether to accept the re election of the Federal President?" Lübke interview: "I suppose the choice." Slamming present (shot). Erhard side/close, he crossed his arms before his chest. Lübke interview: "I will continue my whole strength for the benefit of our people. While I trust God's help and the support of all citizens and all communities are willing to participate in the further development and expansion of our liberal and social rule of law." Camera people. Carlo Schmidt congratulates on the stairs outside the East Prussia Hall, accumulation of onlookers clapping Lübke.
(40 m, 10:00:10-10:01:35) of 02 20th anniversary July 20, 1944 a) wreath b) Stauffenberg Church c) Church end Berlin: 20th anniversary July 20, 1944: Memorial wall with writing "The victims of the Hitler dictatorship in the years 1933-1945". Lübke is accompanied by the Memorial. Wreath-laying ceremony. Lübke goes to the wreath and associates the loop (medium). Wreaths, screen-filling. Lübke is the wreath on the Memorial (from behind). Countess York von Wartenburg (the widow of Lieutenant of York, who was executed after the assassination attempt of July 20, 1944) stands at the lectern and speaks to the guests (long shot), Countess York actuality: "Above the superior power of the totalitarian State there is only the resignation or a usage which requires highest sacrifice." Intermediate cuts: Countess York with sunglasses, close. Young people listen, listening to guests (total/swivel). Execution site with flowers and wreath loop. Wreaths with wreath bows.
Photos by: Colonel Graf Stauffenberg (the assassin), Carl Goerdeler, Colonel-General Ludwig Beck, Erwin von Witzleben, prelate Dr. Müller, count Moltke, Carola Neher (actress).
In the vicinity of the prison Plötzensee (supervisory): Church "Maria Regina martyrdom" (supervision). Modern Bell Tower, celebration of Justice, on the inner wall of the courtyard stands the sculpture "The way of the cross" (created by the sculptor: Otto Herbert Hajek), various settings of the plastic. Various settings of the plastic face discussing the sculpture, visitors. Modern entrance to the upper Church, visitors walk along the aisle of the nave. Daylight falls through the ceiling joints. Large altar painting by Georg Meistermann, visitors stand before the altar. Wooden figure next to a burning candle. "Pieta" by Fritz König, different settings. Memorial plaque with writing "all martyrs tomb was denied. All martyrs whose Gräber are unknown."
(75 m, 10:01:30 10:04:10) 03 Villa Borsig Berlin: Castle Reiherwerder (on a peninsula on Lake Tegeler located (total), now international seminar centre of the German Foundation for developing countries). Seminar "Planning and training of personnel in health care": Seminar participants face building (medium). Swivel to the Tegeler see: cruising boat (medium). Seminar participants, close. Two seminar participants sitting in the room with a bed and washbasins. Seminar participants shows in the living room, participants with hand out an open window on Park, participants take a walk in the Park. Participants enter the Conference room. Participants sit at tables. Various signs: "Basseghi Iran", "Ahmed Pakistan", close to different settings of participants. Participants go to Robert Koch-Institute for hygiene and infectious disease. Shield, large "federal health official Robert Koch-Institut". Participants in the laboratory, close. Rabbit sitting in a cage, large. Participants are to cage. Participants through large magnifying glass on Petri dishes, two Petri dishes with cultures, looks great. Participant looks through the microscope. Street, in the background of Memorial Church (filmed from moving bus). Participants sit in the bus and make a city tour of Berlin, passing the Café Kranzler; Gedächtniskirche filmed through windshield. Participant, close. Gedächtniskirche, filmed from a moving bus, participants, close. Charlottenburg Palace, Congress Hall, filmed from a moving bus. Participant looks out window, drive along the wall. Participant looks through window, ride past on bricked front window of a House.
(32 m, 10:04:05 10:06:05) 04 Klinikum Berlin: construction site free University Hospital, many different settings of the construction site, workers, trucks, cranes.
(34 m, 10:05:55 10:06:40) 05. "point-to-point" Berlin. -N.Y.. + world's fair Berlin: Airport Tegel. Pan-am machine Get up the field, before an Esso tanker. Staff refuel the airplane, fuselage from below. He sees in turbine. Cases are being loaded. Passengers and pilot beyond the runway. Passengers go up escalator and get on a plane, half close and shot. Stewardeß keeps camera in the eye. Pan-am machine rolls and stands. New York: aerial photos: statue of liberty, skyline, car parking, motorways, exposition, writing "General Motors" (Get up the head). 1964/1965 New York World's fair: Asian Pavilion surrounded by water globe, in the foreground look at cable way with cabins, waving flags in the wind, West Pavilion, writing "Berlin", coloured, close, visitors in exhibition hall Plexiglas balls, chess board with figures in Plexiglas ball. Various exhibits, including image with large church bell.
(38 m, 10:06:35 10:07:55) 6 nuclear ship "Otto Hahn" Kiel: waving flag with atomic fabric, Otto Hahn, close, as guest of honour. Nuclear ship "Otto Hahn" before being launched. Christening, champagne bottle explodes in the ship's hull, launched. Otto Hahn is sitting. Propeller slip into the water, work on deck, ship slip into the water, ship in the water, launched, many workers are on the edge.
(20 m, 10:07:50 10:08:40) 07 sport University Cologne a, b, c Cologne: sport University. Close this ball on the rope. Student hurls ball on the cable above head, student with bare-chested on the parallel bars, student with free upper body is located on meadow and keeps dumbbells in the air, students (wearing only a short tournament and sneakers) when running. Student makes fencing exercises, half-close. Students play soccer, students run on turf. Facade of the sports college students walk speed. Library: Bookshelves on the wall, students with reading and writing. Student residence: Two students on balcony (soffit), they converse with two students, who are in the garden. Photo wall, two students at the coffee drink. Institute for cardiovascular research and sports medicine: student wearing divers ball with hoses, great. Feet in socks make toe stand student wears a mask with tubing, push with your feet in the toe stand, will be recorded behind him. Gymnast on the parallel bars in the Sports Hall. Student makes roll backwards and comes directly in a Handstand, receives assistance. Student at the horizontal bar. Student sets up fencing mask. Fencing lessons: Teacher gives instructions. Tennis lessons: old master Hans Nüsslein demonstrates a student clubs stance for forehand. Hands tap tambourine. Students dancing at preset pace. Dance lessons in the background playing music students. Clapper will be beaten on xylophone, close. Dancing student, group dances. Student lifts weights at the edge of the swimming pool. Athlete pushes off from the springboard and makes head jump. Students sit at the edge. Two athletes jump synchronously from diving boards and plunge into the water. Float in the crawl. Special course for training certified Fußballehrer: ball is with foot shot, headers, students run in parallel on the lawn. Running on a track. Manfred Germar (?), Martin Lauer stands at the edge: Jutta Heine in the hurdles, various students, close. Lecturer's instructions in the hurdles, student overcomes obstacles. Pole vault. Discus throw. Lock throw. Long jump.
(102 m, 10:08:35 10:12:15) 08 German. A Derby) before d. Start b) Hamburg/Horn race: 95. Deutsches Derby. Ladies with big hats among the guests, close. Horse head with white protective belt above the nose (large). Woman with Hat, great. Horse head with white protective belt above the nose (large). Man with Homburg and Monocle. A racehorse is run on the reins. Foreign Minister Schröder (large) raises his binoculars to his eyes. False start (medium): two horses caught in the main band. Viewers, close, viewers keep binoculars to his eyes. Start (medium). "Genghis Khan", runs at the top behind him "Clover" and "Ruhländer". The horses run on the camera and in the bow. Viewers, close. Leaders in the "Clover" prior to leniency". Home stretch: "Z" under Jockey Páll, outside passes, and leads in the run-in to the finish (ZL). Schröder takes the binoculars from his eyes (large). The wreath is hung around the retreating "strife". Head of the winning horse (medium).
(47 m, 10:12:05 10:13:50)
(End of 10:13:50)

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Adenauer, Konrad


Bundespräsident ; Gedenken ; 20. Juli 1944 ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Sport ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 118/1964

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