Deutschlandspiegel 120/1964 01.10.1964


01 police shot cinema Düsseldorf: "space shot cinema". Hand holding a pistol grip and pushes into the magazine, close. Policeman outstretched arm with gun, side/half-close. Movie: Man comes forth out of bushes, aims gun at spectators, and shoot. Spinning reel of the film projector, hand holds gun and fires a shot. Still image of the film. COP gun front. Pistol barrel, big. Movie: Man shoots and runs away. Spinning reels of the film projector, behind shooting a police officer. Movie stops at margin. Hand holding a pistol, side/large. Policeman pistol frontal on viewers that is screen. Film sequence. Pistol shot. Film stop, bullet hole flashes on screen. Police shot cinema. Shadow of large film reel on the wall. Official takes aim. Movie: Man shoots out of moving car. Official side. Movie: Tyre stops with bullet hole.
(24 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:05) 02. Police - amphibians - vehicles Hamburg: open police-amphibious vehicles drive down hill, directly into the water. Windshield wiper wipes away splashing water, moving amphibious vehicle in water, water squirts back highly agitated water. Car driving into the water, two amphibious vehicles passing sailboat. Amphicar drives to out of the water directly on the camera head-on.
(15 m, 10:01:00 10:01:35) 03 old + new Bremen a, b Bremen: City Centre with Weser and bridges (total). Old building (?), the Roland (the symbol of the city), the Town Hall, street railway propelled to the fore, the Roland, the Cathedral. Old town: Pedestrian alley close: "Böttcherstraße" (supervision). Old house facades in the romantic modern brick style. Sign "Ludwig Roselius founder of Böttcherstraße plastic by Bernhard Hoetger", swivel to the plastic. Sculptures in facade. Goldsmith: Goldsmith at work, different settings. Pedestrians see through window pane of a pottery. Man sits at the Potter's wheel, foot turning disc. Hands on pottery wheel model vessel. Photo by Bernhard Hoetger (architect, sculptor and painter, as well as artistic designer of Böttcherstrasse). Retrospective: Various works. DOM, swing to the sign on the bus "New Vahr Nord". The mansions of the "New Vahr" (designed by Alvar Aalto and Ernst May). Cyclists and cars drive along between high-rise buildings. High-rise buildings on a Lake (total/also, supervision). Narrow skyscraper. Pedestrian space and modern gear. High-rise buildings (supervision). Façade with balconies and some with umbrellas. Children Playground, children climbing on Monkey bars. Girl holding onto rod and swings back and forth. Ice cream vendor with Cap boys selling ice cream. Ongoing child with three bags ice in his hand. Two mothers push baby strollers. High-rise buildings. Wide road leads through mansions (supervision).
(56 m, 10:01:30 10:03:35) 04. Berlin daycare a, b Berlin: Road with parked cars on the side. Waiting mothers with children on sidewalk. Double decker bus stop. Advertisement lettering on a double-decker bus "Kaba". Two women help boarding the children. Beckoning kids sitting in the bus, outside, parents are. Mothers waving behind the departing bus. Children sitting on the bus, different settings. Lower leg with knee-length socks and sandals. Close to bus drivers. Children, close. Arrival in Kladow: bus stop. Children get off. Children run about turf. Various settings of children playing. Children at lunch. Lunch break: Woman sitting in a deck chair and looks into the tent in which the children on field beds taking afternoon NAPs. Sleeping children.
(50 m, 10:03:30 10:05:20) 05. Katholikentag a, b 30 Catholic day in Stuttgart: Bell Tower with pealing bells at the Katholikentag. Crowd under umbrellas in front of it. Withdrawal of priests. Large cross over the place (long shot). Among the spectators Erhard, Kamagate, Gallo. Priest, one adheres to the eyes, close. Christ on the cross, great. Viewers on benches with umbrellas. Erhard, close, speak, o-ton: "who is ready to new thinking, must also apply the other and within themselves To find the strength to overcome selfishness and weary satiety. It applies to talk not only of community tasks, but heard the truthfulness through own behaviour to the success of the work to help it." Intermediate cuts: speaker's podium with many staircases before (long shot). Nuns; Erhard from behind; Priest is under umbrella; old woman with rain cover under the umbrella looks through binoculars; Erhard (frontal, half close) on the lectern. Listeners under umbrellas, screen-filling (slight oversight). Sisters sit under umbrellas. Priest, close. Coloured priest, close/laterally. Flags with cross on tall masts. Personal tape message by Pope Paul VI. in German: "may the experience of the Catholic day be you all incentive to use the nasty to the good, and the good to do better!" Original sound Pope Paul VI.: "Pater et filius et spiritus sanctus." Amen." Intermediate cuts: Sister adheres to the eyes with his head bowed; Listeners, screen-filling; Sisters as a listener; Woman with headscarf kneels down and blesses oneself; Listener, close; Crowd (total).
(42 m, 10: 10:05 10:06:45) 06 Documenta 3 a, b, c, d Kassel: City supervision (pan/size). Documenta: Visitors go over turf. Metal sculpture on the lawn. In the Aue Park: several sculptures, visitors look at plastic. Museum fridericianum: With road in the foreground. Visitors go towards the entrance. Visitors go up stairs. Visitors look at pictures and sculptures. Picture with the title "Axis" by Robert Rauschenberg, group of visitors is explained by art expert image. Actuality of Kunstverständige. Visitors. Man considered image. Jackson Pollock and Alfred Jenkins are represented with large formats. Pictures by Horst antes and nay. Three paintings by nay on the ceiling, visitors look at it. Images of the American Francis. Vedova plywood constructions "Absurd Berlin diary", small masterpieces of Bissiers. Visitor scrolls in catalog, filmed from behind. Visitors enter a room with wire sculptures, "automobile wire" by Harry Kramer. Electrically powered colour projection apparatus. Clearance: Woman seen circling radiometer, silver disc. A machine from the Swiss Tinguely. Image of Picasso from the present and bust from the year 1905. The 80 year old Jean Arp, generation companion of Picasso, in conversation with Arnold Bode, initiator of Documenta, half-close/side. Drawings in showcases. In the evening: Park with works of art, including sculptures by Henry Moore.
(122 m, 10:06:40 10:11:00) 07. stunt pilot Rendsburg: German Championships in the aerobatics. Aircraft takes off and makes looping in the air. Aircraft rotate in the air. Child looks through binoculars, big, Dopppeldeckerflugzeug turns in the air. Filmed with built-in camera: pilot Gerd Brumm sits upside down on an open plane, display, great. Inverted flight for 15 seconds, rollover and roll to the right. Spinning airplane in the air. Display with rotating pointer, great. Plane turns in the air. German Champion in 1964 is the Munich-based flight instructor Gerhard Pawolka, with a 326 Zlien (30 m, 10:10:55 10:12:00) 8th parachutist Rendsburg: skydivers jump successively out of plane. Free fall from 2000 and 3000 meters. Skydivers pull smoke beam by your feet. Viewers, close. Jump and freefall. Man observed with telescope, close. Parachute: free case and screen opens. Viewers, close. Several parachutists in the air with open umbrellas. Two skydivers, close together. Parachutists land (supervision and soffit), must meet marked cross on floor. Skydiver pulls at the side on the lines and comes on hard (he falls forward), helpers go to landed paratroopers. Spectator with sunglasses, close. Helper measure the distance to the cross on the ground on the ground. Parachutist lands with a cracked screen (bottom view). The American Thelmar Taylor Lands and take the World Championship 1964 viewers, close, photographed a man, a woman looks through binoculars. Thelmar Taylor, half close keeps her parachute in the arms.
(47 m, 10:11:55 10:13:45)



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