Deutschlandspiegel 122/1964 26.11.1964


01 Lübke in Ethiopia a, b, c flying jet fighter. Haile Selassie, half-close. Haile Selassie is Lübke, coming down the stairs. Behind Lübke, Mrs Lübke goes down stairs. Military company, mounted troops. Two girls, close. Slapping colored children and adults on the side of the road. Lübke waving, side/close. Colored man, close. Lübke handed over sword man in uniform, half-close. Walter Scheel in the movies, close/frontal. Black man with sword, close/laterally. Stand with the people. Two uniformed man with sword. Haile Selassie greeting, close. Military parade. Rider rides with raised sword. Lübke, close. Horse rides in addition to marching soldiers. Addis Ababa: Jubilee Palace, shot. Soldier with headgear, light bottom view/close. Lion. Lübke sits down at the table. Haile Selassie sitting at the Conference table, half-close. Lübke, close, in conversation with Walter Scheel. Haile Selassie, close. Walter Scheel sitting next to Lahiri, Haile Selassie with their backs to the camera. (38 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:35) 02 Adenauer in Paris a, b, c Paris: Citroen travels through the Archway on the Elysee Palace. French guards posted Saber. Adenauer waves upon arrival from the steps of the Elysee Palace. Adenauer is entering the building. Reporters from the steps of the Elysees Palace. Adenauer enters Hall next to de Gaulle. In addition to them of Madame de Gaulle and Adenauer daughter RIA. Dome of the "Institut national de France", exterior and Interior. Busts and pictures of famous French. Meeting participants rise, medium. Adenauer goes down stairs, filmed from behind. Participants sitting in the boardroom. With Francois Poncet, close to Adenauer in conversation. Adenauer enters lectern, shot, participant clapping. De Gaulle dive-bombing from behind. Adenauer keeps acceptance speech (German French agreement), o-ton: "This contract besiegelnden the reconciliation between our peoples is the Foundation for collaborative work on our common future." De Gaulle, frontal. Participant clapping, Adenauer bows to listeners.
(32 m, 10:01:30 10:02:40) 03 a, b helicopters of the Federal Bundesgrenzschutz apart. Air consumption: State line along a forest with high seat. Flying helicopter with font "Bundesgrenzschutz", blade is rotating at the rear of the helicopter. Air consumption: industrial plant with smoke rising from the chimneys (total); Shadow of the flying helicopter on border. Helicopter flying over federal border.
(15 m, 10:02:35 10:03:15) 04 zone pensioner Berlin: old woman from the East crossed border accompanied by an officer. Finger presses lever a counting machine, pensioners visit relatives in the West. Woman running on two women and hugged the older woman. Two women embrace weeping. Pointer of a station clock, great. Woman holds flowers in his hand. Hamburg Hbf: train, full platform. Man holding child on her arm. East Germans are on the train and look out the window. People get off the train. Reunion scenes, crying people. People walk on a bridge in concourse.
(29 m, 10:03:05 10:04:15) 05 agriculture 1, Museum & agricultural school a, b four country: ship on the Elbe. Old beautuiful half-timbered House. Log forks, another tribe is located in the fork. Any cat. Open-air museum on the Curslacker Elbe dike: Fisher goes along front of old wood mill. Man goes to old timber-frame house. Facade of the timber-frame house. Rooms with antique furniture and tiles. Cooking, smoked sausage hanging beams of the ceiling. Woman in old costume takes cups of hacking. Two women in traditional costumes while drinking tea with visitors, visitor holds a cat on her lap and caresses it.
Old village with increased road. Greenhouses and flower beds.
Osnabrück: Agricultural school. Trainees in the modern inner courtyard, teachers in the coat demonstrates trainees something outdoors. Trainees are looking through microscopes. Machine Hall: Teacher explains function of agricultural equipment, with practical demonstration to the full Rotary plow, who applies his plough by 180 degrees. Instruction in the classroom, teacher writes on the Board, seated students screen. Science teaching: teacher explains a try. Teacher explains the movement of a horse on a skeleton, demonstration of the living horse.
(56 m, 10:04:10 10:06:10) 06. Agriculture 2, model farm & market hall a, b, c, d, e old country: Stade. Meadow with cows, ship moving in the background. Cruising ship is half obscured by bushes. Stade: channel with old half-timbered houses, church tower behind roofs. Blasting plant watered field. Farmers are sitting on a planter for strawberry plant and continue along on field. Rotating wheels in the ground, hand lay seedlings in the machine, farmer is behind the machine. Tractor pulling planter, wheels and saplings in the field. Mart stacks women harvesting of fruit, woman, Get up boy pendant with many fruit crates. Farmers drive cows on grass. Milker cows in the milking barn. Melker is milking machine on the udder of a cow. Milk flows through pipes. Large tank. Preparation of winter fodder: haylage wanders gehächselt preservation in the Harvestor. Combine harvester in the field. Machine picks up hay and forms from bales that are layered on trailer. Machine discards grains. Removal of the grains in trailers. Straw bales are thrown on treadmill and transported to hay loft. Bauer in his Office on the phone. Women in the kitchen: one stands at the sink (with his back to the camera), the other closes the door of the dishwasher. Curator, farmer switches hay. Machine processed hay to Heuhächsel. Farmer digs Hay on the Assembly line. Farmer distributed food in the cowshed. Cows feeding, close. Buttocks of cows in the barn, running conveyor belt ensures cleanliness in the stable. Current conveyor belts. Car in the yard (supervision). Beet harvesting machines in use.
Hamburg: market halls. Moving vans with vegetable crates on loading area, man behind. Wholesale suppliers and buyers. Curved roof construction spans the market Hall. Stalls, man wearing apron and goes on a bike between the providers. Full vegetable crates (supervision). Man takes notes. Two men in aprons, one holds a small melon in the hand. Man rides a bicycle between the stands. Vegetable crates are removed. Man wearing a vegetable crate. Crates are loaded. Market stalls (supervision). Roof construction, screen-filling.
(106 m, 10:06:05 10:09:55) 07. pan on the - moden a, b Frankfurt am Main: Rhein-Main-airport. Aircraft carrier with a propeller. Rolling Pan-am machine. People sit in small covered wagon and go over the tarmac. Open hatch of the Pan-am machine, boards are laid out, luggage is transported. People get on plane. Photographer holds a camera (Rolleiflex) with Flash in the eye. Mannequins at the gangway and show the winter collection. Mannequins running along the hull of the freighter and show up to an elegant evening dress sporty leisure wardrobe. Journalists sitting at the edge, fuselage is illuminated with lights. Photographer with large-format camera. Strapless evening dress with thin straps. Mannequins in fur coats.
(29 m, 10:09:50 10:10:55) 08 Bettina Lauer photographer shooting from behind filmed. Model is Bettina Lauer. Photographer (from behind). Bettina Lauer wears earrings and considers himself in the mirror, large. Hand scrolls through photos that show Bettina Lauer, in a solution. Bettina Lauer, great. Bettina Lauer when designing clothing in the fashion Studio of her husband, Bettina Lauer takes role of fabric and keeps fabric before the body. Mr Lauer (?) sits smoking on the desk, while Bettina Lauer demonstrating a hooded jacket. Mr Lauer (?), close. Bettina Lauer works hood backwards. Bettina Lauer wears fire suit, opens her hairstyle and shakes her hair. The three-year son Hamed, close. Bettina Lauer lets fur stole from his shoulders, including wearing evening dress. Bettina Lauer wears dress, her son walks towards her, she takes him on the arm. Enrik kissing his mother on the cheek, great.
(41 m, 10:10:50 10:12:20) 09 Hubertus hunting a, b rider climbs on his horse. Hunter blows in the hunting horn. Dogs (Beagle), full-screen. Hunter blow Horn. Horse riding through archway. Horse legs on cobblestone streets, close. Riding with dogs. The master riding ahead. The dogs follow the train, riding behind the rider. Dogs run quickly over the meadow. The riders ride through the terrain. Dogs jump over tree trunks. Riders pass through obstacles with their horses. Spectators are on the edge. Dogs running fence through. Riders and horses surmount obstacles (ZL). Dogs and riders come to front on camera. Dogs run through forest. Riders ride through forest and field. Kid goes in the squat. Steaming horse back to the goal, rider's horse. Hunter blow the "Halali". The dogs throw themselves on the Curé, screen. Hunter holding CAP in hand. Horse riding in the forest, long shot.
(69 m, 10:12:15 10:14:50)


Persons in the Film

Lübke, Heinrich ; Adenauer, Konrad


Ausbildung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Jagd ; Agriculture ; Grenze (Berlin,1961) ; Ehrung ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Monthly Newsreel

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Deutschlandspiegel 122/1964

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Federal Republic of Germany

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