Deutschlandspiegel 123/1964 16.12.1964


01 b Munich: Grünwald Stadium. Munich 1860 - Werder Bremen. Shot on goal for Bremen. Goalkeeper Koutaibi throws himself in vain for the ball (ZL). Viewers shakes his head, big. Goalkeeper Koutaibi leaps for the ball, drops it, and grabs (ZL). Audience holds hands before the face, great. Game scene. Shot on goal for Munich on goalkeeper over 1:1 (ZL). Flags are waved on grandstands. Goalkeeper Koutaibi goes with arms raised before his goal. Grandstand fence before that with many people, screen-filling. Munich fronting gate. Ball rolls goalkeeper over the goal (ZL), 2:1 for Munich. Clapping spectators, screen-filling. Munich striker hits post (ZL). Viewers with Hat, great. Munich striker hot scores a goal (ZL), 3:1 for Munich. Flags are waved in the stands. Bavarian flag, screen-filling.
(39 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:35) 02 Walker in Bonn Bonn: Federal House (long shot). The British Foreign Minister Gordon Walker coming up the stairs and is welcomed by Erhard, half-close. Schröder, great. Erhard, large, in addition to Walker. Gordon Walker, laughing, great. Camera people with cameras. Erhard, Gordon Walker and Schröder next to each other, half-close. Erhard gives Gordon Walker hand, half-close.
(12 m, 10:01:30 10:02:00) 03 parliamentary debate Bonn: Bundestag debate. Chamber with Federal Eagle (total). Gerstenmaier continues, half-close. Sitting deputies, screen-filling. Gerstenmaier when studying the files, close. Erhard with glasses in the study of acts, close. Member of Parliament faces the microphone. Schröder, close. Several members of Parliament, Barzel (?) close, among others. Erhard continues to close his glasses. Gerstenmaier, sideways from behind, close. Schröder, close, stands before a microphone, actuality (explains outlines, the foreign policy of the Federal Government represented by him): "we strive to link Europe and the United States in an Atlantic partnership, and to strengthen the Alliance with the United States. We put all the forces for a successful policy of Germany, leading to the reunification of our motherland." Deputies clapping, shot. Schröder pushes hands of deputies who congratulate him, half-close.
(31 m, 10:01:55 10:03:05) 04. ball in Berlin Berlin: the Deputy US Secretary of State George Ball visited wall, shot. Two men with cowboy hats, close. Ball considered border/wall. Ball, side/close, in the background of publishing houses with font "Union-Verlag". Two people police officers walk along the wall. Ball before refugee grave, shot. American car passes at the Brandenburg Gate. The Quadriga atop the Brandenburg Gate, shot. Poster behind wall. Ball, filmed from the back/bottom. The Quadriga atop the Brandenburg Gate, close.
(14 m, 10:02:55 10:03:35) 05 workers poet hand plays with slide electric guitar. Man goes past workers houses. Winding towers. Man goes along front of Headframe. Tower, great. Industrial plant. Additional legs, half-close. Moving steam locomotive smoke. Additional legs, train, close. Industrial plant, different settings. Train. Book is on the desk entitled "Irrlicht and fire", also full of ashtrays. Horst Roos (from Mannheim, one of 30 West German workers poets "Group 61") smoking, close. Eyes of Horst Roos, detail view. Horst Roos, original sound (he turns to the workers): "every day we have to confront him with the powers, which he must deal with. These include entrepreneurs, include trade unions, are the problems at his place of work." Bruno Leon (member of the "group of 61" comes from the shaft. Kurt Küther hanging lamp, as plaque. Clothing will be lowered on the chain. Kurt Küther Headframe has work in the background. Bruno Leon, near/side. Construction site: Arthur Granitzki on site, he hammers, pulls nails from Board and recorded measurements on board. Additional legs, half-close. Outgoing man with a cigarette in his mouth, close to half tower behind tree branches. Winding towers. Drummer playing the instrument. Headframe. Industrial plant, Headframe, great. Hand playing electric guitar. Railway guide, A lot of smoke. Industrial plant with smoke. Hands play the drums. Winding towers behind tree branches. Industrial plant. (Sound bites of the singing and the music in the background).
(70 m, 10:03:30 10:06:00) 06. Lehmbruckmuseum a, b Duisburg Duisburg: pedestrian crosswalk, in the background happen Park House and department store mercury. Sculpture in front of office complex. Moving tram, in addition to traffic. Modern building. Modern sculpture. In the Kant Park: Museum for the art of the 20th century (Wilhelm-Lehmbruck-Museum), sculpture in the foreground, visitors in the Park. Modern museum with A lot of glass, large terrace with Freiplastiken. Plastic "Nike" by Bernhard Heiliger. Karl Haigh "Takruad", from the years 1959 and a sheet iron work of the Italian artist Lardera. Moving tram, pan to glass, visitors look at sculptures, slight oversight. Visitor with head scarf, great. Sculptures. A Henry Moore bronze. Fins before Windows and sculptures. Partitions divide the space with sculptures. Visitors, both indoors and outdoors. Plastic, great. Laurens-Plastik, in the background two lithographs by Archipenko. Visitors go down stairs. Photo and drawing by Wilhelm Lehmbruck (sculptor). Visitor viewed images. Different images. Visitors considered sculpture. Special construction: With works by Lehmbruck, including "the knees", "The seated young man" from the year 1918 Sonderbau (slight oversight). Sculpture "Young man rising up".
(99 m, 10:03:30 10:06:00) 07 shelter Hamburg Hamburg: family stands on the Alster. Swan sits on the sidewalk in front of busy street in front of Atlantic Hotel. VW bus with font "welfare racing car", employees slamming car door. Two animal rights activists pick up Swan, a hand reaching to the Swan neck, close. Swan is transported in the car. Busy road, in the middle is a dog. Door guards wear dog that is wrapped in a blanket, on the arm. Dog is lifted into the car. Veterinarians: dog gets connected paw. Dog, great. Dog lies in the cage with connected paw, door is locked. Animal shelter (Süderstraße?) with a small pond. Employee's dog on leash in the building with kennels. Man sees through grid. Puppies are close. Puppy, large. Dog is a shower. Wet dog, great. Rabbit hops from feeding dish. Bird of prey flies to another branch in the cage. Coati stuck his nose in pocket of jacket, young man caresses Coati. Monkey moves his mouth quickly. Martens, close, fingers stroking Marten. Woman sees through grid. Dogs behind bars. Woman's face behind bars, great. Two cats, great. Wife takes dog in bag and leaves the building. Squirrel jumps from basket and runs across the meadow.
(40 m, 10:09:25 10:10:50) 08. Winter in the a, b resin resin: snowy mountain landscape, skiers going down slope. Cars parked on the side of the road on the mountain, skiers go up hill. Woman sitting in a moving cable car, skis are upright (soffit), cable car. Mobile gondola with skiers. Snow-covered firs, Sun (taken from errant gondola). Cable of the cable car between snow-covered landscape. Standing skiers (filmed from moving gondola). Shadow the gondola over snow-covered pine forest. Skier. Snowy FIR tips. Skier sunning themselves and against their skis. Skier sitting in chairs. Woman with Hat and sunglasses, half-close. Snowy branches. Boulder with snow-covered landscape, skier in the downhill. Two skiers plunge and fall on my ass. Andrew Berg: People go downhill, houses on the outskirts. Cars are downhill. VW Beetle, rear skis are mounted vertically. Cars crowd. Woman seen in the window of the car, hands tie shoes, great. With winter hat, his ski wake man. Many people wear their skis to a House. Legs on skis, half-close. Skiers stand behind a barrier rope. Woman settles chairlift. People in the chair lift, skiers in the lift and can pull themselves up. Many downhill skiers, including children. Boy falls down (ZL). Two skiers cross its path, one passes to the boards of the other, both fall down (ZL). Snow-covered mountain, in the Valley of houses. Ski lift, in addition to downhill skiers. One crashes several downhill skiers, (supervision). Skier runs into the Valley.
(93 m, 10:10:45 10:14:05)

Persons in the Film

Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Mende, Erich ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen ; Barzel, Rainer Candidus ; Radenkovic', Petar ; Walker, Gordon ; Ball, George Wildman


Harz ; Art ; Policy ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Tiere ; Football ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Monthly Newsreel

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Deutschlandspiegel 123/1964

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Federal Republic of Germany

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