Deutschlandspiegel 124/1965 28.01.1965


01. Korean miners Korean miners in Castrop Rauxel: Headframe with running wheels, great. Korean miners wearing helmets get explanations. The miners in the Gallery of teaching. The miners come up with burning lamps on the pit helmets from the elevator. The miners in the shower. The Koreans at long tables at dinner.
(20 m, 10: 10:00 10:01:00) 02 State visit Korea - President a, b, c airport Cologne/Bonn: Korean and German flag side by side, blow in the wind. Carpet will be unrolled on airfield, in the background building with inscription "Phoenix-Rhine pipe". Erhard, half close beside him Gallo. The Korean President Chung Hee Park enters accompanied by gangway down, half-close. Chung Hee Park and his companion by Federal President Lübke, Erhard and Gerstenmaier. Welcome scene: People are under aircraft carrier. Lübke and Chung Hee Park pace stand. Korean women behind barrier waving Korean flags. Chung Hee Park passes people waving and waving his hat, half-close.
Bonn: Beethoven Hall: reception. Lübke and Chung Hee Park accompanied by stairs go up. Lübke and Chung Hee Park, half-close, following Mrs Lübke and Ms. Park in conversation, half close, followed by Korean guests. Welcome by the diplomatic corps: Baffile (Nuncio) opened the greeting, in the background of Lübke, Chung Hee Park, Ms. Park next to wife Lübke. Lübke, close. Guests are welcomed. Ms. Park, close. Lübke, half-close. Ms. Park, close.
Ruhr: moving tram in the background modern office building. In monitoring, visits heavy industry Park. Factory workers and large steel pipes, writing "137049 Rourkela", Park with explanations. Workers measures something. Machine cuts metal, Park sees on rotating machine. Workers at the loop.
Berlin: Koreans in uniform, sitting in the bus. Bus fahrendem shots from Berlin: Russian monument, Congress Hall, Symphony (?), police escorts on motorcycles drive first, followed by the bus. Bernauer Straße: façade of House with Windows walled-up. Road sign "Potsdamer Platz". Park goes up stairs to the observation deck in the company, shot. On the viewing platform many people. Koreans in uniform, close / soffit. Park with Hat, half-close. Barbed wire. Park, light underside, in the background, photographer camera holds up. The Brandenburg Gate behind the wall.
(77 m, 10:00:50 10:03:40) 03 Berlin City Highway Berlin: map of wall (supervision). Model of the city highway. Construction motorway bridge. Cars on road under bridge. Construction workers on the construction site. Cars drive past houses on bridge (filmed from a moving car). Expressway ring with moving cars, different settings. Cars driving along under bridge, signs "North city ring 2.5 km", "Spandauer Damm 850 metres", "Kaiserdamm 150 m". Driving past at the Berlin Funkturm. Expressway with traffic (supervision).
(46 m, 10:03:30 10:05:15) 04 flight research in d. TU Berlin a, c, d Berlin: Technische Universität (TU). Institute for aircraft construction: Assembly Hall. Scientific assistants in the conduct of trials, finger presses button of a plant man looks through window, employees provides a device, machine measures fluid (?), staff operated lever a machine, people with glasses, close. Plastic material is deformed, two employees see the process flow process is visible, big. Pointer of instruments hit out. Strength test of aluminum alloy. Hand turns a crank, close. Turbine rotates, in the wind channel sound the wings models on their aerodynamic properties to be tested. Staff with headphones, cameraman and Assistant with flowing hair in the wind tunnel and have to hold the camera. Employees wear goggles, air flowing. Plastic grains illustrate currents that occur with built-in hub engines to wings in the water circulation channel. Professor Hertel are explanations of its employees. The principle of vertical developed by him explains Professor Hertel on the model, o-ton: "this hub spotlights are necessary only during takeoff and landing, and they must be collected for the quick flight, that an aircraft for the quick flight there is."
(43 m, 10: 10:05 10:06:45) 05 cityscape Celle Celle: brass bands playing trumpet from the Tower, half-close. Big gloves, finger play trumpet. Half close, brass bands, plays song from his notebook. Gradebook, besides glasses close,. Timber-frame houses make alley steeple (slight lower ceiling), on the edge. Street Sweeper at work. Cars drive through road with many half-timbered houses. Timber-frame houses filmed from a moving car. Sign "Schulze", great. Sign "Hairdresser". Pretzel as a shield.
Weekly market on the fire place (light supervision). Girl goes to the hands of Mrs. Man with flat CAP, glasses and a cigar in his mouth, close. Old woman passes at the vegetable stand. Old man with Hat smoking a cigar. Woman sold eggs. Man invites himself slaughtered pig on its back. Lemons are sold. Man selling cheap bananas, people crowd around him. Old man eats banana, close. Seller will bring two boxes filled with bananas. People crowd around the banana seller. Man cut Apple into two parts. Woman lays eggs in an egg carton. Postman with mail on the arm. Old man smokes a cigar. People go by road, on the edge of market stalls. Parking, cars drive through the city centre. Drupe: Lion.
Town Hall in the Weser Renaissance style, different settings. Old house with many carvings and old font "Built for Simon Happener 1532". Construction: Department store from the 1930s is demolished in the background half-timbered houses. Loading of construction debris. New department store behind ancient facade. Old timber-frame house. Walkers on the water, floating Swan with wings conventional on.
The castle dating back to 1292. lamp, close in the background Castle Tower. Decorated Chapel in the South Tower, with visitors. Wall with figures. Visitors can be located To give explanations. Crucifixion altar (created the flame Marten de Vos in 1569, a pupil of Tintoretto). Actuality of the leader. Decorated walls.
Dusk: Street with half-timbered houses, lamp lights in the background church tower. Brass bands in the evening. Supervision at Celle, lighted showcase, Castle (total). Theatre in the castle: bright chandeliers in the foyer, visitors of the theatre. Visitors smoke. Castle is illuminated from the outside. Road transport: Cars with light. Guests go down stairs to the Ratskeller. Walkers pass old house facade with bright light. City Centre (supervision) with illuminated shop Windows.
(112 m, 10:06:35 10:10:25) 6 football HSV - Munich 1860 Hamburg: HSV flags (medium) waving audience on the sports field. Game scenes on the snow-covered field (long shot). Shot on goal of the HSV in the 6th minute (ZL) 1:0 Koutaibi throws himself in vain in the corner of the gate. Laughing, flag-pivoting spectators, half-close. HSV Defender shoots own goal (medium). Old man as a spectator with a disappointed face, great. Sairi holds ball (ZL). Viewers tried to warm his hands, by blowing on them. Game scene, Uwe Seeler beheads ball a (ZL). HSV WINS with 3:2 (27 m, 10:10:15 10:11:20) 07 figure skating a, b small girl at the ice skating. Bavarian and German masters, different settings of their freestyle were pair skating Sonja Pfersdorf and Günter Matzdorf.
(25 m, 10:11:15 10:12:10) 08 women's ski Oberstaufen in Oberstaufen in the Bavarian Allgäu: snow-covered houses and cars. Guest House sign with ornate lion. Falling snow, in the background of snow-covered houses. Women's slalom: Christine Goitschel of France leaves slalom and is 7. Several runners. Therese Obrecht (No. (4) from the Switzerland runs the fastest race. The German runner Heidi Schmid Biebl from Oberstaufen. Therese Obrecht is congratulated as winner with kisses.
(31 m, 10:12:05 10:13:15) 09 new year's event Oberstdorf, Oberstdorf: 13. International four hills tournament. Tip of the ski stands about Hill, ski jumper embarks on ramp and jumps down, phase of flight. Ski jumper into the air, sideways and lands safely on the feet. Bounce and safe landing. Ski jumper facing stairs of the jump. Bounce, wife is up and on the phone. Ski jumper who jumps out and lands safely. The 23 year old Norwegian Torgeir Brandzäg when the on ramp, cameraman for filming. Second round: Torgeir Brandzäg slows down during the flight, landing and he. Photographers. Torgeir Brandzäg congratulations.
(31 m, 10:13:10 10:14:25) 10 pan at the Indian Chief in Hamburg a, b warning: does not exist!
(31 m)


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Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen ; Park, Chung Hee ; Bafile, Corrado ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


Eiskunstlauf ; Skispringen ; Celle ; Bergarbeiter ; Stadtautobahn ; Zeche ; Schwerindustrie ; Technische Universität (TU) Berlin ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Football ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 124/1965

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