Deutschlandspiegel 127/1965 29.04.1965


01 Lighthouse "Roter Sand" a, b, c, d North Sea Shoal "Roter sand" in the background ship. Standing Lighthouse "Alte Weser" in the sea. Seafaring, ship is bucket on a rope pulled up and parked in the hatch of the lighthouse. Ship close to the lighthouse (soffit). Crew will be replaced, employees are drawn into the basket in lighthouse. Stairs, stairs of grid, person staircase goes up. Man stands at the railing and sees on a passing ship. Lighthouse, shot. Staff at the tea drink. Man smoking cigarette, frontal. Employee drinking from Cup, tall/side. Two men preparing food in the kitchen. Hands drop cauliflower. Man sets cabinets with dishes cauliflower in pan, next to him. Room with sink and mirror sweeps out locked doors, man. Man's bed. Lighthouse with radar facility on roof. Engine room (?). Control room with spiral stairs, man is going to spiral staircase. Man looks through binoculars. Lighthouse in the North Sea with ships, total. Control (supervision) employee sit down. Beacon, close, light pulses. Staff on the phone and makes half close, notes. Light source with slat panels that open and close, light pulses.
(61 m, 10: 10:00 10:02:25) 02 Simplicissimus a, b, c weekly satirical magazine "Simplicissimus" is printed. Dog wood, close. Editorial: Consult artist, title pages on the wall hanging in the background. Artist begins to draw. Hand making large brush strokes. Artist when creating a caricature. Different covers. Adenauer as caricature. "Simplicissimus" will be added. Drawing shows Werner Heisenberg. Editors and artist talk. Different drawings hang on the wall. Editors in the discussion. Cartoons, several bound "Simplicissimus ' expenditures are superimposed, the primary copy is taken away. Different drawings. Employee on the phone and hit book. Printer roller spinning. Printed large sheets come out of printer.
(62 m, 10:02:20 10:04:35) 03 exhaust heavy road traffic. Emissions are measured, measuring tube, great. Lübeck: Factory, which has developed gas testing equipment. Factory workers operate machines, tube turns quickly. Worker operated gas Tester, close. Device is held in exhaust, great. Meter turns. Cars are in a traffic jam. Fumes coming from muffler, is pressed with a bellows pump a certain amount of gas through a reactive substance that displays the content of carbon monoxide by the degree of discoloration. Transport regulates traffic COP, half close, cars drive past him. Traffic COP is leaving his post. Pedestrian, with child by the hand, pass road. Doctor Prof. Effenberger points out dangers, o-ton: "the children are particularly at risk in road traffic. This stems from the fact that they breathe their air from a level in which the exhaust gases are relatively undiluted. Therefore the co concentration must be also in this level higher, than in the level of adult people." Intermediate cuts: Child is sitting in the stroller; Exhaust gases; Woman pushes pram, goes next to her child; Stroller is pushed.
Konstanz: Border crossing, customs officer checked Paß. Exhaust gases come from exhaust, great. Handkerchief is held prior to exhaust. A scooter exhaust. Big pipe of the Exhaustors, moving traffic.
(50 m, 10:04:25 10:06:20) 04 old town halls a, b Cologne: Cologne Cathedral, frontal. Modern building, in the background of Cologne Cathedral. New Town Hall with forecourt. Finger presses elevator button "Cellar", close. Elevator goes down, opens the elevator door, man leaves elevator. Foundation walls of the old Roman Praetoriums consider underground Museum from the Roman era, visitors.
Michel City/South of Frankfurt: Town Hall dates from the year 1484 wooden beams and timber-framed façade.
Einbeck, Lower Saxony: House facade with timber-frame, swivel to the Town Hall built in 1550. Panoramic view from peak towers of the roof window. Facade, entrance.
Bremen: Man photographed. "Roland" monument in the background facade of the Town Hall of Bremen. Facade of the Town Hall, many pedestrians on space being total. Pedestrians look up. Facade with Renaissance Windows. Visitors enter a large hall (supervision). Ships and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Young man photographed. Town Hall facade, swivel to the Church.
Lübeck: City Hall (founding dates to the 13th century), Gothic architecture, different settings. Market square in front of City Hall (supervision).
Lüneburg: Space "on the sand", total. Lüneburg market square on market day by the Town Hall (supervisory). Big town hall. Side City Hall, filmed through the open gate. Image carvings by Albert von Soest at the Town Hall. Hot-air heating in the Hall, hand lifts the lid off the ground, close. Carvings and Town Hall. Visitors in Town Hall rooms. Additional legs, carvings and paintings.
(72 m, 10:06:10 10:08:50) 05. Europa - Center West Berlin: Europacenter Mercedes star on the roof, flight over Berlin (filmed from the cockpit). Europa Center (underside). Decorated balcony opening. Many people in the courtyard, as well as on balconies at opening. Speakers before microphones, close. Many people decorated balconies. Balloons are being held. Memorial Church, normal vision and filmed by bridge. Europa Center (underside). Pedestrian walk on the balcony. Pedestrians are reflected in the window. Stairwell, window. Courtyard with flower pots. Tulips in flower boxes. Europe Center, medium and lower ceiling. Europe Center with Mercedes star on the roof, as well as banners on the facade. Flight over Berlin, filmed from the cockpit: Memorial Church with Europe Center.
(43 m, 10:08:45 10:10:20) 06. Hilton Gallery West Berlin: Hilton Colonnade with Gallery, pedestrians look in the window. Exhibition poster "Dorothea Konwiarz", Dorothea Konwiarz stands showcase in the shop, in the foreground, hand opens the door. Visitors viewed images in Gallery. Dorothea Konwiarz shows their painting technique. Old woman considered by Lupe caption "Psychometrisches Observatory (pen and ink watercolor 92 x 118 cm)". Image. Dorothea Konwiarz, close to the technique explained visitors. Visitors look at pictures, different pictures.
(41 m, 10:10:10 10:11:45) 7 Arts tournament Hanover: art artistic gymnastics Championships. Turner jumps over boxes (ZL). Turner when wagering on horse (ZL). Bottom Turner. Helmut Baum, Oppau, rings. Günther Lyhs turns on the parallel bars (ZL). Willi Jaschek turns on the pommel horse (ZL), evidenced here 3rd place, jump off the horse. Helmut Baum, Oppau, turns on the horizontal bar, partly ZL, he overall 3 Willy Jaschek on the horizontal bar, partly in ZL, he is 2nd (secures the German Champion in the Olympic battle of twelve).
(46 m, 10:11:40 10:13:20) 08 weightlifting Fellbach, Germany/Baden-Württemberg: 53. German Championships of the weight lifters. Hands rub up with chalk. Weight is placed on the bar. Weightlifter breathes deeply and close. Weight is fastened. Kornprobst from Nuremberg, Middleweight, tackle 400 kg, he is German Champion, close. Weight lifting tackle, dropping weight. The Brunswick Peter Cruse, Middleweight, when chipping, he is 3rd Weight lifter lifts and drops right back. In the Feather weight, there is a new best performance with 337.5 kg, Dieter Rauscher levers from Kassel and wins the Championship title. Clapping audience at tables seated. The Mainz Eduard Schuster levers Schuster, large German record (about 3 hundredweight).
(28 m, 10:13:10 10:14:25)


weight lifting ; Nordsee ; Rathaus ; Kunstturnen ; Zeitung ; Berlin, auch Westberlin ; Leuchtturm ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Straßenverkehr (Kraftverkehr) ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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