Deutschlandspiegel 129/1965 24.06.1965


1 Queen in Berlin and Hamburg a, b West Berlin: Elizabeth go down stairs behind her Philip. Troop presents. Greeting the Queen by Willy Brandt, medium. Elizabeth walks out front of the stand, medium. Lowered British flag. Cars with guests by Berliner Straße, population cheers on the edge (supervision). Cheering crowds waving flags, screen. Motorcade travels by road, on the edge of many people, cruise past on Memorial Church are. The wagon train, front of Brandenburg Gate. Sign "caution! You are now leaving Berlin", Quadriga, great. Wagon train is in motion. Man sitting with sunglasses and hat TV under parasol, before him. Elbowing people. People hold back police line, Elizabeth goes between Brandt and Erhard, shot. Viewers. On the grandstand before the Schöneberger waving Elizabeth Hall, shot, children with flags on the John F. Kennedy Platz. Brandt, Elizabeth and Erhard from behind, close to half. Elizabeth beckoning, half-close. Crowd, screen-filling. Elizabeth holds speech before microphones, half close, original sound. Foreign Minister Schröder stands behind her. Elizabeth, English interview (the beginning is superimposed by the narration): "I hope this one will be symbolic of a new chapter of understanding and co-operation between our 2 countries within the wider association of the free and equal nations of Europe." Crowds, flags on tall masts. Elizabeth in addition to Brandt on grandstand (from behind), waving crowd. Crowd prior to the Schöneberg Town Hall (supervision).
Hamburg: aerial view of the port with the Royal yacht Britannia, swing to the Centre with Michel. Senate launch at harbour cruise. Fireboats with fountains. Riding past on ship, beckoning people aboard. That took sailors on the deck of a destroyer. Elizabeth goes on carpet, shot. Close to hand of an officer on the Sabre. Elizabeth adopted Nevermann (?). Sailors stand at the railing. , Behind her Philip go Elizabeth gangway aboard the Britannia. Sailors stand at the railing. Elizabeth beckons from bridge, in addition to their Philip, half close, they go in a row on board. Port, shot. Waving British flag in the wind. Ship lamps pass before Michel at the exit. Elizabeth and Philip (both in evening dress) wave of the railing, shot. Wilhelmine Lübke, in addition to Lahiri are available on bridge, shot. Exit the illuminated Britannia. Waving flags on the ship on three tall masts. Beckoning people on the shore. Ride the illuminated fleet on the river Elbe (supervisory/normal view).
(81 m, 10: 10:00 10:03:05) 02. Erhard in United States New York: Columbia University, shot. Erhard with doctor hat and robe, going close to half in the company. Cameramen filming, half-close. Erhard is congratulated. Train from scientists with doctor hat and robe. Erhard at the ceremony of the honorary doctorate of the faculty, half-close/side. Cameramen, going backwards. Erhard goes next to Johnson, half close, accompanied by.
(19 m, 10:03:00 10:03:45) 03. Bollmann - graphics cards: cityscape of Manhattan, filling the screen. The Brunswick graphic artist Hermann Bollmann when making a plastic image map. Different cards. Employees sitting at their desks. Hangar: Men push out propeller machine according to. Camera is mounted on the plane. Swivel camera is mounted to the car roof. Wheel rotates slowly, camera turns. Man behind the wheel and drive through town. Volkswagen Beetle camera moves through town, on the roof. Propeller aircraft takes off. Air consumption: From Brunswick, pilot, big. Air consumption: coal market. Camera on car roof is timber-framed houses. Drawing of the coal market, full-screen. Aerial and ground absorption: St. Catherine's Church. Drawing of the St. Catherine's Church. Air consumption: St. Ägidien Church. Drawing of the St. Ägidien Church. Aerial photography and ground shooting: Town Hall. Staff at reader, shot, hand distinguished according to template, great. Staff at the reader. Inclusion in the reader. Hand rotates to coil, large. Recording is turned on. Drawing. Hand draws with pencil, big city. Map is clamped in reproduction device, reduced on size and projected on photo film. Machine developed films, hands slide card, device, machine provides map with color. Draughtsman at desks. Man seen with magnifying glass map, half close. Magnifying glass to enlarge map.
(94 m, 10:03:40 10:07:00) 04 Cologne Kolping meeting: 3rd International Kolpingtag. Bell in the Bell Tower. Meeting participants. The Kolping monument. Archbishop Cardinal Frings, close, o-ton: "Kolping was no easy man, but a man with a rough Bowl." Hall with participants, medium. Man with glasses, big. Audience, great. Cardinal Frings, close. Flag waving, playing Chapel. Listeners, shot. In the background of the meeting place of the Cologne Cathedral. Grandstand with clergy, shot. Spiritual while praying, half-close. Among the listeners of Josef Klaus, half-close. Listeners sing long shot. Photographer is slightly elevated and photographed. On the grandstand Lübke in addition to Klaus, singing visitors, screen-filling. Klaus and Lahiri are on the hands. Listeners, screen-filling, touch on the hands. Lübke and Klaus, taken on the hands. Listeners respect, screen-filling hands. Onslaught of the flag carrier.
(36 m, 10:06:55 10:08:15) 05. sanctuary for horses of a, b, c, d of Lüneburg: Equestrian car driving before. Farm Sanctuary in Lüneburg as a dilapidated barn and after renovation. Sign "grace Court Lüneburg < home for old horses > Förderkreis Lüneburg Hare Castle". Small mould is done from Dolly. Ass in a box. Horses run out of car. Donkey running at Halter. Horse running in the box. Horse head overlooks about box. Rudolf Kertscher from the animal protection society of Hamburg, apart from in the mold on the Halter, o-ton: "Farm Sanctuary in Lüneburg is the second of its kind, old horses may experience their charity and have to go not to the horse slaughter. We hope, and I hope in particular that many such sites are created here in the Federal Republic." Intermediate cuts: Mould on the pasture. Horse's mouth, great. Head of a donkey, large. Ass stretches out of box head towards people. Horse head box.
(30 m, 10:08:10 10:09:20) 06 Taunusschule a, b, c, d Taunus: pan across a landscape. King stone (in the vicinity of Frankfurt), supervision. Castle ruins in the foreground half-timbered House. Modern gymnasium, facade and shot. Sport facilities: Young people playing handball. Students walk speed. Showcases in the hallway. Chemistry Laboratory: High school carries out experiments. Biology teaching: Students see through microscopes. Student uses camera to microscope and photographed by remote control. Photos with insects. Lessons in the classroom: teacher sits forward on table, students hear in the to. Latin teacher leads after school cooking classes in teaching kitchen: teacher tried pasta from pot. Students prepare the food in teaching kitchen. Onion is processed with chopping knife into small cubes, big. Students in meat sauce tried out of pan with wooden spoon. Students at the lunch. Physics interest group: Sekundaner for testing. Students build electronic brain that can solve complex computations. Small lamps nah. Wire is soldered, close. Factory class: Students handle metal. Wooden puppet, great. Students with puppets and the tinkering of the puppet. Students moving puppet and is reflected in the mirror. Puppet plays violin, close. Student moving puppet. Students ' Studio: behind Blackboard puppet theatre plays, students watch. End of the puppet student, close. Puppet, great. Sextaner inking out provided that the memory after. Large image. Sports Hall: Students jump over the box, beat wheel, swing sideways over bars. Teacher provides assistance, students cling to ankles and do a somersault together. Teacher, great. Boys get up from the floor, students in the trampoline competition and subsequent role forward, teacher gives assistance. Students dance in the circle, holding hands. Student beats tambourine at the playing together, teacher. Schoolgirl plays drum, students playing saxophone and flute, girl dancing to.
(108 m, 10:09:10 10:13:05) 07 powerboat racing, c Traben-Trarbach: for the 7th time world powerboat racing championship. Driving racing boats on the Moselle river at Traben-Trarbach, supervision. Dragon flight. Men wear outboard motor, woman dressing wheel of the boat from the inside. Engine. Speedboat driver strikes down his helmet visor. Starter is launching pad next to timer clock. Speedboats go from front to back in the picture, agitated water. Boats at the turn. Speedboat driver, half-close. Spectator bites into Apple, close. Stagnant failed boat on the river. Exit Peter Frisch, Austria, with the boat, no. 108. lowers official flag of the later winner. Peter Frisch sits in the boat and takes off the helmet. Peter Frisch is thrown after the victory in the water. He swims back to the shore. Spectators on sun loungers. Peter Frisch with wreath in the boat next to the wine Queen. Athletes with life jacket in the water.
(40 m, 10:13:00 10:14:35)

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Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Windsor, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Johnson, Lyndon B. ; Prinz, Philip ; Klaus, Josef


Motorbootsport ; Kirchentreffen ; Gnadenhof für Tiere ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Schule ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 129/1965

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Federal Republic of Germany

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