Deutschlandspiegel 138/1966 21.03.1966


1st Hall - Athletics-Dortmund Westfalenhalle: Hall competitions of European athletes. Pole vaulter, ZL. the men's 60 m hurdles: start from behind, running, sideways. Eddy Ottoz, Italy WINS with 7.7 seconds. Shot put women: Tamara Press from Russia, ball hits 17 m far, ZL, is she 2. Margitta Gummel, East Germany/Leipzig, ball hits 17 m 30 and WINS, ZL. Flight of the ball and landing. Starter is launching pad. 3000 m race of men: duel between Siegfried Herrmann, DDR/Erfurt, and Harald Norpoth from Münster. Among the spectators of Chancellor Erhard, big. Hermann overtaken Norpoth. Viewer, screen-filling. Norpoth attaches to the final sprint and overtaken Hermann. Norpoth WINS with 7: 56.0 minutes. Long jump women: Tatjana Schtschelkanova jumps Hall record 6.73 m (ZL). Tatjana Schtschelkanova, close. Long jump men: Igor ter-Owanesian (Russia) best jump 8.23 m. clapping spectators. Erhard congratulated Igor ter-Owanesian, half-close. Minister Mikat congratulates Tatjana Schtschelkanova, shot. Mikat, Igor ter-Owanesian, Erhard and Tatjana Schtschelkanova stand side by side, half-close.
(49 m)
(10: 10:00 10:02:00) 02 German development service in the vicinity of Frankfurt am Main: people walking in the background small town. Trainees go for a walk. Castle Wächtersbach (training centre of the German development service), shot. Trainees in the stairwell. Typewriter-written names and countries, large. Wooden figurines, close. Teaching: Trainees sit in the classroom, teacher stands in front of them. Teacher teaches languages, trainee responds. Small group teaching lecturer, close and shot. Thai typeface: German language, next to it stands the translation. Trainees when writing the Thai characters, teacher from Bangkok paints characters on the Blackboard. Hand writes in ring binder Thai. Lecturer speaks first on German to their class, then Thai, students respond to Thai. Exercises in the language laboratory. Table is covered. Trainees sit at tables and eat. A guitar hangs two men in her room, on the wall. Man opens window, look in the garden.
(70 m)
(10:01:55 10:04:25) 03 Lübke in Madagascar and Cameroon has b, Madagascar: Lübke rides in an open car, waving. Spectators waving flags from the edge. Lübke waving from car with hood, sitting, half-close. Spectators under umbrellas, screen-filling. Lahiri at the table sitting at the diner. Children's Hospital: Nurse is baby, Wilhelmine Lübke visited hospital, half-close. Lübke is waving, shot.
Cameroon: Black in the construction of the straw roof of the Town Hall. Support the roof together highly, while others sing and play music. Drummers drumming. Black, close. Lübke sitting on bleachers, half-close. Black dance and play music. Lahiri on the grandstand in conversation, half-close.
Garoua: horse show of the chiefs at a Phantasia.
(42 m)
(10:04:20 10:05:55) 04. Lübke in Togo a, b Lomé: waving and clapping children stand on the rim. Heinrich Lübke sits in an open car, accompanied by police officers on motorcycles, ride to the Presidential Palace. Two car drive beforehand. Beckoning people to freuende are on the side of the road. Black flag in the hand holds and burn something, smoke. Head of State and Grunitzky head of Government, large, are great reception standing Lübke in addition to Grunitzky, members of the Cabinet, Parliament, Church dignitaries and tribal chiefs are presented.
Port of Lomé: Federal Minister for economic cooperation Scheel, close, about the expansion of the port. Mountain is blown up. Construction: large boulders are removed, wagon wheels with chains, stone blocks are transported to the sea, Get up Mole, medium sized crane. Supervision on Harbour construction site. Crane lifts away boulders. Black crane operator, great. Rock is dropped into the sea.
(33 m)
(10:05:45 10:07:00) 05. Lübke in Mali Bamako: Lübke in welcome to airfield. Blacks are on the side of the road. Lübke waving President Keita out of moving car, next to him. Black, close. Lübke welcomes colored children. Wilhelmine Lübke dances with two other women. Keita, close. Wilhelmine Lübke, close, dancing. Keita talks with Lübke, half-close.
(16 m)
(10:06:55 10:07:35) 6th World Press Photo Hamburg: the visitors of the exhibition in the foyer of the Axel-Springer-Haus (supervisory). Close to visitors. Photo "Flight to safety" (woman with four children) photographed by Sawada of Japan. Photos: "man ventilated baby", "Soldier on the machine gun". Close to visitors. Photos hang on the walls. Photos: "fencing with a small boy", "Little girls in ballet classes", visitors from wall, photos: "Freckle face of a boy", "Two elephants rise in freight wagons", "A horse passes under fence", "Man running a small boy on bike and drags pram behind".
(23 m)
(10:07:30 10:08:25) 07. City Portrait Einbeck a, b Einbeck: Facades of old timber-frame houses. Stone figure, old houses in the background. Church, elaborate carvings on timber-frame houses. Font Panel "Wilhelm Sertürner" (pharmacists, discoverer of morphine). Bust, which shows Sertürner, great. Narrow street in the background church tower. Studio: Staff design wallpaper. Craftsmen at creating pressure rollers. Rotating platen. Wallpaper is running over rollers and hangs from the ceiling in long strips. Entrance of a hotel in the background church tower. Kleinwanzlebener Saatzucht company: greenhouses, shot. Greenhouse from the inside with sugar beet seeds. Technicians examine young plants with tweezers and take sample, fill them in test tubes. Microscope slide plate, close. Microscope, that's great. Image under the microscope, big. Technician looks through microscope, half-close. Modern building with plants in the corridor. Old timber-frame houses, parked cars on the roadside. Carpet weaving: Workers in the manufacture of carpets. Thread running the length of the coil. Production operations: Threads converge in machines.
(76 m)
(10:08:15 10:11:00) 08 Europe - missile ceremony/Lüneburg Heath: 3 rocket stage of Europe 1 on the test bench. Hand-written formula. Mrs. dictated into the microphone, tape is running. Employee's cable into the connector Assembly. Drafting table stands. Experiment with the automatic control controller, machine reflects values as curves on paper. Employee sitting in front of switching Tower. Finger flip switch. Run of one of the engines At night. Large doors open. Employees working on rocket, workers in protective clothing is available in shower. Employees wearing helmet and speaks into the microphone. Fueling of the rocket. Staff in the control room, see through window. Rocket fires, staff wears headphones and sitting in the control room. Rocket ignition, employees wearing headphones, close. Rocket, half-close.
(39 m)
(10:10:55 10:12:20) 09 bleating pasture Hamburg Hamburg: people are on the edge of the Park. Waiting people, car. Clock, large: pointer show two o'clock. Man stands, people crowd around him, one holding up a camera. Several speakers, laughing audience, close. People tightly packed in the Park. : Several speakers sound bites "who have shown us the old democracies, what is democracy, we have been guilty of this democracy until today still Very much A lot. You have to Let me see, how it looks like from up here." People throng, screen. Close listeners. Speakers read from the sheet, o-ton: "Is not enough, not enough criticize.", behind in the photographer with a telephoto lens. Speakers with Berlin dialect, o-ton: "dat am I so young and dat ick sometimes berlinere, dat is because riders Bolle was ick ick formerly -." Laughter. Speaker, close, o-ton: "so we can listen to twenty times that." And how it looks now in Blankenese in the silent Ameno?" Speakers, close from behind. Photographer photographed by a ladder. Photographer adjusts his telephoto lens and while tweaks to an eye. Speakers, close. Speaker, author, laughing audience close behind him. Speaker speaks Hamburgisch, o-ton: "I go today would rather make a small break, and get away with probation. A driver, who needs smell just once, a glass of beer, man driving, suspended, oh has a flag", different audience. Speakers with Hat and cigarette in hand, o-ton: "I appeal to the youth, that she stands up, when she sit in the tram. An old mother comes in, they're tagged squirting. "that takes short hat from his head. Speakers, close, o-ton: "I have seen already old ladies, who have been sitting on newspapers, which have throw it away afterwards in the Park in between the flowers. I ask you, is it a role model for the youth?" Listen to the old woman, close. Watch, great. Smoking man, great. Pedestrian walk at traffic lights.
(65 m)
(10:12:15 10:14:40)


Persons in the Film

Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Scheel, Walter ; Norpoth, Harald ; Gummel, Margitta ; Grunitzky, Nicolas ; Keita, Modibo ; Tsiranana, Philibert ; Herrmann, Siegfried ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


development aid ; Internationale Presse-Foto-Ausstellung ; Einbeck ; Forschungsrakete ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Africa ; Hamburg, BRD ; State visit ; Leichtathletik ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 138/1966

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