Deutschlandspiegel 139/1966 28.04.1966


01 halls - Schwimmeisterschaften, Dortmund Dortmund: start of men (sides), crawl, turn of the (supervisory). Firing at spectators, close. Crawl (supervision). Gerhard Hetz won with 55.7 seconds. Woman stops time, close. Hate rising from water, close. Kick-off. 100 m Dolphin of women: start, half close, side. Dolphin swim (supervision). Heike Hustede leads on track 4. Turn. Heike Hustede displays as 1 (the Osnabrückerin is with 1: 09,4 again German Champion). Viewers rise, half-close/side. Heike Hustede receives medal at award ceremony. Starting shot is fired. Start jump of men (supervision). 100 m Dolphin style: Werner Friday and Hans lamp are in the lead. Turn. Firing at spectators, close. Werner Friday, from Bremerhaven, goes into the lead and WINS with 60 seconds, Friday after attack, great.
(37 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:35) 02. Hannover Messe a, b Hanover: Horse Monument, half-close. Industrial Exhibition: exhibition grounds (supervision). Densely parked parking, screen-filling. Hall with booths and visitors and oversight. Close to visitors. Exhibition stands with company name "Bauer", "Siemens". Errant backhoe, on the side. Vehicle moves up the ramp.
(47 m)
(10:01:30 10:02:10) 03 City Portrait, Hannover and Kestner-Museum Hannover: cityscape (supervision). Pedestrian pass tramway tracks (supervision). Any pedestrian, half-close. Moving cars. Street Café: People sitting at tables on the sidewalk, waiter with tray. Man drinks beer glass, half-close. Woman with a ponytail, from behind filmed. Road crossing with traffic and crosswalk (supervision). Pedestrian on sidewalk (supervision). Places all over the world are listed on the sidewalk and the respective distance there. The old town hall with the Lake in the foreground. Swivel to the Maschsee (supervision). Swans and ducks swimming on the lake Maschsee. Swan ashore, cleans his feathers. Old house facade, old timber-frame houses. Fountain. Old timber-frame houses in the background church tower. Verschnörkelte Tower plaque on House in the background. Modern building with plastic facade. Stone figure spans. Pedestrian zone with plastic in the foreground. Stone figure, side/close. Plastic in the background moving tram. Well, people sit on the edge. Fountain with chairs, supervision. Great place in the background modern building. Facade of the "Kestner"-Museum, on the side. Car traffic. Vases in the window. Cut glass. Various glass jars and glasses. Exhibition space with visitors. Stone figures, close. Visitors look at "Herakles with a lion" - an attic neck amphora - two and a half thousand years old. Visitors look at objects in the exhibition room, shot. Limestone relief from the tomb of a priest, close. A medieval reliquary of head from the Fischbeck monastery. Exhibition space with visitors, shot. From Lüne Abbey Hungertücher, close.
(38 m)
(10:01:55 10:04:55) 04 German peace note Bonn: Government building (supervision). Erhard at the lectern, shot. Deputies in the Hall, full-screen. Members of Parliament, half-close. Erhard, half close, o-ton: "1 the Federal Government reaffirms its determination to strive for the reunification of Germany, only with peaceful means. 2. the idea of a new war that would destroy whole countries, peoples and continents, the German people is unbearable. "It will therefore in his forces do everything to help ensure that such a disaster never happens." People behind barrier, shot.
(28 m)
(10:04:50 10:05:45) 05. Treaty of Paris flashback 1954: coordination of the French National Assembly, shot. Signatures are done.
(16 m)
(10:05:35 10:06:05) 06 NATO sovereignty may 1955 (Federal Republic regains its sovereignty): signatures be made among others by Adenauer, half-close.
(8 m)
(10:05:55 10:06:15) 07. France-Treaty Paris: Palais Chaillot. Meeting of the NATO Council of Ministers decides recording the Federal Republic as a 15.Mitgliedstaat of NATO. Dulles, McMillan, Spaak, Adenauer, half-close. Photographers run stairs upwards. Adenauer and de Gaulle at contract signing. Foreign Minister Schröder, side/half-close. Adenauer and de Gaulle embrace as a sign of reconciliation.
(7 m)
(10:06:10 10:06:40) 08 Moskau Moskau: passing by motorcade outside the Kremlin. The end of film cameramen from behind, in the background of the Kremlin. Meeting room in the Spiridonowkapalast: Conference table Adenauer, Brentano (?), Hallstein, Kiesinger from the Russian delegation. The Kremlin, shot. German and Russian flag blowing of the Sovetskaya hotel by a wall. Kiesinger, Adenauer, Carlo Schmid, Karl Arnold entered the hotel. Shot.
(18 m)
(10:06:35 10:07:20) 09 Bundestag Bonn: Erhard, half close, o-ton: "The Federal Government reviewed with emphasis its opinion can resolve even the most difficult problems between Nations in a peaceful and fair way." Pan across the Chamber, shot.
(3 m)
(10:07:10 10:07:40) 10. Weihenstephan - Weihenstephan brewery: old woman with headscarf and shopping bag. Market, in the background stone base. Cars Church Street, in the background. Weihenstephan, long shot, swivel to the brewery of Weihenstephan (Benedictine monastery). Facade and lettering over the entrance of "Technical University of Munich. Branch Weihenstephan"(Brewery College Munich). Modern laboratory with staff and students. Student fills liquid in a test tube, half-close. Beer is filled from bottle in glass jar, sample is taken. Lab test: Employees viewed glass jar, is bubbling liquid. Liquid is poured through filter. Liquid is stirred by machine. In the the Institute of technology I: boilers, small brewhouse Malze are tested. Thermometer, large. State brewery: large boiler. In the Sud-House: is the malt with water in Bowl and Pan "is Katerina". Beer boiler adds hops. Thermometer displays 100 ° C. Boiling liquid, close. Fermenting cellar: Employees with shovel, large tanks, in which wort is cooled and fermented at low temperature with yeast. Thermometer climbs in the wort, great. Camp basement: cellar master sampling, medium and close. Hand lifts with beer, big glass. Man rolling beer barrel and closing machine. Hall: bottling (supervision). Bottles are transported further on tape, different settings. Several bottles are raised by machine and packaged in wooden crates.
(87 m)
(10:07:35 10:10:40) 11 Hamburg Ballet School Isabella Vernici Hamburg: Tanzschülerinnen training pole. Dance step, big feet. Isabella Vernici, great, gives orders, shot. Faces of young dancers, great. Veglia is a Hungarian Dance. Isabella Vernici during lessons, dancing legs in boots. Isabella Vernici classes with smaller pupils. Children at the Barre. Girl has blown up her cheeks, big. Isabella Vernici gives instructions (original sound), half-close. The children turn and run on the dance teacher.
(63 m)
(10:10:35 10:12:50) 12 football Munich 1860 Hamburg: viewers swivel HSV flags, screen. Playback. Goalkeeper Horst Schnoor ball (ZL), spectators, keeps close. Schnoor missed ball, flying post and is directed by its own defenders Dieckmann in the gate (ZL). Young viewers with both hands in front of your face, close. Dieckmann is sitting on grass and blows his ball, Schnoor ball shoots out of gate (ZL). Charly Dörfel plays ball. Kurbjuhn shoots up to the 1:1 laughing audience claps, close. Uwe Seeler shoots on goal, it misses (ZL). Angry viewers, close. Uwe Seeler makes header on goal, goalie keeps (ZL). Viewers with a distorted face, close. Uwe Seeler makes header, goalie keeps (ZL). Viewer scream, half-close. Bayern play ball suddenly and shoot 2:1 (ZL) by Bankole.
(46 m)
(10:12:45 10:14:30)

Persons in the Film

Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Hallstein, Walter ; Seeler, Uwe ; Spaak, Paul-Henri ; Brentano, Heinrich von ; Schmid, Karl Johann Martin Heinrich ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg ; Hustede, Heike ; Lampe, Hans ; Hetz, Gerhard ; Freitag, Werner ; Schnoor, Horst ; Dieckmann, Holger ; Kurbjuhn, Jürgen ; Dörfel, Gert ; Dulles, John Foster ; Gaulle, Charles de ; Adenauer, Konrad


NATO ; Hannover-Messe ; Policy ; Brauerei ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ballett ; Football ; Schwimmsport ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 139/1966

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