Deutschlandspiegel 144/1966 29.09.1966


01 rowing and Ratzeburg Maschsee in Hanover: Rowers carry boat on the shoulder. Rowers prepare the hull of the boat. Man looks through binoculars. Preparation for the German Championship on the Maschsee: different settings of rowers on the Lake. In the a row 1st coxed defending champion and European champion Jochen Meisner on railway: the rowing community of Hanover WINS by a clear margin.
Ratzeburg: Swan Lake. Pan of Ratzeburg. Street in Ratzeburg. Walkers on the shore of the Lake. Cityscapes: including Cathedral, mosaic, various settings of the Cathedral (also, interiors), altar with figures, pedestrians go across Street. Kitchen Lake: Rowers climb boat. Director of the German rowing Academy Carl Adam (secondary school teacher of mathematics and physics) with CAP, close. Carl Adam stops the time. "Ratzeburg aft" on the Lake. Waterfront with boat houses filmed from a moving boat. Carl Adam sits in a small motor boat. Boy, it's close. Splashing water. Aft of the boat filmed by Carl Adam, he pursued the rowboat.
The eights competition. The aft is repeated on the Maschsee Lake the German championship in Bled in Yugoslavia, and the World Championship title. The team will be congratulated, spectators clap.
(94 m)
(10: 10:00 10:03:20) 02 Thai Royal couple Würzburg: fixed Marienberg. Mercedes goes accompanied by police officers on motorcycles through archway. Viewers, Mercedes keeps. Long shot: Fixed Marienberg. Onlookers bend wall. Sirikit in addition to wife Lübke. Sirikit receives flowers from girls. Lübke in addition to King Bhumibol surrounded by onlookers, welcome address by Federal President Heinrich Lübke, Thailand's King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit. Sirikit in addition to Wilhelmine Lübke in the inauguration of the old residence of the Bishops of Würzburg. The Princes garden Sirikit and wife Lübke views the city, Sirikit, close.
(27 m)
(10:03:15 10:04:15) 03 electronics Munich: revolving door. Entrance hall of a Munich Bank House. Two men sit at a table. Open-plan office with remote To write systems and telecommunication systems. Finger press number buttons. Digital number, great. Conventional telephone mediation. New system. Man opens the door of the Cabinet. New remote To write system. Punched tape. Woman draws thin described paper from the Telegraph. Man is the document sorters, switch is operated. Big number. Documents will be sorted. Foyer of the Bank.
(43 m)
(10:04:10 10:05:45) 04 Gandersheim Gandersheim: Collegiate Church. Construction of the stage scaffolding and bleachers. Samples to the Cathedral Festival of 1966, partly with actuality. Two men wear wooden beams on the back. A person painted numbers on the wood. Clad actress with head scarf and sunglasses, chain belt gets laid. Road traffic in front of the collegiate church. Memorial stone with inscription: Roswitha of Gandersheim. Pedestrian. Old Town Hall. Supervision on old houses. Two men pass on the street. Old timber-frame houses. Men play chess with large wooden figures in the Park. Dove stone figure. Mini golfer. At the time of the Festival in the Town Hall, Extras and artists at the make-up and dressing up: man will stop beard, woman gets put on wig. Dressed man walks through the city. Auditorium before the collegiate church. Performance of an oratorio "Joan at the stake" of Paul Claudel with music by Arthur Honegger, partly original sound. Spectator stands fully occupied. Various settings of the performance.
(88 m)
(10:05:35 10:08:45) 05. police - exhibition Hannover: traffic COP. Police officer regulates the traffic before the station (?). English police officer Get up the road and regulates traffic. Various settings of international traffic cops in use: including police officers from Spain and Greece. Accurate hand movements. Man looks on the small television monitors. International police exhibition in the exhibition halls. Traffic monitoring with cameras by police operational centres. Graphic of the Interpol. Visitors in the exhibition halls. Finger prints in large format, two men look at it. Floor examination under the microscope. Wallchart. Flashing lamp. Great photos of criminals: reconstruction of a RAID on a jewellery store in Düsseldorf in 1965 (with interview).
(73 m, 10:08:40 10:11:20) 06. lyric on sale Hamburg: evening, supervision on a square in the city. Soffit: Man recites poem on the microphone. Various settings of listeners. Michael Naura to playing with his Jazz Quartet. Various settings of the musicians and listeners. The poet Peter Rühmkorf reads from his books "Earthly pleasure in g" and "Tricks" before (interview). Rühmkorf speaks into the microphone, close-up. Various settings of the musicians and listeners. Rühmkorf drinking from a bottle of mineral water. Car lights.
(52 m)
(10:11:15 10:13:10) 07 Championship Nürburgring: cyclist compete for the title of champion of the road. Start. Motorcycle driving beforehand. Various settings of the race. Spectators holding up sign, volunteers distribute fabric bags and drinks on the cyclist. Spectators encourage cyclists. Altig goes through the target. Audience clapping. Rudi Altig is worn by fans. Rudi Altig, close, is embraced with CAP and flowers.
(32 m)
(10:13:05 10:14:10)


Persons in the Film

Lübke, Heinrich ; Bhumibol, Adulyadej ; Sirikit von Thailand ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


Rowing ; Radrennen ; Ratzeburg ; Lyriker ; Domfestspiele (Gandersheim) ; Internationale Polizeiausstellung ; Fernsprech- und Fernschreibanlage ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 144/1966

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Federal Republic of Germany

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