Deutschlandspiegel 147/1966 15.12.1966


01. Skydivers a, b skydiver jumps out of plane, parachute opens, indoor sports hall, parachutist stand in the circle and do stretching exercises, partner exercise: Situps for abdominals, jump over the box and then on the floor roll out himself; outside: skydiver lands on the lawn and unwinds, indoor sports hall: skip the box with roll, free fall of a skydiver in X location of plane, X position will be demonstrated at box in a Sports Hall; Paratroopers watch, demonstrates loading and packing of parachutes, skydivers sitting around drum, lawn: preparations for parachute jumping from bird's eye view, reserve parachute, altimeter, stopwatch to strap a parachute before the belly sits on helmet, parachutist to reach out to the aircraft, Tower building, pilot jump permission, view through window on aircraft standing on the lawn, pilot talks about radio, Propeller aircraft in the air with the door open, aerial view of landscape, parachute jumps, parachute opens, parachutist waits and looks from the door of the aircraft, then jumps, long sequence free case, before the parachute opens, parachutist with an open parachute glide over landscape across, viewers watch him, skydiver lands on two feet standing, wraps together lines, parachutist lands rolling off on lawn.
(74 m)
(10: 10:00 10:02:50) 02. New Government a, b (large) Willy Brandt, newspaper headlines about the Grand Coalition. (), Other members go great cameramen and photographers at work busy, Gerhard Schröder by packed press contingent, Adenauer (large). Bonn Federal Parliament from the inside: Pan Chamber, election of the new Chancellor and swearing with his Cabinet, Kurt Georg Kiesinger actuality: "I swear, so help me God." Slamming members, congratulations for by Erhard, Kiesinger big Deputy Minister and Foreign Minister Willy Brandt, Franz Josef Strauss, Herbert Wehner, are by Dr. Gerstenmaier sworn in.
(37 m)
(10:02:45 10:04:10) 03 Lübke in Mexico a, b many photographers (screen), Heinrich Lübke rises with his wife Wilhelmine Lübke from aircraft go down stairs, welcome address by Mexican President Diaz Ordaz and military honor, soldiers drums and music, Lübke company walks off, welcome address by singing and musical folklore group, cheering spectators on the streets of Mexico City, Lübke and Ordaz drive in the car and waving to the cheering crowd, Lahiri speaks before the National Congress, deputies of the National Congress of Lahiri at wreath-laying ceremony.
(42 m)
(10:04:05 10:05:35) 04. Development aid a, b, c Andean mountain landscapes: their health to contribute to the hospital take hospital for Indians, Indians, children carried arms, hospital shield, Dr. Oswald Kaufmann on the phone, Dr. Oswald Kaufmann takes notes and is waiting patients from clinic to boxes of medical equipment along, Dr. Oswald Kaufmann enters treatment room with workers of the German development service, Dr. Oswald Kaufmann examines a baby calf, Assistant Association of the upper ankle joint creates, face of old man/patient, Bookshelf with books and skull and brain of plastic, patient sits at the desk, Dr. Oswald Kaufmann this knocks the patient on the shoulder, Dr. Oswald Kaufmann interview: "we distribute daily to 3000 malnourished schoolchildren food rations. Most of the foods come from the United States." Be distributed to food, cups and have a drink, in close-up, child drinking from Cup, hospital Dr Oswald Kaufmann rides through mountain landscape, street crowds with his helpers, Dr. Oswald Kaufmann calls through a megaphone to the vaccination, papers are filled out, child is vaccinated.
(46 m)
(10:05:30 10:07:10) 05. Gulbransson bird's-eye view: mountain landscape with Tegernsee, quaint village, strollers on the promenade at the Tegernsee, traffic on embankment, sailboats and rowing boat on Tegernsee, Tourboat sets, woman with watering can and hand bag in hand makes glasses from the head, Scherer farm on the slopes: home of artist Olaf Gulbransson outside and inside, Ms. Gulbransson (his widow) sitting on a wooden bench and scrolls in the book, Gulbransson Museum from the outside, Exhibition spaces with images on the walls, exhibition visitors and paintings of artist Olaf Gulbransson, drawing of the actor Paul Wegener, drawing by the Russian poet farmer Leo Tolstoy, drawing by the German poet Gerhart Hauptmann, Art Nouveau drawing "Munich Lady around the turn of the century", "Rural couple from Lake Tegernsee", woman with Monocle image, different drawings of Gulbransson, viewed Tegernsee with sailing ships.
(59 m)
(10:07:05 10:09:15) 06. Mini Golf bird's eye view: many mini golf clubs are superimposed, four men grab one, mini golf falls into the hole, man puts his hat, woman with hat has mini golf clubs over his shoulder, standing woman with pad and pen in hand, boy makes concentrated blow, viewers to turn, (large), ball missed the hole women's feet with bat and ball, basket lifted viewers with the Mini Golf Club is in the background, Ball is struck and any woman with basket in hand falls into the hole, and running man with Hat, man bat under his arm clamped, hits ball from behind: man is scratching his back, different people with clubs, balls roll into the holes, husband sets camera and photographed, various ball strikes.
(34 m)
(10:09:10 10:10:25) 07. (6 years old) football on the lawn, chess board with pieces (large) plays chess a, b Flensburg, ships, flying seagulls, Jutta Hempel, Jutta Hempel with boys, Jutta Hempel is a chess piece and goes on to the next table, she plays at the same time against twenty adults, face by Jutta Hempel (large), man supports his head in hand with Not yet burning cigarette in his mouth, man, smoking men, man hand chess piece, parallel drive uses the camera to the chess tables with thoughtful faces, long shot: Jutta Hempel standing sit in front of chess tables in the background their opponents, tilting foot of girl, Jutta Hempel is a figure, many give in a series, two men discuss the next train, beer glass in addition to chess, Jutta makes a move.
(50 m)
(10:10:20 10:12:10) 08. Kiesewetter Knut Kiesewetter from Hamburg sings the German version of "Hallelujah" with his band, accompanied by drums and bass, while wearing sunglasses, different settings of the band.
(56 m)
(10:12:05 10:14:05)


Persons in the Film

Erhard, Ludwig Wilhelm ; Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg ; Wehner, Herbert ; Ordaz, Gustavo Díaz ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


Fallschirmspringen ; Bundesregierung ; Policy ; Tegernsee ; development aid ; Minigolf ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Musik ; State visit ; Schachturnier ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 147/1966

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Federal Republic of Germany

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