Deutschlandspiegel 150/1967 30.03.1967


01 winter sports a, b, c Oberstdorf: 8 international ski flying week. Start, take-off and landing. Crash when decelerating. Bounce, flight, landing and crash, skis opens. Lars Grini, Norway, leaps with a 150 m new world record. Inzell: International meeting of Eisschnelläufer. The Dutchman Kees Verkerk (running 1500 m) and ARD Schenk (running 3000 m) run new world records. The German Erhard Keller was superior on the 500 m route. Dortmund: Grand Prize of the Federal Republic in the Westfalenhalle. Riders overcome 2.20 m high wall (ZL) on horses, almost all tear obstacle. Nelson Pessoa from Brazil wins the Grand Prize. Only Gert Wiltfang, the 4th sticking with "Shane" to the wall and the large Oxer (ZL), he wins.
(42 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:45) 02 learning casting: children's faces, great. Children sit with headphones to learning. Governess sits next to the child before learning, both wearing headphones. Children's faces, great. Drawings change. Children's feet, tall. Children receive instructions through headphones from teacher. Search looks for words with images. Children leave table with learning.
(33 m)
(10:01:40 10:02:55) 03 Lübke in Nepal Kathmandu/Nepal: King Mahendra receives Federal President Heinrich Lübke, behind them wife Wilhelmine Lübke, Finland, half-close. Escort runs and rides by road. Child blowing a horn and is pulled back, musicians. Lübke and wife Lübke, close, visit of the Buddhist monastery Swagambhunath. Buddha. Seated monkeys, close. A woman and two children look out window. Lübke in sacrifice (?). Musicians with long flutes. , Next to him go Lübke Wilhelmine Lübke in accompaniment, half-close. Lübke attended the Hindu shrine Paschupatinath. Shot of the system. Lübke surrounded by people. People wash laundry in bowls on stairs. Lübke accompanied, immediately. Sitting monkey, half-close. Lübke welcomes children. Laughing children clap hands. Technical training center for prospective skilled workers: inauguration by President Lübke. Trainees on machines. Lahiri is on machine.
(45 m)
(10:02:45 10:04:25) 04 Wolfsburg a, b, c Wolfsburg: Bridge, in the background of modern high-rise buildings. Modern high-rise building, half-close. Pan across homes (supervision). Road transport. Walkers with children, including couple pushes a cart with triplets. Boy lies on the stomach of a small car and driving on the sidewalk. Children walk along the course in the modern building. Street and sidewalk with pedestrians (supervision). Modern building. VW-Werk with residential houses in the foreground (total). Mittelland Canal with barge in the VW factory, medium background. Ships on the shore in the background of VW-Werk. Crane bucket is pulled upwards. Assembly Hall: Production of VW beetles (supervision). VW Beetle be further transported on conveyor belt. Production of VW beetles. VW Beetle is driven by ramp. VW Beetle assembly line and parking, in the background the castle of Wolfsburg. Road traffic in the background Castle, shot. The Palace roof. Facade is restored. Roofing works. Renovate rooms. In the evening: Castle, shot. Sculptures. The sculptor Peter Szaif at work. The painter Paul Kurt Bartsch at easel painting image. Print Workshop: Guests from the United States, France, Italy and Brazil work conducted by Gustav Beck. Light pendulum apparatus takes the photographer Heinrich Heidersberger Rhythmogramme. Experimental photo compositions. Road with traffic, people on the escalator, television monitor shows people on the escalator. Many people take escalator down. "City exit" sign. City Hall: exhibition poster "Vincent van Gogh". Guided tour: Group listening guide to (o). Painting by Vincent van Gogh, visitors, close. Showrooms with many visitors. Various paintings. Evening: Closed highway, city (total), in the foreground. (85 m)
(10:04:20 10:07:45) 05. The Schäffler a, b, c Munich: City Hall with forecourt, in the background the towers of the Church of our Lady. Fountain. Character of the Bell game back, supervision at the waiting people, figure of the glockenspiel clock shows 11 h, big. Dance of the Schäffler, people densely (supervision). Knights tournament. Tourists, half-close. Glockenspiel. Barrel makers in the creation of barrels. Rotating figure. Barrel maker, rotating figure. Barrel makers at work, barrel makers climbs through cover from barrel. Barrel is rolled.
(50 m)
(10:07:40 10:09:30) 06. Harry's Bazaar a, b, c Hamburg: cityscape (total/supervision). Ships on the Elbe, landungsbrücken (supervision). Stairs and Archway. Harry's Harbour Bazar in the Bernhard-Nocht-str. 63: poster "Real shrunken head", boy, shell adheres to the ear. Stuffed dog is used on pavement, bones of the head of the animal. Dog sniffed stuffed dog. Children touch stuffed bears before, boy. Indian head made of wax, big, next to it is Bazaar owner Harry Rosenberg. Two young men, close. Shark teeth, behind that mask. Gong, Buddha, wood carving, glass sound game, alligators hanging from the ceiling, a doll head moves. In the basement: many archaeological finds. Painting, young woman considered the subject. Pair considered lamp. Dive ball suit. Visitors look at items that dangle from the ceiling. Harry Rosenberg shows a customer a sword. Figure. Butterflies in showcase. Asian money (bills and coins).
(46 m)
(10:09:25 10:11:00) 07. island of Neuwerk Hamburg: flowing traffic on the outer Alster Lake, sailboats in the background. Binnenalster and Außenalster (supervision). Jungfernstieg with Alster Pavilion (supervision). Two horse-drawn carriages in the tidal flats at low tide, Coachman from behind filmed, appreciative horses, wooden wheel spinning. Shadows of people in mud. Two horse-drawn carriages in the tidal flats. Landmark of the island of Neuwerk: lighthouse, the main dike with meadow. Houses and fields (supervision). Houses on the dike. New test strip is applied on the dike, to verify the effects of the tides. Horse-drawn carriage comes with visitors about Dyke island. Man operated pump of the storage bunker. Three lambs, Lamb with sheep on dike, three schoolboys, half-close. Postman carrying postal bag over shoulder. Post master at work. Bauer invites crap on cars. Cows in the barn. Three farmers, half-close. Feet in wooden clogs. Farmer, large. Island of Neuwerk, shot. Sea with limit stakes. Horse-drawn carriage runs through the mudflats, long shot.
(40 m)
(10:10:55 10:12:30) 08 diving Cologne: German Indoor Championships in the art - and diving. Faces of viewers and spectators, great track jumps of the jumper. Jumping of the Lords of the 3 m Board: jumps in ZL, Salto, diving into the water and the water surface swim. Klaus Konzorr, from Leverkusen, WINS. Jumping the ladies: Regina Krause, then leaps from the 3 m Board Angelika Kibert and WINS. Young man claps and looks in the program booklet. Diving: Tower diver and diver in ZL, diving into the water and swim back, screw in the air make high diver, Klaus Konzorr in his victory leap from the Tower, ZL. Tower two jumpers, dip.
(48 m)
(10:12:20 10:14:10)

Persons in the Film

Mahendra, Bir Bikram Schah ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


diving ; Wintersport ; München ; VW ; Automobilproduktion ; Insel Neuwerk ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Wolfsburg ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 150/1967

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Federal Republic of Germany

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