Deutschlandspiegel 152/1967 25.05.1967


01 Mercedes - test track a, b Untertürkheim in Stuttgart: Mercedes drives on test track. Test driver close/laterally. Spinning car wheel on the road. Mercedes runs through defined curves. Trip by truck through salt water. Drive through steep track with a gradient of 70%. Wheels of a truck drives over bumpy route. Trucks and cars drive through steep curve with 90% inclination on test track.
(35 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:30) 02 Berlin - Rixdorf a, b Berlin: Memorial Church, shot. Pedestrian goes up stairs. Several pedestrians on stairs. Outdoor Café balcony in downtown: people sitting at tables. Pedestrian half close/close. High-rise, ice rink with skaters. Rixdorf (district of Berlin): House with the Windows partially open. In the courtyard: man groom cow. Two old women lean out an open window. Cow head, large. Cat sits behind bars. Wedding carriage on the Street between cars. People behind the fence. Wedding carriage goes by road. Bell Tower next to the House. Village smithy: Boy rolling wheel in the courtyard. Smith pulls glowing steel from fire and edited hook with hammer. People stand behind a fence, half-close. Five graphic artist and printer (Rixdorfer group) against individually on sidewalk along. Sign "workshop Rixdorfer prints purveyor to the Court". Man goes through the entrance to the backyard. Pan across tenement house in the backyard. A photo that shows the five men. In the Middle sits the boss Günter Bruno Fuchs. Printed paper "Rixdorfer prints". Prints, posters. Fox with a flat CAP, big. Fox considered image, half-close. Pressure. The five men in their workshop at work: on the wash on the pressure roller. The "2-dimensional tale" will be printed. Graphic look at finished printing, half-close.
(73 m)
(10:01:25 10:04:00) 03 Hannover Messe Hannover: 21 industrial fair. Fairgrounds (supervision). Parking (supervision). Visitors to the fair, screen-filling. Fairgrounds (supervision). Two men consider excavators, rotating excavators. Visitors entertain themselves (soffit). Trade fair visitors. Moving machines. Man photographed. Men sit in a row and make phone calls. Telephone apparatus. Man on the phone (filmed from behind) appears before him woman on TV who's on the phone with him. Videophone.
(28 m)
(10:03:55 10:05:00) 04. youth research a, b young people coming out of school. Two Bremen high school students Reinhard Becker and Nikolai Zeidler, half close, come from building, span screen and go close. Hand write formula on paper. Becker and Zeidler in experimental physical research. Frankfurt: The winners of the star competition "Jugend forscht" at Federal excretion. Girl with botanical research, increase the vitamin C content of garden Cress. 17 winners in the field of Astrophysics. Becker and Zeidler with its engine, which powered non chemical, but on electro-thermal way. Becker and Zahir To give interview about their research and future plans, o-ton: "When we us at that time were to build this engine, was also a reason for us, that this engine is in itself a subject of research and only is In fact used in a couple of years in space." Interview: "we intend both to enter later in the aerospace industry. "Previously we commonly To want study mathematics and physics and then specialize."
(38 m)
(10:04:55 10:06:20) 05. Grandpa - bad Brückenau/Bayern race: old man runs on start line, other older men welcome him. Legs are massaged in the standing. Man walking on the spot. Viewers, close. Start of the 5000 m run. Men run by road and in the forest. On the outskirts are men and show road direction. Man Stop it running and goes on. Two paramedics run along with carrying on shoulder forest, stodgy, old man runs through forest. Winner August Grünwald, 65, route runs in 18 min 8 sec. Runners run through the target, sometimes with shifting number, spectators clap. August Grünwald runs with arms raised by the target. Fat man goes through forest. Slender runner arrives at the target and gets set to blanket around shoulder.
(40 m)
(10:06:15 10:07:45) 6 traffic eye Munich Munich: upcoming cars in a street (supervision). Modern control. Television pictures broadcast pictures of the traffic junctions. Scoreboard. Electronic data center switches traffic lights for liquid transport. Traffic light switches to red. Turn cars. Swivel camera. Control, schematic, great. Command center with staff, buttons are operated, wiring diagram lights. Flowing city traffic. Man operated manual control. Traffic on television monitor. Hand-operated switch. Swivel camera. Traffic on television monitor. Command center, shot.
(30 m)
(10:07:35 10:08:45) 07. (Klee) a, b Düsseldorf Düsseldorf art exhibition: Cars drive along under bridge, swing to a high-rise building. Old street lamp in the background building. Baroque Schloß Jägerhof. Exhibition of contemporary art: visitors at showrooms. Group leader. Image "Composition" by Léger and "Woman's head" by Picasso. Paintings by Paul Klee. Three men in the basement, pictures by Paul Klee will be packed for an exhibition in the Middle East. Director Dr. Schmalenbach, close, o-ton: "does not like in other collection maybe the documentation of art history, I mean the illustrations of the history of art, but to the rank of the individual image and of the individual artist." Various paintings, visitors in the exhibition space. The largest image of collection "Number 32" by Jackson Pollock. A picture of Kandinsky. Visitors look at pictures.
(57 m)
(10:08:40 10:10:45) 8 portrait of Emden a, b, c, d Emden: cyclist passes bridge in the background wind mill. Boats in the channel. Two men consider dew to below. Sailor is pulled upwards to mast. Two sailors, close. Man operated crank by floodgate. Small boat into lock. Cars (supervisory), cityscape (supervision). The town hall with cars in the foreground. Pedestrians are traffic lights. Old Archway. Pedestrian walk on water. Town Hall with houses, shot. Ship sails on the Dortmund-EMS-Kanal, industry in the background, long shot. Moving container ship. Bubbling water. Inland waterway vessels. Industrial plant at the port. Ship is unloaded. Ship Laponia is located on the quay. Cruising ship. Drawing. Town Hall. Drawing from the Town Hall. Entrance hall of the Town Hall (cultural centre) with visitors. Old tea Kettle with warmer, old clock, great. Wooden table and chairs. Visitors look at paintings. Painted window front. Armory: medieval armor. Revolving helicopter rotors. Flying helicopter. Balloon: automotive plant, ship is located at the quay. VW Beetle at conveyor belt, parking lot with a VW Beetle, screen. VW Beetle drive bridge down to the Verladekai. VW Beetle are loaded on ship with a crane. Oil refinery: Man's tank down stairs. System, medium. Large tanks, shot. Drilling for petroleum and oil. Pipelines.
(76 m)
(10:10:40 10:13:25) 09 Athletics - Indoor Championships Dortmund: Westfalenhalle, athletics competitions. Pole vaulter, ZL. It wins Rainer Liese (ZL) with 4.90 m 400 m men: laughing spectators on the edge. Run, Manfred Kinder sets new indoor record with 48.0 seconds, he wins. High jump of women: it wins Rita Holm with 1.63 m (ZL). Triple jump of men: Michael Sauer jumps and WINS with 16.36 m (ZL). Starter is kick-off, half-close. 80 m race of women.
(29 m)
(10:13:20 10:14:25)



Kunstausstellung ; München ; Rixdorf ; Ostfriesland ; Verkehrssituationen ; Industrie-Messe (Hannover) ; Teststrecke ; Jugend forscht (Wettbewerb) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Kunst, bildende ; Leichtathletik ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 152/1967

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