Deutschlandspiegel 153/1967 29.06.1967


01 Henckel - race a, b Gelsenkirchen-Horst: Henckel race. Jockeys on horses. A spectator wearing a hat, next to your girl with long braids and rider Cap. Jockey on horse. Man with Homburg. Jockey on horse, frontal. Man looks through binoculars, near/side. Start. Race, frontal. Race, long shot. Finish. OSSI Langner on "Presto" WINS audience and spectator with program with 1 minute, 37.1 seconds. OSSI Langer takes saddle from a horse and bowed slightly towards camera.
(25 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:10) 02 State visit of the Shah of Persia a, b, c at Cologne: Brühl castle with Lake, shot. Shah Reza Pahlevi in addition to Lahiri's arrival on the stairs, followed by Empress Farah Dibah and Wilhelmine Lübke. Lübke, Shah Reza Pahlevi and Farah Dibah Wilhelmine Lübke greet guests. Munich: Empress Farah Dibah visited an SOS Children's village, children with flags. Empress Farah Dibah takes the gift of a child contrary to and kiss children on the forehead. Berlin: Memorial Church. Police escorts on motorcycles. Arrival at the Schöneberg City Hall: Shah Reza Pahlevi get out of car. Men waving to him. Reza Pahlevi and Empress Farah Dibah enter in the Golden Book of the city. Standing guests. Reza Pahlevi bowed slightly, clapping bystanders guests. Hamburg: Supervision at the city centre. Port, moving barges. Farah Dibah in addition to Reza Pahlevi at crusing in Bowl. Sailors waving by rail. Soft man in conversation with Reza Pahlevi, close. Harbour (supervision).
(43 m)
(10:01:05 10:02:40) 03. Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm Ulm: Ulmer Münster and cityscape (supervision). Bus, frontal. Market at the Ulm Münster. Ulm Münster (slight lower ceiling). Parking (supervision). Plastic shape changed. Posters. Market at the Ulm Münster (supervision). Fountain. Radio. Car drives old, Crooked Timber-framed house on a small bridge in the background. Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm: cardboard is folded up and the cube new together. College exterior. Students on stairs and in the stairwell. Product: various designs. Model of a street lamp and in reality. Students discuss with the teacher in the classroom about function and "easy-grip shape" a new Klopfsaugers, various prototypes. Department building: Architects are trained. Students in the drawing. Design of residential groups. Testing of the draft: students live in the container field. Workshop: Liquid is decanted. Student at Potter's wheel. Model. Recording Studio: Film and television classes. Operated switch wall, curves move on screen. Optical stimuli, rotating discs with patterns. Trainees sit at tables. Lecturer speaks to his students, o-ton: "The action is accompanied by a poster campaign, which we have to design and to which it applies, To find especially appropriate and effective word mark." Pressure is used. Finished poster. Faculty of the College close. Towers of the Cathedral. Modern door. Parking meters. Driving modern underground.
(89 m)
(10:02:35 10:05:45) 04. German day Expo 67 a, b Hamburg: airport. The Hamburg State Opera musician get on plane. Filmender cameraman. Intendant Rolf Liebermann goes down the aircraft stairs. Plane takes off. Montreal: aerial view of the world exhibition, the German Pavilion. Visitors to Hall. Visitors look at television screens. Visitors walk through the exhibition. Moving toy train designed by Rupert Stöckel. Skate, sneakers, dishes in a shelf. Rotating coil with tape, machine featuring graphical pattern. Visitors look at old coach (supervision). Modern sports car. Visitors (supervision). Destroyer of the U.S. Navy are on quay wall. Sailor, close. Visitors to the site. Guest of honour at the "German day": Federal President Heinrich Lübke immediately in support of Commissioner of General Pierre Dupuy, followed by Wilhelmine Lübke. Lübke welcomes child and enlists in the book. Monorail on exhibition grounds. Young women with tray (bread and drink). Photographers keep cameras on the crowd. The Pavilion of the Federal Republic welcomes the German General Commissioner for the world exhibition of Peter von Siemens President Lübke. Young women hold tray Lübke. Book printing as in the 15th century. Lübke, close. Lübke, followed by Wilhelmine Lübke go through exhibition and look at pictures (supervision). Large Bell. Tent roof of the German Pavilion (supervision). Montreal (supervision).
(71 m)
(10:05:40 10:08:15) 05 Wetterdienst Offenbach a, b, c Offenbach (near Frankfurt am Main): Central Office of the German weather service. Employees in the global weather telecommunications system. Various cities are listed. Tape, big. Data are typed. Employees, close. Overview of the international system of Wetterfernschreib. Teletype with punched tape. Watch that big. Employees tearing apart paper. Data Center. Device produces excellent analyses. Analyses are provided with a graticule, photographed, and evaluation of the Analysis Center. Image radio cards are exchanged with other weather centres. Weather satellite reception. Reception device. Signal on monitor. Gefunktes cloud image. Cloud image is evaluated. Weather map is painted by hand.
(80 m)
(10:08:10 10:11:05) 06 soil research Hanover + Andean city Meacchu Pinsu Andes: remains of the old walls. Market, woman carries her child on back in the cloth. Close people. People board the train. Man looks out the train window. Ride past on the River, mountains. Very well preserved Inca City (supervisory), ruins. Hannover: German Federal Institute for soil research. Scientists in the lab for testing. Fundstücke is compared to the Andean city's plan. Andes: steep terrace, walls, River (supervision). Inca City (supervision). Flower grows out of rock, large.
(48 m)
(10:11:00 10:12:45) 07 football a Braunschweig: Eintracht Braunschweig - 1st FC Nuremberg 4:1 game. Viewers, close. Gate is prevented by players. Foul of the Nuremberg defense: Lothar Ulsass is hindered when run at the gate and falls down. Viewers, close. Penalty. Eintracht striker of Ulsaß scored a 1-0. Flags are swung, screen-filling. Brunswick goalkeeper keeps ball (ZL). Viewers, close. Game scene. Eintracht shoots the 2:0 flags are waved. Police dog muzzle barking. 2nd half: Nuremberg score the first goal in the 56th minute. Viewers with arms raised, close. Game scene (ZL). Man pick up the hair. Eintracht shoots 3:1 (ZL). Viewers jump enthusiastically. Flags are waved. Player falls (ZL). Young man would be close. Brunswick shoots the 4:1 enthusiastic spectators, large football crowd. Brunswick team with victory Trophy as champion, umdrängt of people.
(50 m)
(10:12:35 10:14:30)


Persons in the Film

Lübke, Heinrich ; Reza Schah Pahlawi ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


Münster ; Meteorologie ; Hochschule ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Pferderennbahn ; Peru ; Weltausstellung ; Football ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 153/1967

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Federal Republic of Germany

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