Deutschlandspiegel 156/1967 28.09.1967


01 Regina Maris Hamburg: moving three-masted barque Regina Maris (returning to the trip around Cape Horn), bloated sailing. Crew on deck. Navigator, great. Parrot, big. The Norwegian shipping magnate John orgE Wilson, great. Navigator runs high (soffit) shrouds. Cruising ship (supervision). Figurehead.
(14 m)
(10: 10:00 10:00:45) 02 yachtsman cooking Hamburg: several vessels (supervision). Cooking couple in boat, half-close. Wife Elga cooking waving flowers. Sailboat surrounded by other ships, medium. Couple Ernst-Jürgen and Elga Koch, half-close. Wife Elga Cook accepts flowers. Fixed a bug with line. Couples cooking, woman cooking with Flower necklace around neck. People wave direction from another boat sailing boat. Couple cooking when you create. People waiting at the pier. Couples cooking is welcomed, leaves sailboat. Writing on sailing boat of Cairo. Mr Koch, close. Mrs. Koch is filmed, close. Mr Koch is embraced by older man.
(24 m)
(10:00:40 10:01:35) 03. Ingolstadt a, b, c, d Ingolstadt: Cars of bridge over the Danube River, pivoting on city. Old Rotunda. Steeple, beside Tower Archway. Church with two towers. Church decorations. Richly decorated nave, paintings on the ceiling. Modern facade of a department store (?), pedestrian. Old building next to modern buildings. Modern church. Modern nave. Building is reflected in the mirror. Cars on the road, tram runs in the foreground. Old house facade. Machines in the factory (production of textile machines). Wooden boxes are sealed and stamped. Double-decker bus by road. Pedestrian, parked bicycles. Old houses. Marketplace with stalls, in the background modern buildings and old churches. Market sellers with headscarf. Girl, it's great. Nun selects head of lettuce. Audi car factory: workers in Assembly Hall next to the car in the body shop, engine block is used in the latest model: Audi 90. tire test. Car to test.
Sign "South petrol AG". Pipeline. Sample is taken from crude oil. Thick pipes. Pipelines. Refinery. Staff in the control room, on Court is leaving tank truck. Man on the phone, close. Headquarters employees. Old houses, modern Hall. Old houses in dusk. Refinery at dusk. Neon sign. Visitors before the new City Theatre. Visitors in the foyer. Bright bulbs.
(70 m)
(10:01:30 10:04:00) 04. children paint boy holding arms, drops himself and ends up in the sandbox. Children play football on the lawn. Girl hanging upside down on rod, child painted with chalk on pavement. Child paints with ink. Art classes: Students sit at tables and paint with ink. Teacher provides assistance. Theme of a painting competition: "The world above", various works. Students consider the different pictures. Image "Umbrellas". Jury of international art educators considered images, including strictly combined skyscraper group. Was awarded, including "woman Holle". Three members of the jury, close. The "look at mother's sewing basket" was awarded the first prize.
(40 m)
(10:03:55 10:05:25) 05. New cars a, b Frankfurt am Main: Many visitors of the exhibition. Woman holding signs high, filmed from behind. A policeman controls number of visitors. Many visitors, exhibition hall with different types of cars and visitors (supervision). Visitors interested in looking at details. Lamps, screen-filling. Older man, close. In the forest, the BMW 1600 is TI. Hood is opened, front passenger door is opened. Dashboard. Grand Tourisme Coupé by BMW, shot and frontal. Dashboard. Grand Tourisme Coupé by BMW drives on the highway. Ro 80 NSU faces great old building, shot. Ro 80 NSU, supervision, close to half and frontal. Test drivers go to the cars (supervision). Script to auto "Ro 80", hood opens, rotary piston engine. Foot pedals, great. Dashboard. Hand switch close hands on the steering wheel to higher gear,. Ro 80 NSU on motorway and turn. Test car "Car of the future" (body and chassis are made of plastic), shot from the back, rear, front, supervision. Test ride on slanted surfaces, slalom.
(54 m)
(10:05:20 10:07:20) 06 family football a, b Dingolfing in Munich: grandfather shakes the hand of a boy. Daughter with a bouquet of flowers. Audience with transparent "does not believe in ghosts, Spankowskis are master". Game between family Spankowski from Württemberg (in the bright Dreß) against family Holzner from Bavaria. Older fat woman keeps hands in front of the mouth. Game. Enthusiastic spectators. Boy runs across the field. Haqeeqat team in attack, player is fouled and falls down. Woman with baby. Bavarian team shoots the opening goal. Enthusiastic spectators behind the gate. Woman hand adheres to the face. Württemberger, compensation 1: shoots 1 ball into the goal. Thick spectator. Game scene, grandfather runs after ball, beheads ball big, several times. Spectators firing at. Viewers, close. Viewer scream, close. The Spankowskis overran the enemy shoot it 2-1 and win. Grandfather holding up Cup, surrounded by spectators.
(35 m)
(10:07:15 10:08:30) 07. veterinary school a, b VW bus with aspiring veterinarians drives along the road. Driver speaks into microphone, close. Prospective veterinarians in the car, close. VW bus yard. Prospective veterinarians into a shed, before they take a foot bath with their rubber boots. Rubber boots in the foot bath, close. Prospective veterinarians go slowly on poultry breeding. Chickens are vaccinated. Hannover: University of veterinary medicine, entrance with students. Students in the foyer. Cow in the Lecture Hall, the students and the Professor resembles auditorium with students standing around cow,. Students look at something in a bowl. Professor resembles, close, speaking to his students. Students look at sample. Two cows in the Lecture Hall. Horse is strapped on cart, students put horse on side. Students and Professor is similar to handle beef. Man wears calf, calf will be kept and treated. Horse running on Court. Old carving dating back to 1887 when the school was founded. X-ray Assistant waving apparatus about this horse. X-ray pictures of the horses leg. Students sit in the courtyard. Institute for statistics and biometry: sampling calculator, laboratory technician. Supercomputing facilities. Liquid is absorbed with syringe, goat is cabled and gets injection. Measurement data is displayed. Goat is held. Box opens, test tubes into brackets. Display, test tubes.
(68 m)
(10:08:25 10:10:55) 8 students puppets a, b Munich: City Hall Tower in the background towers of the Church of our Lady. Poster. Dying of the light. Puppet controlled hands. Spectators considered puppets. Muses 67 (created by Munich students): Moving puppets. Puppeteer rich the suspensions of the puppets, performing "The disloyal muses" a "tragedy for nine dolls and a people". Viewers, close. Actors with puppets. Puppeteers use threads. Performance, audience, close. Puppeteers in action.
(55 m)
(10:10:45 10:12:50) 9 water skiing in Traben-Trarbach: 10 German water skiing championships. Start of water skiers. Spins and jumps of the runners on the Moselle river. Master in jumping is Karl-Heinz Benzinger 39.40 m, jump in ZL. Different jumps and falls (ZL). Emergence of a fallen Knight out of the water (ZL).
(40 m)
(10:12:45 10:14:10)



Puppentheater ; Segelboot ; water skiing ; Pipeline ; Veterinär ; Hochschule ; Internationale Automobilausstellung ; Ingolstadt ; Dingolfing ; Nutztierzucht ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Malerei ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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