Deutschlandspiegel 157/1967 26.10.1967


01 6 days - a race Berlin, b Berlin: the 60th anniversary, the 6-days race takes place Instead of. George Nader sits in an old bicycle taxi and drives. George Nader (Jerry Cotton) stands with cyclists at the starting line. Spectators, close. George Nader gives go-ahead, half-close. Cyclists on the track. Nader as spectators in six days, close. Cyclists (supervision). Nader is on the railway, half-close. Race is recorded from camera to monitor. Nader is standing next to wife and kisses pistol barrel, half-close.
(17 m)
(10: 10:00 10:00:50) 02 Charlottenburg Park Berlin: water games (supervision and normal vision). People sitting in the Café. Leaves on branches, close. Stone figures. Woman pushes pram through Charlottenburg Park. Castle stone figures. Man goes Charlottenburg Castle, medium bridge in the background. Charlottenburg castle with water in the foreground. Marble figures in a shed.
(18 m)
(10:00:45 10:01:30) 03 Rolls Royce Berlin: a Rolls-Royce hood ornament. Cooler. Errant Rolls-Royce (first rental Rolls-Royce), woman with Hat sitting on the backseat and served from the bar. Riders and at the same time owner Georg Brunke behind glass. Woman with Hat and sunglasses as a passenger, close. Ring on the middle finger, close. Passenger keeps cigar in your hand while driving. Errant Rolls-Royce. Rolls Royce is parked in the forest. Brunke served two older ladies tea. Lady sitting on the backseat and drinking tea, close. Brunke bowed slightly. Boy enters with toys while Brunke holds the door on him. Bonnet (supervision) while driving. Boy sitting on the back seat. Chauffeur Brunke and boy in the car, half-close. Hands play with toy car, toy animals in the car.
(24 m)
(10:01:25 10:02:20) 04 student stage a, b Berlin Berlin: bus number A 18, great. Students get off bus, students in the Studentendorf Berlin Schlachtensee. Student Theatre "A 18" for a sample of the song "The warden of the tomb" by Franz Kafka. Section of the sample: the eerie "confession" of the Tomb guardian, o-ton: "midnight knock that first time... These are not human knuckles. But I know that, and don't touch me... May the princely Highness be surprised! The old guard is still there."
(27 m)
(10:02:15 10:03:15) 05 Katakhali - dancer Berlin: Festival, tour of the Indian Katakhali dancers. Actor wears makeup to reflection in the mirror. Elaborate make-up procedure. Performance of the dance theatre with elaborate costumes. Hand beats on a drum, big. Dance scenes.
(17 m)
(10:03:10 10:03:50) 06. skating - training Berlin: Memorial Church, modern houses and streets with traffic (supervision). New ice skating Stadium, shot. Figure skater training for the Olympic Winter Festival in 1968 in Grenoble: pair skating training with coach. Director Manfred Schnelldorfer (Olympic champion 1964) on skates. Electrodes are attached to the chest of a former, figure skater wearing medical recording device on the back. Figure skater health test. Medical devices for recording. Art barrel pair training with coach.
(23 m)
(10:03:45 10:04:35) 07. Nord-Ostsee - Kanal a, b Kiel: new lighthouse, shot. Mobile pilot. Employee sits in pilotage Stadium and looks through binoculars on the water. Ship on water. Men play cards, man takes off handset and keeps him in the ear. Traffic controller closes on ship. Lighthouse, long shot. Kiel: Entrance to the locks of Kiel-Holtenau, port facilities, ships lie at the wharf and waiting for clearance. Steering authority: 'Track captains' create graphical schedules. Ships in the North Baltic Sea Canal. Sailors scrubbing on the deck. Ships in the North Baltic Sea Canal (supervision). Trek on the banks. Ships. Sailors on the railing. Railway bridge. Transport barges. Cranes on the shore transport sand. Ships on channel. Air consumption: Channel is untertunnelt. Rendsburg: Cars in the tunnel, ship sails above. Ship passes parking. Longest railway bridge over the Canal. Used cars in hanger channel. Ship crosses under the bridge. Stopover: Kudensee. Employees sitting in headquarters, passing ship. Stopover. Vessels, including "Wesermünde". Aerial view of the Elbe estuary at Brunsbüttelkoog (?).
(75 m)
(10:04:30 10:07:15) 08 book fair Frankfurt am Main: 19. International book fair, Fairgrounds with people. People get out of fair train. People are waiting. Tickets will be sold. Man playing guitar. Books. Visitors relax, drink from cups with a straw man. Display stand. Books by Arnold Zweig. Mrs Peel in illustrated book. Visitors see in books. Books, including "Efraim" by Alfred Andersch and Hans Kroll. Visitors to stand. Man pages in the book. People at exhibition booth. Exhibition Hall (supervision).
(27 m)
(10:07:10 10:08:10) 09 world hunger + aid a, b Wolfsburg: exhibition "intercop 67": poster colored child with writing "intercop 67", great. Visitors look at photos on the walls. Many visitors crowd around the model, students listen to lectures. Photos: Verhärmtes woman's face; Children stretch arms Women wear big bowls on head; Child's face; two scaled-down children; Woman sitting between garbage. Map of world hunger with marked hunger areas with writing "The world map of hunger". Pillar box with posters, including "week of Welthungerhilfe 1967". Food, crying child on woman's arm. Bonn: Federal Minister Wang, o-ton: "in a short time the world population will have doubled. Then 6 billion people living here in the world and the famine will be even larger. "- A huge risk on us here, which is greater than the East West divide in the world and perhaps even more dangerous than the atomic bomb." Intermediate cuts of starving children.
(33 m)
(10:08:05 10:09:20) 10 a, b Karlsruhe Karlsruhe city portrait: Castle with Park, shot. Facade with tank on base. Pan across Karlsruhe. Monument to Carl Wilhelm von Baden Margrave in the background Castle. Modern building, columns in the foreground. Palais, where the highest courts of the Federal Republic of Germany are housed. Sculptures in the garden. State Academy (School of art). Rector Prof. Kindermann, close. Decorated wall, students in the workroom. Artwork: Head with hand, great. Prof. Loth in his Studio. Student wears goggles, processed stone with hammer and chisel. Students make paintings. Lecturer titillation in conversation with his students. Pictures by Horst antes. Brush paints with oil. Horst Antes at the creation of a typical scene: the GNOME-being only from the head, arms and legs. Sculptures by antes at the Federal horticultural show in the former Castle wood. Walkers in the Park. Small boats on the Canal, pedestrian bridge. Sculptures on the Federal horticultural show. Walkers in the Park.
(61 m)
(10:09:15 10:11:25) 11 Dürkheimer sausage market (wine story) a, b wine hang, man carries on back big barrel mountain down. Boat on River. Wine harvest (supervision). Woman picking grapes. Many grapes in large barrels are pulled by tractors. Place plate "Kirchheim/wine str. District of Frankenthal", cars in the village. Ride along on Winery. Cars drive through narrow road. Pedestrian walk on old houses. Marketplace: Dürkheimer sausage market. Spinning Ferris wheel. The biggest barrel of the world (supervision). Roller coaster. Signs. Large barrel, shot. Eating wife. Children ride a carousel. Man plays violin and at the same time with his foot guitar. Wine is poured into barrels. Man, it's close. Woman drinking wine glass. Old man drinking from a glass of wine, great. Wine is filled into jars. Schunkelnde people. People sit in the flying carousel.
(43 m)
(10:11:20 10:12:55) 12 football a, b Hamburg: In the people's Park Stadium Germany against Yugoslavia. Game totals. Shot on goal, goalie keeps, ZL. Viewers is the face, hand close. Yugoslavia shot on goal, Sepp Maier holds. Löhr storms and falling, shoots 0 spectators 1: with arms raised, half-close. Game scene. Equaliser for Yugoslavia by striker Zambata 1:1 coach, close. Yugoslavian shoots on goal, passing the ball.
Viewers with umbrellas, close. Roth is fouled, viewers, close, free kick in front of the gate, Gerhard Müller beheads a to 2-1. Clapping spectators, half-close. Game scenes. Uwe Seeler beheads the 3:1 cheering audience shortly before the end.
(43 m)
(10:12:50 10:14:25)


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Seeler, Uwe


Radrennen ; Bundesgartenschau ; Nord-Ostsee-Kanal ; Charlottenburg ; Karlsruhe ; Leuchtturm ; development aid ; Frankfurter Buchmesse ; Bad Dürkheim ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Theatres ; Sport ; Football ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 157/1967

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