Deutschlandspiegel 160/1968 25.01.1968


01. Emmanuel M freighter.
Before Scharhörn: Sailors on the boat. Cruising boat on big waves. Stranded ship Emanuel M., total and is at low tide on the sand, medium. Crew goes through the mudflats to the ship. Propeller afloat. Move over ship bow, close. Map Magnifier with pencil. Stranded Ondo. Mariners exceed rope ladder on board, soffit. Searched cabins. Men wear have in suitcases by Board. Case at Watt (attendant). Men carry cases.
(39 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:40) 02 Altona + a, b Hamburg Museum: small boats rocking on the waves. Man goes up stairs in the background port. Tractor pulls the ship. Moving tram on the bridge. Cars in the background modern office buildings. Entrance "Palmaille 100", swivel to facades. Pedestrian pass zebra stripes. Showcase of the Altonaer Museum. Paintings, ship models in showcases. Painting. Ship model. Visitors look at ship model. A table centerpiece made of silver from the year 1780 figureheads. Reconstruction of a North German farmhouse from the 16th century: dining room with tiles on the walls. Dishwasher, slippers made of porcelain. Facade of the farmhouse.
(47 m)
(10:01:30 10:03:15) 03 aid Peru Peru: Andes. Modern factory. Fertilizers in the making. Bags are closed and transported on treadmill. Transport on trucks. Market day in Cuzco. Truck dealer. Many people on the market. Market sellers, vegetable lies on the Earth for sale. Bauer is in dry sand. Driving record across the country. Construction of a canal in the Tinajones project, with German engineers and German money help. Giant tractors at the building. Construction site with workers.
(39 m)
(10:03:10 10:04:35) 4th Berlin a, b, c Berlin: Germany Hall, Swiss circus Knie. Tightrope walker. Lions in the circus ring. Elephant rises above this elephant, elephant balanced on bars. Jumping rope on the rope. Acrobat goes over rope, headstand Untermann's head. Spin number. Horse jumps on hind legs over obstacles, horse jumping through paper. Man rides on Hippo.
Supervision at the Memorial Church and busy streets. Cake Bakery: supervision at the Hall with workers (Europe's most modern plant). Automatic filling machine. Dough will be preformed from machine on treadmill. Automatically filled cream, pie crust is created by machine on cake. Cake is covered with chocolate. Finished cake on production line.
Moving cars, pedestrians pass through crosswalks. Sports Palace: Boxes for the European soccer championship in the heavyweight division: Karl Mildenberger (light pants) - Gerhard Zech, various settings of the fight, Mildenberger remained champion.
Philharmonic: Salvatore Adamo (Belgian chansons-star) occurs for the first time in Germany. Adamo sings and plays guitar to close. Sings Adamo ' inch' allah "(texting and composed his world-wide success, by himself). New dining hall of the Technical University: student can be to paint the face. Several students, close. Dancing students, screen-filling. Students dressed as a hippie, close. Hands reach for balloons. Tired student holding a cigarette in his hand. Feet dancing on slips of paper with LSD print. Student is worn over the dancing crowd. Students sit and clap to the beat. Student falls into the crowd.
Devil's mountain: parkende cars. Walkers on the mountain. Mountain and downhill skier. Devil's mountain (total).
(76 m)
(10:04:30 10:07:15) 05th Münsterland + Wilhelm Morgner exhibit a, b, c Münsterland: Avenue and old water Castle. Old water Castle is reflected in the water. Drawbridge with Gateway Arch, medium. Swan in the water. Castle Hülshoff (birthplace of poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff 1797), shot. Painting on the wall, including portrait of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff.
Münster: Münster. Old homes (supervision). Facade of the Gothic town hall. Old painting of Münster. Visitors to the Town Hall, old paintings. Medieval facades, modern high-rise building, Cathedral (from the 13th century. Modern town theatre, shot. Pedestrians walk under the arcades. Young woman, close. Two boys, close. Old facade of the houses. Young man who smokes, half-close. Woman with a headscarf, half-close. Child keeps close in his arms, fluffy dog.
National Museum: Door with exhibition poster Wilhelm Morgner. Visitors to the exhibition. Various paintings, including "training of animals", a woodcut, "Ornamental landscape with peasants".
(82 m)
(10:07:10 10:10:05) 06 bowling in Germany a, b, c old country: disengages the engine of the fire brigade. Fire-fighting exercise. Faucet is turned on, hose, water jet is focused on House. Several firefighters practice together to clear the roof of the House. Waiter carrying tray with drinks. Firefighters at the cones in the Village Inn. Man throws bowling ball, half-close. Cone fall, to all except for one. Old photo in 1929 of the Bowling Club "Beder bi" founded in 1907 shoes are sprayed. Jacket with inscription on the back "Astra-bowling coach". Bowling alley with players. Players dropping the ball, cone fall, to all except for one. Wife makes notes. Bowling ball size. Different players. Players laughing on the edge. Waiters bring drinks. Player falls down at the dump. Woman is on the forehead. Man drinks beer beer glass. Bowling ball, close. Different players. A last cone is hit by bullet and falls over. Different players. Numbers are listed.
(79 m)
(10:10:00 10:12:55) 07. 4 hills tournament Oberstdorf: ski jumping on the Schattenberg ski jump. Jumper at the start of the ski jump and jump. Cameramen on the side of the ski jump. The Finn Veiko Tikander jumps and is 10 is Peter Lesser (Germany) 12 jump in ZL. Franz Keller (Germany) crashes. Björn Wirkola (World Champion) is third in the jumping with 75 and 78 m. Dieter Neuendorf (Germany) wins the jump, ZL, with 76.5 m and 77.5 m. Neuendorf as the winner, close.
(40 m)
(10:12:45 10:14:15) 08 Pan story 2 millionth passenger only for American: (15 m)



Kegeln ; Skispringen ; exchange market ; Münster ; Dichter ; Schiffsunglück ; Carnival ; Bäckerei ; Boxkampf ; development aid ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Philharmonie (Berlin) ; Hamburg, BRD ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 160/1968

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