Deutschlandspiegel 162/1968 28.03.1968


1st Tower Munich Munich: city view, long shot. Church of our Lady with TV Tower in the distance, long shot. Olympic flag blows before the TV Tower (bottom view). Panoramic view from the top of the tower. Elevator door closes. Display the elevator ride. Hang-out in the top of the tower. Special post office. Commemoratives are stamped to the inauguration of the tower. Power Vault. Post in the construction of the tower as a message centre. Lord Mayor Joachim Vogel, half close, immediately during the tour of the tower. Shadow of the tower.
(26 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:10) 02. Armenia / upper Wiesenfeld Munich: TV Tower. House on the upper meadow field. Little bell rings. Icon. Armenian hermit Timofei Bochorow enters the Church, shot with Mrs. Icon. Harmonium: Register will be drawn. Bochorow playing the harmonium, big. Hands playing harmonium, close. Old woman with headdress, close. Statue. Bochorow, great. Bible scroll hands. Bochorow reads from the Bible, half-close. The Interior of the small church. Russian Orthodox Church in the background TV Tower.
(24 m)
(10:01:05 10:02:00) 03 he was in Paris Paris: car drives through archway. Kiesinger get out of car. Kiesinger, close. Brandt's arrival, half-close. De Gaulle in addition to Kiesinger, Brandt and Pompidou, long shot, front of Elysée Palace. Cameraman turns, close. Elysée Palace, shot. Curtain behind the window is pulled. Politicians at table at Conference.
(17 m)
(10:01:55 10:02:35) 4th State of the nation Bonn: Chamber member, long shot. Kamagate at the lectern, half close, actuality to Viet Nam: "I wish with all my heart, that could help our country, that the fighting be stopped soon. Because we are unable to do so, only the opportunity to alleviate the suffering of all people affected by the war in Viet Nam, by increasing humanitarian aid will remain us." Listeners, shot. Deputies clapping, shot.
(16 m)
(10:02:30 10:03:10) 05 building of Hamburg a, b, c, d/Hamburg Finkenwerder: pan across the harbour. The Hamburg will be completed at the German shipyard. Steel plates hanging on ropes and used. Installation of stabilization fins. Preparations for the casting of the fins in the steel Foundry Ellerbrock. Steel casting begins. The molten steel is poured out of the pan into the form box. The final part of the fin is ground in the BLOWROOM. Sparks, close. Last check at the factory. The Hamburg (supervision). Functional test: The fins in and swung out. Gyro system automatically controls fin.
(58 m)
(10:03:05 10:05:10) 06 launch of Hamburg Hamburg: ship Hamburg still stands. Marie-Luise Kiesinger (wife of the Chancellor) christens the ship (interview). Champagne bottle shatters on vessel wall. Kiesinger, close. The Hamburg runs from the stack. Launched from behind, supervisory, frontal. Ship slip into the water. Anchors are used. Shipowners Bitsch Christensen is interviewed (not a quote). Propelled tug. Font Hamburg from hull.
(21 m)
(10:05:05 10:05:55) 07. Twiggy in Hamburg Hamburg: Twiggy with head towel upon arrival, go with flowers gangway down. Twiggy is photographed. Fashion show. Twiggy signed publicity stills. Star photo. Twiggy in various poses, great. Pier: dance to playing beat band models. Drummer, close. Twiggy with friend and Manager Justin de Villeneuve, half-close. Viewers, close. Twiggy and Justin de Villeneuve, close. Twiggy with de Villeneuve at harbour cruise. Their hands with rings, wholesale. Twiggy, close-up.
(26 m)
(10:05:50 10:06:45) 8 rock factory, Berlin Berlin: fashion show: new mini models. Fabric rolls are automatically transported by programmed bale conveyors. Laying spread out fabric on cutting tables. Fabric is cut. Backyard, treatise on door "Otto Stumpf". Photo from 1957: fabric is processed. Alois Heinze (entrepreneurs for women's outerwear: ah skirts), taking rock by garment racks. Heinze, close. Seamstresses sit at sewing machines and process fabric screen. Dry-cleaning: Men Very much quickly ironed skirts. Three models perform mini skirts, they are going to front on camera.
(42 m)
(10:06:40 10:08:15) 09 Jugend forscht Wolfsburg: pedestrian, half-close. Participants meeting "Youth research" of the Lower Saxony land competition in the VW factory. Assembly Hall (supervision). VW Beetle on conveyor belt (supervision). Close to young people. Young people discuss with each other (not a quote). 1st Prize: Presentation of the development of chicken embryos by Friedhelm Schaper. The reflection of balls was examined by the budding physicist Ulrich Krasselt. The year 1967 by Günter Mehmke sunspot observations. Robert McKenzie and Ipke Wachsmuth (students from Rinteln to the Weser) explore the workings of a computer. Wilhelm Mecklenburg from Papenburg calculated the velocity of propagation of gravitational fields. Winner Gets a medal hung around, close. Winners will be congratulated and receives Medal and certificate.
(66 m)
(10:08:10 10:10:30) 10. Painter Klapheck Federal Republic of Germany: painted bicycle bells, filling the screen. Painted lace-up boots. Photo: Konrad Klapheck (artist). Various still life. Photo: Klapheck with a picture of him. Visitors look at pictures of Klapheck: typewriters. Photo: Klapheck with a typewriter. Images of "The boss", "The Mistress", "The war", "The voice of conscience".
(36 m)
(10:10:25 10:11:45) 11 Bamberger Symphoniker Bonn: Beethoven Hall, shot. Orchestra rehearsal of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra (1st movement of the Third Symphony by Ludwig Van Beethoven), musicians rehearse on their own: flute player, violinist, horn player. Orchestra tune their instruments. Conductor Josef Keilberth, great. Keilberth of instructions and conducted. Various settings of the playing musicians. Keilberth interrupts trial again To give instructions to (production sound). Orchestra plays. Keilberth, half-close.
(73 m)
(10:11:40 10:14:20)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg ; Pompidou, Georges ; Lawson, geb. Hornby, Lesley ; Gaulle, Charles de


Modenschau ; Policy ; Symphonie ; Jugend forscht (Wettbewerb) ; Olympiaturm München (Fernsehturm) ; Fahrgastschiff ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 162/1968

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