Deutschlandspiegel 164/1968 29.05.1968


01 fire - exercise a, b, c Braunschweig: fire on the runway. Ground. Thick smoke. Fire goes out. Dry fire truck with deletion gun. Viewers, close. Flame, screen-filling. Foam pipe sprays. Burning oil. Helicopter lands. Fire fighters-precipitate out. Fire extinguisher in use. Lots of smoke rises, screen-filling.
(29 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:20) 02 pilot Hannover: aircraft on course. Pan across the planes. Visitors, half-close. Kunststofflugzeug. Small Kunststofflugzeug starts. Wheels are retracted. Newcomer flight of the do 31 vertical flight and landing.
(17 m)
(10:01:10 10:01:50) 03 a, b Hannover Hanover industrial fair: cityscape, crossing with tram and zebra stripes (supervision). Any pedestrian. Traffic COP regulates traffic. Stone figure, half-close. Old timber-frame houses. Modern building. Any pedestrian. Fairgrounds (supervision). Construction vehicles. Excavator shovels sand into his bucket. Construction vehicle moves backwards on increase in stone. Excavator bucket tilts out sand. Visitors, half-close. Self-closing door and fence. Man holding head between door, door springs back. Materials are turning. Light effects. Changing pictures on the wall. Light bulbs and Kleinstbirnen. Woman considered dwarf lamps. Kleinstlampe eye, great. Rotating car wash brushes. Tank-containers by IWK. Exhibition Hall with visitors (supervision). Krupp stand: rotating machine. Metal parts are further transported on conveyor belt. Forklift trucks drive on terrain (supervision). Woman sits in front on forklift trucks and ride. Woman Get up vans and is driven away.
(57 m)
(10:01:45 10:03:55) 04-1 may a, b, c Berlin: parade of flags. People, screen-filling. Willy Brandt sitting and smoking a cigar, half-close. SPD flags. Rally. Transparent "The wall cannot separate us". Willy Brandt, close to half speak, o-ton: "the attacks are directed against the 4-powers agreement on the unimpeded access to Berlin. I can only urgently warn against this playing with fire. Berlin will emerge purified from the tests of this week and energized." Intermediate editing: Font in front of Reichstag building "peace, freedom, understanding among Nations". Microphone SFB. Pillars of victory column onto Street. Wall with barbed wire. Brandenburg Gate, shot.
(24 m)
(10:03:45 10:04:40) 05 17 June Berlin: uprising on June 17. Burning barricades on the street, many people pushing apart. Rolling tanks, protesters throw tanks with stones. Cameramen duck behind wall. People running about. Barbed wire on the walls. Wall death strip.
(20 m)
(10:04:35 10:05:20) 06 Black Forest Black Forest: between FIR (soffit). Mountain Brook: Water flowing over stones across. Houses in the Valley. Saw mill, wheel is powered by mountain stream water. Man feeds wood by sawing machine. Baroque churches. Women wear traditional costumes. Road through forest (supervision). Concrete Church on the 1500 m high peak. Mountain landscape with houses (supervision). Farmer plowing his field with horse. Travel between FIR (soffit). Trucks, followed by VW-bus, start up mountain road, Pan mountain landscape with Bridge and road. Mercedes boots up mountain road. Mountain landscape taken from a moving car. Old farmhouses with large straw roofs. Gutach Valley: old farm house with a thatched roof. Mill built in 1609: water runs over the bike. The runner stone spins. Bread and fodder flour is ground. Mountain landscape with Valley. Cuckoo clock: Door opens and bird bows, big. Cuckoo clock is built. Schwenningen: Kienzle work: workers manufacture watches. Many watches in boxes (without straps), full-screen. Watch case is edited, big.
(70 m)
(10:05:15 10:07:50) 07. cow - a large yard, b food: moving tram. Sculpture, woman with children. City Centre: Pedestrian square, modern houses. Department store, William, before that many pedestrians. Heidhausen: "Kuhtel" - the first cow large yard. Cows are feeding trough. Hay bales are distributed in halls. Treadmills lead directly into the stables. Cows leave stables and go to the milking carousel. Cows are connected to milking machines. Veterinarian examines cow. Soil from the applied. Man fondles calf. Man wears calf and lifts it onto trucks. Man wears through stable calf, cows go apart.
(59 m)
(10:07:45 10:09:50) 08 pop - food Shack: painter paints font "Special offer". Pedestrian walk through the pedestrian zone. Man sitting in a Mercedes. Newly opened Discotheque: rotating pop paintings crowd "Pop", visitors entering in shop Windows. Lights, screen-filling. Many visitors to disco, sometimes dancing. Dancing is reflected in metal wall. Visitors sit at the counter. Projectionists sits next to the projector. Lights flash. Woman wearing mini dress. Film is clamped in the projector. Film clips are projected onto the wall. Dancing visitors. Filmausschnit with Charlie Chaplin. Dancing people. Floor will be scrubbed.
(59 m)
(10:09:45 10:11:55) 9th Earl a, b Munich: opening of the graphic artist Heinz Edelmann. Hippie image. Revolver shoots from the breasts of women. Organiser Heinz Edelmann on exhibition, half-close. Gunther Sachs, half-close. Image. Visitor, close. Image: Eyes with hat. Image "hold the bomb favorite". Woman writes out a check on the back of the vehicle in front. Excerpts from a cartoon film of the Beatles by Heinz Edelmann. Edelmann, close. Gunther Sachs to movie projector, half-close. Excerpts from Beatles film. Close to visitors.
(28 m)
(10:11:50 10:12:55) 10 volleyball Augsburg: Western Europe Cup: Holland - Finland 3:0 game of the two teams in ZL. Referee whistles. Game on the net. Judges record penalty points. Game scene in ZL. Referee, close. Teams shake hands after the game. After victory, the Dutch players wear their coach on their shoulders.
(40 m, 10:12:50 10:14:20)



Volleyball ; Uhrenfabrik (Schwarzwald) ; Industrieausstellung ; Schwarzwald ; Milchverarbeitung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Brandbekämpfung ; Aviation ; Berliner Mauer ; 1. Mai ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 164/1968

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