Deutschlandspiegel 169/1968 31.10.1968


01 Motocross in Schwenningen in the Black Forest: motocross track with riders, half-close. Terrain with total viewers. Riders race mountain high, sometimes standing; Billboard "Martini". Riders go in curve. Driver with helmet, close. Driver try Hill with cars to get up, get stuck and tilt to the side. Race. Spectators sitting and standing. Overturned cars, shot. Riders go up cars. Race, different settings. Man waving flag, close. Winner: Car No. 7 with the riders Lerchenmüller and birds on a Japanese Honda pass target. Viewers standing, clapping. Lerchenmüller and birds (both laughing), large, with garland around his neck.
(25 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:10) 02 nuclear ship Otto Hahn a, b, c the "Otto Hahn" in the port of Kiel, shot. Lettering on the ship "Otto Hahn". Ship, long shot. Gerhard Stoltenberg (Federal Minister for scientific research) gets out of car, surrounded by photographers and cameramen. Stoltenberg goes towards the ship. Logo for nuclear ship chimney, screen-filling. Musician blows in tuba, close. Band playing. Press control station in the Interior of the vessel. Electronic control system, great. Sign "Reactor in operation". Measuring equipment, screen-filling. Engine room crew (lightweight soffit and supervision). Lettering "Otto Hahn" (slight lower ceiling). Winch, close. Ship's mast, radar equipment, before waving flag with Atom logo, screen-filling. Crew in uniform on the command Bridge, half-close. Hand-operated lever, great. Captain hat, big. The "Otto Hahn", long shot, before small, water-spraying extinguishing ship turning. Gauge, big. Crew on the command bridge. "Otto Hahn", total, in the foreground of smaller ship, moves in the opposite direction.
(40 m)
(10:01:05 10:02:35) 03 de Gaulle in Bonn Bonn: car goes out with de Gaulle. French President de Gaulle gets out, is welcomed by Federal Chancellor Kiesinger, half-close. Police in white clothes standing side by side before white motorcycles. Conference room with an oval table, the politicians sitting (meeting foreign policy), shot in the background close pushed journalists. De Gaulle on table sitting. Willy Brandt, close beside him Kiesinger. De Gaulle, great; Kiesinger in conversation with Brandt, great. Politicians, big. De Gaulle, great.
(17 m)
(10:02:25 10:03:10) 04. demonstrations and he was in the Bundestag a, b Munich: two coaches with preceding people total in the background towers of the Church of our Lady in the fog. Sign in bus window "Munich - Plzen - Prague - Munich". Old lady and elderly man, half-close. Beckoning people close. Girl wipes tears from his eyes up with cloth, close. Busy road, on the edge of the road protesting people, signs are upheld. Standing and seated Protestants, Shield 'Hands off Czechoslovakia'. Transparent with Czech words. Police officers try to restrain protesters, half close, transparent "Ulbricht exported emergency! No Bonn palaver with Pankow!" Different people, men with black sunglasses. Signature collection, hand signs. Hands with pens, signing on different papers, screen.
Parliament with Federal Eagle on the wall, shot. Kiesinger, half close, o-ton: "the peoples unlawful invasion of Czechoslovakia has deeply hurt their sovereignty and caused a serious international crisis. An event of the meaning and scope of the occupation of Czechoslovakia had to the Federal Government, had all lead us to review its own policy. The political parties, all citizens, dealing with responsible feel, have made this review. While a broad consensus of opinions emerged. The Federal Government maintains its policy of peace, and that their stance is supported by the overwhelming majority of our people." Intermediate cutting on listeners. Parliament, long shot, deputies clapping.
(49 m)
(10:03:00 10:04:50) 05 Klinikum Berlin: camera ride over to hospital. Hospital, long shot, front lawn with trees. View of the building from the courtyard. Model is unveiled, people standing around in a semicircle to model. Room of the hospital, three beds are next to each other. Long hallway. Repeated 180 ° pan of the camera. Operating room, in the middle of lamp with operating table. Breathing circuits, man behind mounted camera in the operating room, pumpkin cut out on the operating table. Man front glass, sits in front of instrument panel, women in a kitchen. Food is distributed automatically by machines and further promoted. Appliances in kitchen. Partial view of the hospital, screen-filling.
(31 m)
(10:04:45 10:05:55) 06 sugar-Institut Berlin (supervisory), Memorial Church. Sugar Institute, shot, before that busy street. Framed by verschnörkeltem stone table "Institute for sugar industry", decorations made of rock. Sugar beet in baskets. Test factory with students, who have machine (reflective). Student flips sugar beets into a funnel, get crushed down. Other students tilt shredded beets in other funnel standing students on treadmill, sort shredded beets. Students work equipment in the laboratory. Old photo: left of the founders of the Institute, Privy Councillor Scheibler, sitting with his staff at a table. Historical photo: experimental factory with workers. Bust of Andreas Sigismund Marggraf. Old portrait by Carl Achard. Spinning sugar Crystal, wholesale.
Old advertising drawing with teachers and pupils, font "Sugar gives strength" and "Sugar is a food". Other promotional drawing with Turner, writing "it evokes also of sugar in each game the Championship, force". Student looks through the microscope, close. Microscope image on TV screen, big. Students in the scientific work and in conversation. Test procedure. Students standing before machines. Screen clipping a working machine that hurls sugar. Asian student. Cutting a working machine. Viscous sugar, screen-filling. Student tried sugar, close. Students put into bucket into it, try also, half-close.
(47 m)
(10:05:45 10:07:35) 07 National Gallery Berlin: facade of the Neue Nationalgalerie of steel and glass with a sculpture before, in the background Church. Aircraft is a wave. Packaged works of art are unloaded from the aircraft. Truck labeled "Schenker & Co." Men load artworks in trucks. 'Schenker & Co' truck driving on busy street. Truck is unloaded. Woman lifts to stack this image, men watch. Man removed from image, close. Man and woman carry up a flight of stairs picture. Exhibition space with works by Mondrian, visitors go through exhibition space. Visitors look at pictures. The cameraman (on the edge) increased opening of the exhibition, long shot. Visitors to the densely, in their midst, a man at the lectern, speaks opening (without quote). Zoom on the portrait of the architect Mies van der Rohe by Mario Marini. Visitors to the exhibition hall, long shot. Man's artwork of the "Gallery of the 20th century by". For more works of art Viewer, screen, before that. Artwork of Maher "Flute", screen-filling. Plastic by Barlach. Sculpture by Henry Moore in the background images. Works by Francis Bacon, screen-filling. Artwork by Salvador Dali, full-screen. People go through the exhibition space. Courtyard of the National Gallery with sculptures and water basin, long shot. Plastic, close behind it going around people,. National Gallery (supervision).
(46 m)
(10:07:25 10:09:10) 08 Ludwig II a, b, c posters with the portrait of King Ludwig II, filling picture. Signature of Ludwig, great. Facade of the Castle Herrenchiemsee, people who enter, long shot. Facade with pillars. Hall inside the castle with incoming visitors. Decorated walls. Desk of King Ludwig, portrait of the King. Chandelier. Decor of the Interior. Painting: Ludwig II. granted the accolade, screen. Portrait of Richard Wagner. Various paintings. Linderhof Palace at Oberammergau water pool and fountain in the foreground, supervision. Fountain figure, half-close. Facade of the Castle. Painting: "Ludwig in the Venus Grotto", full-screen. Interior with paintings and other works of art. Design of the Neuschwanstein Castle. Views of Neuschwanstein in the Bavarian Alps, long shot. Visitor parking, man on scooter driving, has a car in the parking lot. Driving horse-drawn carriage. Man looks through the camera, close. Decoration of the interiors of Neuschwanstein. Painting a nocturnal sleigh ride of the King. Visitors to the castle grounds. Exterior of the Castle. Painting by Ludwig II. Neuschwanstein, long shot.
(85 m)
(10:09:00 10:12:10) 09 football Germany / Austria a, b Vienna: Austrian player shoots on goal, mitigates Sepp Maier, ZL. Joyous spectators, half-close. German striker of the ball is stopped by defender and falls. Intermediate cutting on seated spectators. Austria stormed. Header on goal. Maier holds. Netzer is ball to Müller. Müller shot from edge of 1: German flags wave 0 spectators. Austria has an attempt on goal, Maier holds. Nice coach as a spectator, half-close. Germany storms. Austrian Defender fakes off ball into her own goal. 2-0 for Germany. Cheering fans who wave flags. Müller on the ball against two defenders, ZL. Nice as a spectator, half-close. Müller at the gate on the ball, ZL. Audience jumps up and starts again. Teams wave and go from the square.
(40 m)
(10:12:00 10:13:30)

Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg ; Gaulle, Charles de


Demonstration ; Motocrossrennen ; Atomenergie ; Schloss Herrenchiemsee (Bayern) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Krankenhaus ; Nationalgalerie (Berlin) ; Football ; State visit ; Forschungsschiff ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 169/1968

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