Deutschlandspiegel 172/1969 30.01.1969


01 Scharhörn - misfortune a, b, c Scharhörn: the wreck of the freighter Nyandoma reef ascended. Map of the Elbe estuary with Scharhörn reef. Two Russian tugs in the Elbe estuary. Sailors go by the Board. Lifeboat of Arwed Emminghaus, half-close. Russian sailors rescue boat, in the background of shipwreck. Sailor photographed on lifeboat ship wreck. The wreck to reef, shot. Barrels of cargo on board were swept from cargo space. Hoisting cranes. Ship Ulrich harms in salvage of the wreck. Floating cranes salvage wreck. Bridge with helm (from behind). Cranes lift ship parts with steel ropes (supervision). Two ship cranes in the mountains of the wrecks, long shot.
(37 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:35) 02 new year reception Bonn: new year's reception at the Beethovenhalle. Lübke standing beside him Brandt and Kiesinger, shot. Heads of mission, semi close. Lübke and Kiesinger with heads of mission, screen-filling and half close. Heads of Mission in conversation, half-close. Kiesinger and Brandt, half-close. (13 m)
(10:01:30 10:02:00) 03. children paint Olympiad Munich: award ceremony of the paintbox - Olympics. Seated guests, screen-filling. Plaque for the winner Malta Olympiad, large, in box. Children picture of a Bavaria Chapel. Image with bi-ertrinkendem Bavaria and black woman. Girl enters the stage. Children painting, great. Boy receives award. Willi Daume as a spectator, half-close. Plaque is presented to winners. Various pictures, great. Image "The cyclist", great.
(25 m)
(10:01:55 10:02:50) 04 Bavarian Forest a, b, c, d, e, f Bavarian Forest: dense fir forest (Pan). Water flows over rocks, waterfall through forest. Wood cabin in the Woods. Sun-drenched FIR. Lumberjack beats notch root with axe. Thicker lumber sits in front of master. Tree (soffit), wedges are driven at the foot of the master and chainsaw sawing through root, pine falls to the ground. Lumberjack sniff snuff. Cars are on the road through forest. Monastery of Metten, shot. Library: old book reads old books on shelf, readers. Library decorated with old characters and ceiling. Two VW Beetle overtake boys with cattle. Farmers during the hay harvest. Standing dead boards on road. Tote Board with font "In memory of that honour respected wife Katharina Bauer", dead boards, half-close. Zwiesel: Cars driving through town. United color glass factory: glass blowers at work, shot. Glass is blown by means of a long tube. Glowing glass is cut off. Henkel is attached to vessel with staff. Wine glasses are transported on a conveyor belt. Cars on road through hilly countryside. Fracture of granite: Granite is processed with stone drills. Stone is divided into two parts. Machine cut stone into small parts. Lake with rowing boats, jetty with tourists. Family sitting in chair lift. Family is resting, views of mountain scenery. Steeple, swivel to the venue with views of Church. Deggendorf: textilwerke Deggendorf GmbH for the finishing of synthetic yarns. Workshop with machines running. Yarn running on coil, large. Staff at machine, half-close. Great yarn spools, half-close. Employee goes along to machines.
(86 m)
(10:02:45 10:05:55) 05. plain text techniques (post) Federal Republic of Germany: modern buildings (soffit). Open-plan office sitting with employees at their desks. Computer, close. Expression of the invoices, close. Bill, great. Women typing numbers in calculator. Accounting desk sitting. Hand type, hole cards are punched. Women To give up data into machines. Men use computers of the plain text reading process in the postal cheque service for large customers. Cards are inserted. Computer stores data and transfers them to tape. Wife takes cards, woman takes tape from machine and puts it into the suitcase.
(41 m)
(10:05:45 10:07:20) 06. Current art Federal Republic of Germany: cars, blurred. Work of art with light bulbs, child touches it. Young girl considered artwork. Photo. Modern art objects, visitors sit on bench in exhibition space. Visitors look at works of art, including foam rubber objects, chrome-plated iron sculptures by Knut Knabe. Various images, including 'header' of Peter Nagel, "Woman with balloons" by Dieter Asmus.
(27 m)
(10:07:10 10:08:15) 07. radio and record Hanover: "Game Watch, record, radio" - exhibition at the historical Museum on the high banks. Old painting, game watch. Visitors in the exhibition space. Rotating cutting disc. Old music box. Drawing: (He invented the phonograph in 1877), anot Edison phonograph. Drawing: Emil Berliner (inventor of the gramophone). Gambling Gramophone. Old drawing: phonograph cylinders. Playback lever is placed on record, woman listens to music from phonograph. Historical photo. Visitors to the exhibition. Old receiver. Historical footage: Berlin Potsdamer Platz 1923, driving trams, Vox - Haus, old microphone. Spokesman actuality (Announces transmitter), old receiver. Broadcasting Orchestra, listeners are connected to the receiving device, large tubes, two couples are dancing to the music from phonograph.
(65 m)
(10:08:05 10:10:30) 08 Figaro Federal Republic of Germany: Mozart sheet music from Figaro is pitched, 1969 Deutsche Grammophon recorded a Stereoplatte: Professor Karl Böhm conductor turns from the Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Sound engineer operated mixer. Böhm last statements are musicians. Orchestra plays "Letter aria", two singers sing to. Böhm, close to conducting.
(49 m)
(10:10:25 10:12:15) 09 diving Cologne: Olympic test for high diver. High diver, ZL. Knight to jump under water. Jumps in ZL of Ulrich Reefing, Bernd Wucher Gadaria, Karl-Heinz Schwemmer, Klaus Konzorr, Regina Krause and Ingeborg Busch. Ingeborg Busch under water, as Regina Krause, Ingeborg Busch jumps and dives into the water.
(37 m)
(10:12:05 10:13:30)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg


diving ; Kunstausstellung ; Bayrischer Wald ; Deutsche Oper (Berlin) ; Policy ; Vox-Haus (Berlin) ; Schiffbruch ; Bundespost ; Neujahrsempfang ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 172/1969

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Federal Republic of Germany

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