Deutschlandspiegel 176/1969 29.05.1969


01 Medau school Upper Franconia: old church tower, shot. Stone figures. Coburg: Medau school in Schloß Hohenfels: girl (group gymnastics) in short gymnastics suits swing tires outdoors. Various settings of the girl with tires, close. Girls move in the tires, change their location. Gym: Girl in been in motion dance. Musical training: girls use Cone as Claves. Group exercise with clubs. Hinrich Medau (head of school) surrounded by students, close. Gymnastic exercise: girls squat in the heel seat in front of ball and swing his arms around the ball. Outdoors: girl swing the ball from one hand to the other. Senta Medau (with head of school) provides instructions (original sound) and beats a tambourine, close. Senta Medau makes movement with the ball. Schoolgirl waving, big. Students make balance and swing exercise ball.
(77 m)
(10: 10:00 10:03:00) 02. Garbage and Museum a, b Hamburg: Binnenalster with ship, shops in the background (in the evening, passing). Bulky refuse on the sidewalk: strollers, chairs, stove. Man leaves garbage on carts. Several bulk cars (light supervision). Two men sit in an open van (command vehicles), one is on the verge. Bulky waste collection vehicle leaving the premises and drive through town. Command vehicles, spokesman with headphones and microphone device gives directions to drivers from leading car. Driver, close, responds. Bulky waste is loaded into cars. Bulky waste is pressed. Errant command vehicles: passenger on the phone. Man finds a pair of shoes in the bulky waste. Turning crank by calculator. Man takes calculator of the bulky refuse pile. Excavator driver, half-close. Backhoe drives over bulky waste and scoop mountain together. Modern incineration plant. Crane with a shovel. Shovel, close, open, bulky waste falls onto conveyor and is carried away. Control Center. Waste is burned. The incinerator chimney. Wuppertal: garbage Museum (established by Robert Poth, retired Chief of the urban garbage disposal), beer mug is lifted. Little record is played by Gramophone, close. Poth smokes cigarette, big. Rotated kitsch figures, dagger in hand. Sterling Silver cutlery. Cylinder, painting of Bismarck (?). Cameraman is reflected in a small hand mirror. Christmas crib figures, various editions of the Bible.
(75 m)
(10:02:50 10:05:35) 03. art in the Department store of a, b, c, d, e Berlin: modern high-rise. Moving double-decker bus, from horse-drawn carriage. Pedestrian pass road. Cars, including double decker bus. Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe), shot, before cars. Poster "Young art 69", people looking at window display, exhibition in the KaDeWe department store. Fabric Department, some supervision. Customers look at fabrics. Buyers go through department store. Woman tried on hat, is reflected in the mirrors, clothes rail hanging clothes. Two women walk down stairs. Customers going through crockery Department. Customers go through exhibition. Various art objects. Customer, close, look at dresses on hangers. Woman wears makeup person (from the rear). Man, it's great. Women look at in the mirror, close. Clients, customers in exhibition. Work of the German artist Klaus Heider. Customers take escalator down. Reflecting discs by Hans Geipel. People on the escalator. Visitors to the exhibition. The "cat" of the Japanese Hiraga. Visitor, it's great. A sheet of the Greeks Akritakis. Legs of visitors. Photo collages, including "glass garage" by Klaus Heider.
(61 m)
(10:05:30 10:07:45) 04 Homberg a, b Hesse/Homberg: basalt quarry. Demolition expert with helmet blowing Horn, close, ignition is activated, Quarry is blasted. Dust is whirled up. The loose rock will be cleared. Stones roll down, workers with helmet stands next to it. Excavators, trucks (supervisory) are loaded with basalt. Truck with tilted truck unloads stones. Ballast is discharged on the conveyor belt. Plant, medium. Houses Homberg (supervision). Parked car before leaning half-timbered houses. Old church tower, old timber-frame houses. Pedestrian walk through the old town. Postman with a bag full of letters. Market: With visitors, including current child. Man wearing buns on the shoulder in a large basket. Man leaning over railings. Old city with parked cars. Tractor drives milk cans. Two women carrying vessels, close. Man sets Cake Pan (?) in the car. Young woman goes to a parking meter. Church with timber-frame houses. City view (supervision).
(58 m)
(10:07:35 10:09:45) 05 Hannover - Messe Hannover: international industry fair. Totals of the exhibition grounds (supervision). Crowd in exhibition. Fork propelled pile driver (supervision). Rotating disc, great. Rotating screw, big. Freizeithaus of Bayer Leverkusen. TRUCK drives up 55% slope. Wheels, great. Remote tower crane. Crane scaffolding (soffit). Cranes, excavators, demonstration of various functions. Bags are automatically transported on conveyor belt. Glass fiber as fiber. Visitors look at technical machine with many features. Climbing gear from Siemens goes up the mast. Offshore inflatable life raft. People climb up and test life raft.
(51 m)
(10:09:40 10:11:30) 06. table tennis Munich: World Championships will be held in ice rink: clubs hold hands, great. Japanese makes warm. Hand is shaken out. Japanese ladies in the doubles. Referee. Women's (?) in the doubles. Hall played with many table tennis which is (supervision). Men's singles. Japanese spectators, close. ZOJA Rudnova, Russia, playing against Maria Alexandru, Romania. ZOJA Rudnova WINS, congratulations. Viewers, close. The German Eberhard SCHÖLER plays against Shigeo Ito, Japan. Ito WINS with 21:9 handshake after the match. Crying exhausted Ito enters the podium. Winners Medal awarded. Clapping spectators, Ito nebulous on the winner's podium, great. (57 m)
(10:11:25 10:13:30)



Gymnastics ; Steinbruch ; Kunstausstellung ; table tennis ; Müllverwertung ; Industrie-Messe (Hannover) ; Müllverbrennungsanlage ; Homberg (Hessen) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Sport ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 176/1969

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