Deutschlandspiegel 179/1969 28.08.1969


01 water trier: German water skiing championships. Runners at the Slalom race through gates. Hagen Klie wins the Championship in the slalom. Figure running, run the winner Benzinger. Jumping: Jumping with helmet. Fall of Knight, ZL. Leaps and falls, ZL (Very much good shots). It wins Karl Heinz Benzinger. Leakage and in the water fall of the winner Benzinger.
(32 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:25) 02. waterways Berlin a, b, c, d West Berlin: Memorial Church, shot. Pedestrians, beyond moving double-decker bus with Persil advertising. Europe Center, people skate in the middle of the summer. People sitting in Café (supervision). Man in shorts sitting on stairs, reads newspaper and eating ice cream. Women's legs with mini dress. Gedächtniskirche recorded by big O. Barge Canal, behind the bridge. Sign "pier company E. Fröhlich". Captain at the wheel, half-close. People in moving excursion boat on Canal, passing on bridge, bridge, S-Bahn runs along. Boy supports his head in hand, close. Tour boat passes to new National Gallery (supervision). Visitors in a moving boat, pedestrian bridge (soffit). Driving past hotel "Berlin" and "Hilton". Old walls (?). Cars in the background victory column. Captain at the wheel, half-close. Typical Berlin buildings from the Wilhelminian era. Excursion boat flying along bridge. Passengers on the boat. Passing at coal mountain. Pallets and bags are loaded on truck ship. Workers with helmet keeps chain tight, close. Bags are loaded. Passengers on the upper deck. Passengers lie in sunbeds, young woman reading newspaper. Waiters served drinks on upper deck. Man sitting on a lawn with two dogs. Woman hangs laundry on inland waterway. Cruising boat "Amor". Passing on old Villa, woman with child. Cruising boat with passengers (supervision).
(61 m)
(10:01:20 10:03:35) 03. Heinemann and Kamal a, b, c, d West Berlin: Heinemann increases with Mrs. Heinemann from U.S. military aircraft. Waiting press, shot. Heinemann, Heinemann woman with flowers and contactor, half-close. Heinemann, actuality, on the airfield, next to him Schütz: "after my election, I said that I would often come to Berlin, this is just the beginning. We all do not leave Berlin."
Castle Bellevue (Berlin Office of the Federal President), shot. Heinemann with Mrs. Heinemann, half-close. Castle Bellevue, exterior. Heinemann and Ms. Heinemann go on terrace.
Washington: White House, shot. Kiesinger gets out of car and is welcomed by Nixon. Blow heralds. Kiesinger walks off front of stand with Nixon. He was in conversation with Nixon on sofa sitting, half-close. Cameramen, close. Kiesinger and Nixon on terrace, cinematographer, close. Kiesinger and Nixon go for a walk in the Park.
(37 m)
(10:03:25 10:04:50) 04 World Expo Japan a, b Japan: errant Tokaido Expreß, the fastest train in the world. Travelers and conductors on the train. Display shows 200 km/h. Japanese women on the phone, behind the poster of Expo 1970 construction of buildings of Expo 1970 driving record on grounds pass. Model of the German Pavilion. Japanese Hosteß speaks interview (German) and welcomes guests on the construction of the German Pavilion: "I welcome you on the site of Expo 70. We are at the construction site of the German Pavilion. Also, if you To want to believe it, until 1970 all will be ready. Good bye. Sayonara."
(26 m)
(10:04:40 10:05:45) 05 U. W. House Helgoland a, b, c Heligoland, shot. Houses on Heligoland. People walk down to beach promenade, in the background beach chairs. Walking woman in a bikini. Woman sitting in front of beach chair. Children play in the water. People on the beach. Visitors boat sails to the island. Fishermen's houses, fishing, close. Moving lobster. Pedestrians in pedestrian area. "Biological Institute Helgoland" (the marine biological research station), shot. Two young girls walking on the entrance of the Aquarium. Seals in the basin, viewers watch them. Floating seal, sometimes supine. Lab: Lab assistant during testing. Small fish in the glass. Turbot is marked. Plaice are fed with special food. Lab assistant at work. Laboratory technicians are looking through microscopes. Lecturer taught, half close, faces described Panel. Underwater laboratory is ready made to the test. Professor Kamau (Director of the Institute), close, divers attach equipment, research team. Blue light. Divers immersed in water. Underwater laboratory located under water surface. Researchers, laboratory scale by Luke. Interior of the underwater laboratory, shower, faucets, measuring instruments. Underwater laboratory located under water surface. Cable is in the water, divers appears next to cable. Underwater laboratory located under water surface.
(73 m)
(10:05:35 10:08:15) 06. Institute Murnau a, b, c Murnau am Staffelsee: Car goes to small Street Church in the background mountains. Bavaria homes. The Goethe-Institut, shot. Young foreigners on road and Goethe-Institut. Book is pitched. Young foreigners in studying German at the Goethe-Institut. Question (o-ton), teacher, pupils respond (original sound). Bayernhaus, shot, young foreigners sit Bayernhaus and in the rooms at table with inhabitants, swivel to Jesus on the cross.
(29 m)
(10:08:10 10:09:15) 07. Art Nouveau style a, b, c Munich / Bogenhausen: cars, swing to the stucco mansion, with plastic in the foreground (medium). Sign "Franz von Stuck". Picture showing Franz von stuck (painter, graphic artist, sculptor, and architect). Visitors in stucco Villa. Art Nouveau figure. Relief. Paintings, ornate ceiling. Painting "The sin". Sign "Lolo's Saloon", poster Gallery with Art Nouveau poster in door. Posters in the store. Hangers with female heads in the art nouveau style. Various art nouveau posters. Door closes with Art Nouveau poster. The Beatles behind planted window boxes, close. Clip from movie "yellow submarine" (drawn by Edelmann). Facade decorated with Art Nouveau. Decorated entrance. Darmstadt: on the "Mathildenhöhe", imposing Jugenstilhaus (built around the turn of the century by architect Josef Maria Olbrich, Builder Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse), pedestrian goes up the steps to the entrance. Decorated entrance. Art Nouveau-decorated glass, large, desk with Chair, figure, water basins, wedding Tower.
(75 m)
(10:09:10 10:11:50) 08 Nurburgring Nurburgring: Jackie Stewart, half-close, and Jackie Ickx, half close, before the race. Fitting of helmet. Driver sitting in car and converses. Start, advertisement continental (supervision). Car driving Bosch, Henninger beer, Veith-Pirelli tires in curve, on the side of advertising. Spectators, half-close. Cars on the track. At the top, Jackie Stewart drives # 7, Marta Ford. Cornering. Passing on Stadium spectators. Jochen Rindt to the pit stop, give up on Jochen Rindt due to ignition failure, smoldering cars, decreases facial mask, nah. Cars on straight line. Young women with stopwatches. In curve overtakes the leading Stewart Jackie Ickx and WINS. Spectators, half-close. Advertisement continental. Official waving banner. Spectators, half close, helps handkerchief on head (protect from Sun). Jackie Ickx with wreath, half-close.
(45 m)
(10:11:45 10:13:25)


Persons in the Film

Nixon, Richard Milhous ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Heinemann, Hilda


Helgoland ; water skiing ; Großer Preis von Deutschland (Autorennen) ; Schloss Bellevue ; Dampfer ; Schifffahrt ; Goetheinstitut ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Künstler ; Weltausstellung ; Research ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 179/1969

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Federal Republic of Germany

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