Deutschlandspiegel 180/1969 25.09.1969


01 springboard a, b Reutlingen: German Championships in the art - and diving. Two jumpers, ZL, immersion. Two jumpers, ZL, immersion. The women's springboard diving: Regina Krause, jumps and dives, ZL, she wins. Audience clapping, close. Diving men: Salto, ZL. Screw, ZL, Bernd Wucher Zahid is 2, ZL. Karl Heinz Schwemmer WINS, ZL. Women's diving: Regina Krause jumps, ZL and is 2 Maxi Michael WINS, ZL. Screw, ZL.
(35 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:30) 02 Pompidou in Bonn Bonn: Palais Schaumburg, shot. Politicians at work meeting, including Brandt, Pompidou, Kiesinger, close. Photographers and cameramen, close. Pompidou on table, large. Kiesinger, Pompidou and Brandt on table sitting, big. Politicians at the round table, shot. Pompidou in conversation with Kiesinger, great.
(20 m)
(10:01:25 10:02:10) 03. Alexander von Humboldt Berlin: Alexander von Humboldt (old drawing), Orangerie of Charlottenburg Palace, shot. Visitors to exhibition (on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Alexander von Humboldt), various paintings, including court painter depicted Weitsch and Aimé Bonpland. Font "Voyage de Humboldt et Bonpland", pages with drawings/paintings are turned. Humboldt as a Knight of the order "Pour le Mérite". Visitors to the exhibition. Excellent plant book. Visitor, half-close. Different drawings. Visitors, half-close. Old sketch, drawing. Old script "Cosmos. Design of a physical description of the world of Alexander von Humboldt". Alexander von Humboldt (drawing). Humboldt Schloß in Berlin-Tegel, shot. Stone figure. Pillar in a small fenced Cemetery (where the brothers Wilhelm and Alexander von Humboldt are interred), funerary inscription "Alexander von Humboldt", great.
(54 m)
(10:02:05 10:04:05) 04. Bremen Bremen:'s old town of Bremen with Roland. Town Hall, shot. Newborns are pushed to their mothers in the room. Sisters with mouth protection put newborns in their beds. Pediatric nurse shows father (behind glass) the infant. Rolls up sleeves of shirt men, their pregnant women sitting next to it. Fathers practice swimming and wrapping her infant. Fathers push strollers (supervision). High-rise settlement. Playground. Children playing. In the kindergarten: children sitting at a table and eat. Girl eats, great. Handcrafted picture, children sit at tables and craft. Leisure Centre for adolescents: teenagers in woodwork. Young people sit together.
(39 m)
(10:03:55 10:05:25) 05 Lübeck a, b, c Lübeck: Holsten (supervision). Facade of the Holsten. City view, busy road. Old arcade in the Town Hall, Gothic town hall with wind holes in the facade. Women in mini-dresses, Town Hall facade with stairs from the 16th century. Pedestrians cross street, half-close. The House of the merchant family Buddenbrock, shot. Woman with Hat and sunglasses, close. Old facades. Decorated wall. The Castle gate, shot. Production of Lübeck marzipan: marzipan is covered with chocolate glaze. Marzipan is touched in machines. Workers in gowns and hoods on machines. Lübecker marzipan in the shape of the Holsten is placed on sheet metal. Tractor pulls the ship. Shipyard Flender-Werke: ship is built, workers climb up ladder, welder welding. Ship happens opened Mr bridge. Ship lies at the Skandinavienkai in Lübeck Travemünde, long shot. Cars on the ferry, passengers board the ferry bridge. Sailing boats in the Harbor, cruising ship in the background. Beach with beach chairs overlooking the Baltic Sea. St. Mary's Church (built around 1200), total and Interior. Broken bells. Organ. The façade of the Holy Spirit hospital, Interior. Statues of the Saints. House of Schiffergesellschaft. Ship model. Meet old sailors, sit at a long table. Man cigar kindling with candle, close. Men's converse. (81 m)
(10:05:20-10:08:15) 06. "Teenage fair 69 "Düsseldorf: playing beat tape drives on car exhibition. Teens in shorts jump on foam rubber mattresses. Man drives a small car exhibition. Young girls hop on foam rubber mattresses, half-close. The visitors of the exhibition. GT sports car with retractable headlights. Young man goes on collapsible bicycle with motor. Large balloon, including waving young girls. Headphones will be removed. Young people listen to music through headphones, half-close. Large stereo speakers. The visitors of the exhibition. Young girl sitting in front of mirrors at the make-up. Young man shaves electrically. Man speaks in Magaphon, close to half. APO protesters throw lightweight items in the amount of visitors. Demonstration of fashions, dancing.
(41 m)
(10:08:10 10:09:40) 07. Lodenkämper images of the painter Karolus Lodenkämper. Lodenkämper drive, close. Lodenkämper is sitting at table and light cigarette, goes through the House. Lodenkämper is reflected in his image. Studio: Lodenkämper applying color with spray gun. Gun in hand, great. Lodenkämper takes image template, pouring paint in spray gun. Stencil is placed on screen, spray gun, big. Color is sprayed, removed template. This completes the picture. Finished "pop art pictures".
(55 m)
(10:09:35 10:11:40) 08 soccer Gelsenkirchen: Schalke 04 - Borussia Mönchengladbach 2:0 flags are waved, game scene. Schalke stormed, goalkeeper holds, ZL. Viewers, close. Schalke stormed, Wanjiku shoots the 1:0 viewers swing flags and raise arms. Kick-off at midline. Gladbach at the ball, shot over the goal, ZL. Viewers, close. Schalke stormed, header, goalkeeper keeps, ZL. Viewers with horns, screen-filling. Gladbach at the ball. Goalkeeper running ball contrary to and keeps far front gate. Schalke shoots the ball in the penalty area in the. Heinemann as a spectator, half-close. Goalkeeper Kamil, Gladbach, at parade, ZL. Old man with Schalke Bell. Audience, great. 2. goal for Schalke. Enthusiastic spectators.
(51 m)
(10:11:35 10:13:25)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Kiesinger, Kurt Georg ; Pompidou, Georges ; Humboldt, Alexander von


diving ; Lübeck ; Bremen ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Forscher ; Football ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 180/1969

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