Deutschlandspiegel 187/1970 21.04.1970


1 Osaka Osaka, Japan: Busy highway bridges (supervision). Moving magnetic levitation. World Expo grounds (supervision). People at fair grounds, traveling levitation in the background. Crowd (various Nations) at fair grounds. Spherical Pavilion of the Federal Republic with spindle-shaped pedestrian bridge. People stream in input. Various settings in the German Pavilion with film and slide projectors. Musical Dome, topic "Gardens of music": Pan across audience, Karlheinz Stockhausen (composer) on the mixer. Listeners of electronic tele music listening.
(42 m)
(10: 10:00 10:01:45) 02 station and four powers West Berlin: ruins of the Anhalter railway station (supervision). Facade of the ruins. Two women walk through the Archway of the ruins. Various detail settings of the ruins. Historic photo of the Anhalter railway station. Historical film footage about 1930: Shield "Express train from Kassel via Erfurt, Frankfurt" is removed in addition steam locomotive; beckoning people (some with handkerchiefs); Train departs. Zertstörte concourse (after the II World War), debris from damaged Hall. Facade of the ruins of the Anhalter railway station. Stone figure, close. City tour on a double decker bus. Ruins of the Anhalter railway station with busy road in the foreground. Ruin, total.
West Berlin / Airport: US delegation emerging from US aircraft (four powers Conference). Welcome by Mayor Klaus Schütz. Before cars, including Abrassimows in front of the Council building, long shot. Press photographers after shut-off. Abrassimows is located, close to half, he enters the building. Uniform Gallery in the Conference Hall. Pan across the table in the session with participants and Abrassimows. Individual participants, close. Abrassimows in the interview, great. MP man, great.
(47 m)
(10:01:35 10:03:20) 03 Brandt in Erfurt a, b, c Erfurt: railway station, train stops. Willy Brandt rises from train and walks towards Prime Minister Willi Stoph, shaking hands, close, talk interview, umdrängt by journalists. Both leave, is entertaining, the platforms, stairs go down. Station: Crowd and journalists, several settings and hustle. Actuality of the lot: "Willy Brandt, Willy Brandt on the window." Waving and calling, Brandt looks out the window of the hotel. Conference table in the hotel: pan of Declaration and glasses on the table lying on Stoph, big, Brandt, close, swing on Stoph. Cityscape Erfurt (supervision), the Cathedral and the Severikirche. Stone figure. Facade of the diocese. Old houses and streets. Pan across modern buildings. Hotel font "Hotel", people crowd in front of the hotel. Spokesman choir in front of the hotel, o-ton: "up, up, up, Willy Stoph". When out Willy Brandt from the hotel, o-ton anchor of spokesman: "recognition of East Germany, recognition of the GDR". Car number "I A 13-04", departure. Buchenwald / at the Memorial of the former concentration camp: Willy Brandt goes to with a straight face on Memorial. Wreath loop with "Willy Brandt", large font. Brandt between flowers and soldier, great. Monument and fluttering flags. Brandt and Stoph in the midst of crowds on the way to the station. Brandt, large window with (?) laughing. Stoph to him looking up, big, Brandt, large window with (?).
(63 m)
(10:03:15 10:05:35) 4th aviation a, b, c Hamburg Airport: landing the Boing 747 (flight from Seattle / United States to Hamburg), rolling out aircraft. Waiting on terrace people (supervision). Historical photos and film: Pilots sit in machines, mail is loaded into machine, Hans Albers face with a woman as the first air travelers open aircraft, pilot in the plane sitting and passengers from the aircraft. Closed aircraft, passengers board the aircraft. Old Lufthansa starts engine. Pilot directs. 1930: starts the first wide-bodied aircraft "G 38" by Lufthansa with current turbines, propeller aircraft. Flag swivel, half-close. Plane takes off. Dornier Wal (cargo flight across the Atlantic), pilot with the steering. Plane takes off vomSchiff. Zeppelin over the sea, flying over large ship away and casts shadow. Flying Zeppelin. Giant flying boat "Do X" on the water. Rolling out "ju 52". "Focke-Wulf Condor" by Lufthansa. Modern recordings: passengers walk on the tarmac to the plane and enter via gangway. Plane taking off work wheels a (soffit).
(71 m)
(10:05:25 10:08:05) 05. spring Horn a, b Lüneburg Heath: horse-drawn carriage ride through Avenue on the Heath. Pedestrian walk in the Lüneburg Heath. Man looks through binoculars. Shepherd with his flock of sheep. Heidschnucken, screen-filling. Dog herd holds together, Shepherd, close. Spring Horn farm (near Soltau): Pan House and horse. Sign "Spring horn Hof", close. The Japanese Takera Narita when creating a sculpture in the open air. Horse looks stable. Narita's wearing sunglasses and hat, he edited stone with hammer and chisel. Visitors on grounds of the spring Horn of Justice, look at works of art. Wood gate is opened, visitors inside the exhibition, including works of Japanese Shiro Sasaki. The gallery owner Wang Falazik, close. Sculptures and paintings. Visitors, paintings and sculptures on the floor.
(59 m)
(10:07:55 10:10:05) 06 Lauterbach (garden gnomes) book with garden gnomes is turned. Lauterbach / Oberhessen: Views of the oldest district. Children go down the stone stairs, young people go over step stones (are louder and replace bridge). Old timber-framed house, anchor Tower (rest of the old city wall), writing at home "butcher Otterbein". Car drives through a narrow alley. Tower. Pan across town (supervision). Playing brass bands. Old timber-framed houses (supervision). Crooked Timber-frame houses. Woman wearing cat on arm. Tree without leaves, in the background, old man out window leans. Read big garden GNOME. Card game end garden gnomes. Laughing big garden GNOME.
Garden GNOME production: Pan across a factory floor with garden gnomes and staff. Casting: Dwarf is removed from the form. Plastic production: Abundance of the garden gnomes due to inflation. Staff head opts for dwarf, Assistant paints garden GNOME. Ready-made garden gnomes, garden gnomes with pipe in mouth, big.
(45 m)
(10:10:00 10:11:40) 07 swimming Dortmund: International Swimming Championships. Take-off from the starting block, man legs from behind filmed. Float in their cars (supervision). 400 m freestyle of men: Axel with farmer, close, ZL. Winner Werner Bonn lamp floats on pool edge. 100 m breaststroke of women's: bounce the ladies, swim in their cars. Diana Harris, England, Uta Frommater or Oldenburg, close, head-on during the swim, ZL. Finish of the two. It wins Uta Frommater. the men's 100 m Dolphin: ZL of swimmers in their cars. Turn from Herbert Franke, ZL. Float in their orbits, it wins Herbert Franke. Stopwatch in one hand, pressing, running. Referee table. Ursula Römer from Würzburg in the crawl. Tracking, WINS 400 m and 800 m freestyle and the 400 m individual medley. Audience clapping. Ursula Römer rises from the basin, after the victory, half-close.
(50 m)
(10:11:30 10:13:25)


Persons in the Film

Frahm, Herbert Ernst Karl ; Schütz, Klaus ; Abrassimow, Pjotr Andrejewitsch ; Stoph, Willi


Lüneburger Heide ; Botschafter ; Flugzeug ; Policy ; Anhalter Bahnhof (Berlin) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Kunst, bildende ; 1970 (Mai,W.Stoph,W.Brandt) ; Weltausstellung ; Schwimmsport ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 187/1970

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Federal Republic of Germany

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