Deutschlandspiegel 198/1971 03.03.1971


01 Cologne: Fotokina young men with cameras before the eyes in exhibition. Seller in conversation with customers at the person level. People see through cameras. Automatic tape device. Playback of image on screen. Wide conversion lens. Young girl is photographed by the older man. Portable tape cassette player. Tape recorder is connected to film camera of the young girl. Projector and screen, camera, which provides recording with date. Slide frame device. Projector, which automatically adjusts focus.

02. Braunschweig: bird's eye view Karthograph Hermann Balon Bollmann in his Studio drawing. Cards drawing of city from above, image filling. VW drive through streets of Brunswick with camera on the roof. Driving record Braunschweig. Lion Monument. Figures on facades. House fronts. The images in the image viewer. Cameras are mounted on aircraft. Aerial photos of Brunswick. Artist in the Studio when the cards draw after air and ground shots. Young man front screen when recording, great. New York City map. Hamburg St. Michael and the surrounding area.

03. Kahl am Main: nuclear power plant of RWE was of the nuclear power plant. Employee in white coats in the work on the phone. Button outer door opens with words down. Technicians in white suits walk through round door of the pressure lock into the Interior of the plant. Men come from lock chamber and control instruments. Indoor shots. Control Panel in Control Center. Measuring instruments, control indicator. Panoramic view from the mill on the river and the surrounding buildings.

04. Miesbach OBB: electronic music young man with headphones plug cable to Panel. Another young man drums with hands on drum. Two villagers at doorstep watching three young men who go through the village. The three young people walk through the Bavarian snowscape. Forest. Evening mood. The men enter the farmhouse. Young people sit on the floor on cushions and listen to electronic music. Tape turns. Hands drum. Young man plug cable. Faces of young listeners and audience, great.

05. Stuttgart: Exhibition of sculptures of steel city picture Stuttgart, station square with traffic. Fountain. Young man faces steel plastic. Sculptures in the exhibition hall of the Württemberg Art Association. Bronze sculpture. Italian plastic. Sculpture made of steel wire by Norbert Krigge. Figure of the painter Horst Antes. Space column of the sculptor Hauser. Two young girls look at exhibits. Machinery, electric motor driven turn. Automobile sculptures of Harry Kramer.

06. Duisburg: Inauguration of Rhine bridge bridge, total (back shot). Road sign of road with direction indicators after Rheinhausen, Homberg, Moers, Venlo. Music Chapel plays. Transport Minister liver alongside master craftsmen, which cuts through the band. Julius Leber is accompanied by the bridge. Driving record under the bridge. The bridge settings.

07. Kiel: Olympic buildings big construction site. Cement mixer moves. Sailing port with sailing ships. Model of the Olympic buildings. Topping-out ceremony. Polishing speaks, o-ton: "I call drum now with pride and joy, Cheers to all craft people. The crafts people, they live high!" (Black and white shots). In color: Richtkranz is raised.

08 Erkenschick: German Championships in the art - and diving diving and springboard diving and two jumpers in dives in slow motion. Multiple somersaults. Screws, Rückwärtssprünge. Diving into the water. Bounce off the Board. The athletes in bathtubs at the preheating in tepid water. The winner in the Tower jumping Karl Hein Schwemmer, Leverkusen slow motion. Judge show rating scores. Champion women's Ursula Zapp jump slow motion. Audience clapping, half-close. Slaps little boy on his father's lap. Art jumping from the Dreimeterbrett. Jump of winner Norbert Huda slow motion.


Persons in the Film

Leber, Georg ; Bollmann, Herman ; Huda, Norbert ; Schwemmer, Karl-Heinz ; Zapp, Ursula


Braunschweig ; Duisburg ; OER-Erkenschwick ; Erkenschwik ; Kahl am Main, Germany ; Kiel ; Cologne ; Miesbach/Upper Bavaria ; Upper Bavaria ; Oberstaufen ; Stuttgart


diving ; art jumping ; Kernkraftwerk ; Kartographie ; Olympia Vorbereitungen ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; cameramen, cameramen ; Musical events ; Olympics 1972 ; Photographers ; Swimming ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; mood pictures ; Buildings ; Power plants ; Art ; maps ; Landscapes ; Winter ; Listener ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Astrology ; Exhibitions ; Kieler Bucht ; Fotografie ; Duisburg ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 198/1971

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Federal Republic of Germany

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