Deutschlandspiegel 200/1971 28.04.1971


01 Berlin: Cycling road race "Rund um Kreuzberg" launched by the side of the road. Transparent start and finish - daimon bright joy. Cyclists at the start, rear and side top. Thick woman and man on the balcony next to the antenna. Women's legs on the roadside with high-laced boots in addition to man legs. Man with sailor hat in addition to man with hat as a spectator track passing the cyclist with head turn. Panoramic view from the restaurant on the street. Cyclist in the race in the curve. Individual driver. Any legs on bike. Viewers eat hot sausages. White poodle on leash behind spectators barks. Spectators sit on the side of the road and eat sausages. Man's race number. Viewers on Windows of old houses. Street signs of Züllichauer Street - Germany. Two little girls gossip. Ride the winner by the target. Winner Fedor den Hertog, Holland, with Golden wreath, will receive the sash set around, close to half.

02. Berlin: development aid TV transmitter building of the CRC. Camera swings, great. In the Senderäumen, Minister Erhard Eppler is taught by the training of editors, cameramen and directors from developing countries. Lessons. Declaration of the color tube. Lessons on the electronic television camera and your mixer. Young men on camera on the road.

03. Heinemann in South America Venezuela: Lufthansa Boeing at the airport of Caracas. Gustav Heinemann at the airfield on a small podium. Music Chapel plays. Heinemann alongside President Rafael Caldera, half-close. Hilda Heinemann in addition to Hamdan with sunglasses, half-close. Cameramen. Skyscrapers of Caracas. Driving record Caracas. Heinemann speaks at opening of a German South American trade school, totally. Hilda Heinemann as a listener, half-close. Heinemann goes through classrooms and workshop. Young man with red-hot metal at the vise.
Colombia: Heinemann immediately next to President, half-close. In Bogota Heinemann lays down at the monument to Simon Bolivar wreath. The Mayor presented Heinemann city key of Bogotá. Key in cassette, large. Scheel smack among those present.
Ecuador: President welcomes Heinemann. Car driving through the city in the midst of pressing crowd. Heinemann's arm in arm between people in addition to Hilda Heinemann. Slapping people.

04. Hanover city. Fairgrounds, shot from above. Road. Traffic COP regulates traffic. Pedestrian and car traffic. Session of the Parliament in the Town Hall. Measurements on the road. Metro construction sites in the city centre with large shafts. The Kästner Museum with historic works of art from five millennia. Golden head of a man. Amphora from Attica. Head of Akhenaten, 150 BC. Modern buildings of with old half-timbered houses. The Maschsee Lake with benches on the shore and sailing boats.

05. Hamburg: Dolphins at Hagenbeck dolphins in the water. Entrance of the Dolphinarium at Tierpark Hagenbeck. Dolphin jumps out of the water against big ball. Three dolphins jump at the same time. Boy looking for laughs. Guard with three dolphins moving dancing on the water. Excited little boy trembles with the hands. Underwater footage of a floating dolphin. Warden takes fin by Dolphin standing out of the water. Preparation of the food. Fish are cut and balanced. Guards Get up springboard, dolphin jumps up to the springboard. Slow motion shots of leaping dolphins.

06 Hadamar: art glass image filling tech of glass. Workshop. Young woman working on colourful glass window. Students in training. Learning of the glass blowing. It is heated and then blown in over flame. Young man in the grinding of glass. Students will engrave patterns in glass of grinding machines. Head of a young man with a beard, screen-filling. Works of art.

07. Berlin: Soccer, Hertha BSC - Borussia Dortmund 5:2 grandstand for spectators in the Olympic Stadium, swivel to the playing field. Borussia storms. Shot on goal, slow motion. Goalkeeper curled the ball out of the gate. Spectators blowing the Horn. Hertha before the opposing goal. Ball players. Hertha players is fouled and case. Penalty - goal 1:0 flags are swung, screen-filling. Shot blocks fronting the goal, goalkeeper, then tackle high margin 2:0 viewers barrel containing Hertha BSC. Borussia storms with Siggi Held. Free kick over the wall into the goal 2: scene 1 before the Hertha goal slow motion. Goalkeeper running out of gate. Goalkeeper the ball players. Shot on goal balance 2: 2nd game in the Borussia penalty area. Crowds at the gate. Goalkeeper catches the ball. Foul in the penalty area. Player falls. Whistling audience. Penalty goal 3:2 for Berlin. Borussia goal game. Shot on goal. Spectators wave blue-and white flags, screen.


Persons in the Film

Eppler, Erhard ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Heinemann, Hilda ; Scheel, Walter ; Caldera, Rafael ; Held, Siggi ; Hertog den, Fedor


Berlin ; Bogota ; Caracas ; Columbia ; Ecuador ; Hadamar ; Hamburg ; Hanover ; Colombia ; South America ; Venezuela


Hannover ; Radrennen ; Hagenbeck's Tierpark ; Glashandwerk ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; development aid ; Television ; Football ; Pedestrian ; Photographers ; Police ; cycling ; Radio, television ; Schools, training ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Townscapes: Germany ; Cities: South America ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; wreath stoppages ; Art ; Transport: General ; Foreign policy events ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; construction ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; Sports honors ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 200/1971

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Federal Republic of Germany

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