Deutschlandspiegel 204/1971 24.08.1971


01 Nürburgring: I race formula Grand Prix of Germany - close-up Jacky Stewart, close-up of Jacky Ickx. Start. Cars in the race. Jacky Ickx leads and will be overtaken by overtaking by Jacky Stewart. Driver goes to box and have to give up. Mechanic at work on the race cars on the boy. Jacky Ickx must give up. Jacky Stewart leads. Aerial view of the racetrack. 2 young viewers to take notes. Jacky Stewart drives track record. Official waving banner. Audience clapping. Champion Jacky Stewart with his wife in the arm. Shimmering heat road.

02. London: Heinemann on Olympic construction workers working on the wire mesh of roof of the Olympic Stadium. Heinemann gets out of car and inspected the progress of the construction work. Heinemann with helmet. The bike racing Stadium finished in the rough. Workers nail the wooden planks of the railway. Covered grandstands.

03. Bremen: German Dutch short-haul airliner VFW 614 front view of the VFW 614, large aircraft. Aircraft rolls from Hall to the test flight. Stair will be let down. The pilot's cabin with joystick and faucet. Roles to test flight. Start. Flight with exuberant start flaps and landing gear. Control plane flying alongside. Fire on runway. VFW 614 aircraft landing with brake screen.

04. Schwäbisch Hall cityscape, total. Street scene. Bridge. People drive in rowing boats on the river. Ducks swim on the water. Facade of old timber-frame house. The market square with the baroque town hall. Market stalls with people. Large flight of stairs from the market to the St. Michael's Church. Sample to outdoor on the stairs by Hugo von Hoffmansthal "The great theatre of the world". Timber-frame houses on the banks of the river.

05. woodcarver of Grieshaber HAP Grieshaber on the phone, close-up. Motifs in his work. Grieshaber goes through the garden of his house in Reutlingen to the House. Little monkey in the garden. House and garden is reflected in large ball. Views on meadow, the rider rides. Head of a parrot from the front, great. Blooming flowers. Woodcuts. Grieshaber speaks to his work: "to speak of a landscape today evil received. Always an accused, or you are asked in such reproachful sound, if you mean an ideal world, but was an artist of know what is called heile Welt. Rather he belongs to those for which the today's existence is but no life. Whether the artist by his talent creates a world, a landscape, is able to summon a figure that you understand as a utopia that could really say who can." Grieshaber is design for wood engraving. Production of woodcut. Print the template. Editing of the wood. Grieshaber speaks: "why I take wood? Yes, I don't actually left for the craft. The craft is now reactionary. It is probably the nature in the wood, which prompted me to keep it to feel how you feel the hand of the mother, it is probably dealing, the translation into the wood. This has influenced perhaps also something with." Several of his works. Grieshaber is on deck in front of his house.

06. Offenbach: German Water Ski Championships girls with life jacket floats in water. Diving with water skiing at home behind the boat. Water skier and runner. Falls. Slalom: Karl Heinz Benzinger can't defend his title in the slalom. Run winner Manfred Kreusch. Henriette Rodendahl wins all titles in the women's. Jumping: Slow motion shots. Karl Heinz Benzinger at the jump. He wins with 38 yards. Installation of dangerous falls when jumping in slow motion.


Persons in the Film

Benzinger, Karl Heinz ; Grieshaber ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Kreusch, Manfred ; Stewart, Jacky ; Ickx, Jacky ; Rodendahl, Henriette


Bremen ; Munich ; Nürburgring ; Offenbach ; Reutlingen ; Schwäbisch Hall


Schwäbisch Hall ; Großer Preis von Deutschland (Autorennen) ; Nürburgring ; Flugzeug ; Holzschnitt ; Schwäbische Alb ; Olympia Vorbereitungen ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; aircraft ; motor sports ; Olympics 1972 ; Plants ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; Cultural events ; Art ; water skiing ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Kultur/Kunst ; Theater (auch Musiktheater, Oper, Operette) ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 204/1971

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Federal Republic of Germany

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