Deutschlandspiegel 207/1971 25.11.1971


1 Munich: Topping-out ceremony Olympic stadium construction site settings Olympic Stadium. Roof, grandstand series. Flying helicopters is the Richtkrone for the stadium. The roof of the stadium. Helicopter flies the TV Tower in the foreground. Polishing speaks: "We wish you continued good luck up to the big game under five rings." The Richtkrone over the stadium. Construction workers from foreign countries at the blades. Workers with jackhammers paves flooring. Construction workers To give interviews: "I'm on the employment office, where, and the modern work is Very good." "... very good. Here we have Greeks and Yugoslavs. The people are mostly longer time here, so that one is familiar with already very well together."

02. Bonn: Olympic poster exhibition in Rolandseck station from Africa railway station building Rolandseck. Settings of the structure. Row of columns. Young African woman sitting on the bench on the platform. Train arriving at the station. Facade of the building, swing. View transformer through window in the room with a poster of Munich. African posters advertise for Olympia. Various motifs. Young man as a viewer of the posters, tall, with dark hair and glasses. Young blonde girl with long hair. Different poster designs.

03. Bonn: State visit of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands aircraft, before that red carpet. Heinemann is with Juliana reception Committee, totally. Heinemann is in addition to Juliana, half-close. Prince Bernhard in addition to Juliana, half-close. German army band plays Dutch national anthem. Dillenburg: Car with escort runs between crowd. Demonstration of Roman chariot races of the Hessian state stud in Dillenburg. On the grandstand, half close clap Heinemann, Juliana and Bernhard, and Minister Oswald. Hamburg: Car driving in front of City Hall. Council servant opens car shock. Leaving Juliana, Prince Bernhard gets out from front door. Onlookers and police escort before the Town Hall. Swing from chandeliers to Mayor Hall. Juliana and Mayor Peter Schulz in contemplation of the painting "Indent of the Senate". Cameramen. Prince Bernhard and Juliana enter into the Golden Book of the city. Onlookers before the Town Hall. Boys at tram stop sign. Juliana and Bernhard on the town hall balcony, total. Juliana and Bernhard lay a wreath in Ohlsdorf to the Dutch Memorial for the victims of fascism. Photographer. Harbour cruise. Senate launch drive next to police escort boat. Juliana and Peter Schulz aboard the barge of the Senate. Passing on docks. Evening mood at the port.

04 VW report age VW Beetle - Get up the road built in 1934. VW 1934 and modern VW standing together. Light bulb production (resistance of shape comparison). Artist at the drawing board with a VW drawing. Rear of the VW's with different shape of the rear window of the individual models. Age and modern VW drive side by side of road increase in the image. Driver at the wheel of the ancient and modern VW's when steering. Errant VW side. Suspension front, old and modern model. VW production, body. Curves VW. Aufblasendem safety trial tests with dolls at impact with airbag front of the driver.

05. Augsburg city image, total. Main street with traffic. The Town Hall. Pedestrians on the road. Interior shots of the Schätzler Palace with Baroque ceiling frescoes. Two young viewers with dark hair, great. Baroque paintings, painting Schoenfeld.

06. Berlin: Jazz days drive cars with headlights At night on the Kurfürstendamm. Between advertisement posters of the Berlin Jazz days. Poster with the image of the Negro of Miles Davis. Miles Davis plays with his band. Sugar Cane Harris speaks English. Harris plays the violin. Play four jazz - and rock violinist. Audience claps, screen-filling.


Persons in the Film

Davis, Miles ; Harris, Sugar Cane ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Osswald ; Schulz, Peter ; Bernhard der Niederlande ; Juliana der Niederlande


Augsburg ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Bucharest ; Dillenburg ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Rolandseck ; Wolfsburg


Jazz ; Volkswagen ; Olympia Vorbereitungen ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Books ; Railways ; Industry ; Domestic events ; cameramen, cameramen ; Pedestrian ; Musical events ; Night ; Olympics 1972 ; Photographers ; Police ; Shipping ; Townscapes: Germany ; mood pictures ; Carpet ; Accidents ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; wreath stoppages ; Art ; People ; Transport: General ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 207/1971

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Federal Republic of Germany

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